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File Listing: Less Crazy Modpack
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019, 06:02:32 am
First Created: Jun 12, 2018, 12:00:23 pm
File version: 1.3.3
For DF version: 0.44.12
Downloads: 270 (384) Size: 9.12 MB
Views: 3,786 (4,571) Type: RAR
Rating (2 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
Inspired by MottledPetrel's Modded Hell and many huge modpacks before it, I've decided to have a go at making my own collection, but with a twist. I don't want a batshit insane world where namekians are slaughtering goombas with plungers. My goal was to assemble (and tweak) as many mods as I could while sticking to the generic fantasy theme.

The included mods are:
Kyubee's Dwarven Wastes by Kyubee - without remnant civs, they were renamed vanilla entities anyway
ZM5's mods (What Lurks Below, Dragon's Dogma creatures, mythological creatures, OCs, Dwarfest Dungeon, Zombies Ate My Dwarves, Dr. Z's Merged Megabeasts, Lands of Duality, Goetic Demon Pack, Diablo Pack, Silly Book Titles)
Forgotten Realms Direforged by GoblinCookie (original Direforged by Knight Otu, D&D pack by Teneb, I believe) - no civs, it would be a bitch to tinker with weapon sizes, some names changed to be more descriptive.
squamous' mods (Lovecraftian Additions, Extinction, Endless Dark, The World of Flesh, The Last Age, Fantastic Races, The Lunar Realms, The Long Shore, The Rising Tide, Dying Earth, The Fallen Frontier, The Night Lands, Exotic Biomes Overhaul) - removed a few not interesting entities because worlds were swamped with eldritch civilizations every time, renamed most non-lovecraftian creatures to more descriptive names (especially in Fantastic Races), deleted domestic animals from Lunar Realms because they caused some "nothings", and they weren't interesting enough for me to bother fixing them.
Mottled Petrel's Fungus Expanion by MottledPetrel
Mostly Mythical Monsters Modular Mod by IndigoFenix

Asin's mods (The Wee Folk Mod, Rise of the Beasts, Goblinoids, Culture Shock, Twilight of the World, Expanded Fantasy Mod) - removed Goblinoids' dependence on Grimlock's history and realism mod. Mostly
Dark Ages III: War & Mythos by GM-X - plants and pets. As much as I like this mod, I always break something while scavenging for useful raws.
Beter Bugmen by Warlord255
scourge728's mods (extinct creatures, mundane creatures)

Assorted Creatures pack by Enemy Post - grays, kong
Rhenaya's Drow Mod by Rhenaya, updated by Mediterraneo
Fortress Defense Mod II by darkflagrance
Caverns Of Peace, Friendship, & Fun by fluffyshambler
Misc Custom Creatures by EpicJ
Morps's Assorted Creatures by Morps
More leather mod by sackhead
Creepycaverns by Godlysockpuppet
Deeper Dwarven Domestication by Wannabehero
(no idea who updated it, snatched it from some other mod)
SaurFortress by Eotyrannus (again, no idea who updated it, I recovered it from the Modded Hell save file)
Expanded Good/Evil Regions by than402
Seiggrain's Farming and stuff by SeiggrainHart
Kazoo's Silk Eggs by Kazoo
Slaves to Raius: God of Nimeria by Dunmeris
- a few creatures and plants
Succubus Dungeon by Boltgun
My Little Fortress by Sorcerer
- two creatures and two plants
Voliol's Various Vivants by Voliol
Eric Blank's mods (Spellcrafts, Eric's Regional Critters and Interactions)
Warhammer Fortress Beta by Kraloth
- a few creatures
Domestically Bred Dwarven Beasts by vettlingr
Splint's Prehistoric Creature Pack by Splint
Meph's Tileset by Meph
- three workshops
Primal by Enemy Post
More Stone, Metals, Gem Mod by Urist McGoombaBrother
Teneb's Miscmods by Teneb
Locust's Zoo by locustgate
More Mythical Creatures by OluapPlayer
Desperaux's Organics by Desperaux
Dwarf Fortress From Scratch II (various authors)

By default, the playable races are drows and dwarves, but I included a list of reactions and permitted buildings to copy into an entity file to enable modded workshop and reactions.

1.3.3 - Baggy update -Chitin and scale chests are now bags -Drows don't shave their heads. Minimum hair length is medium-length, I believe. -Fixed bugged bloodstone -Forbidden drows from taming Doom demons in worldgen for real. -Fixed a few typos 1.3.2 - Tidying up the Forges update -Fixed rhodium smelting -Fixed duped borax -Removed unused metals: otherworldly metal, galactic metal, cosmic glass, rusty metal, blessed steel, razor wood, hardened fungus -Made runebone, sunlight, wyrdlight and fae chitin into stone. -Massively decreased the weight of World of Flesh plants -Forbidden drows from taming Doom demons in worldgen. 1.3.1 - Clean Up Those Drows update -Fixed duped raws -Made Urist McGoombaBrother's chalcopyrite an ore of ruthenium -Gave Formians and Ophidians petvalue -Made housekeepers pets of dwarves -Reduced cave hydra and blood hydra size from 15M (almost twice the size of a regular hydra) to 3M. They're not even megabeasts. -Made cave hydras and blood hydras never appear as pets for drows *Rhenaya's Drow -Made drows style their hair for real for real -Made drows able to raid. Thanks, Mediterraneo. -Changed drow land holders. Probably can't have five of them -Removed high matriarch position. Seemed pointless to me. 1.3.0 - DFFD Scavenging update -Fixed banana trees -Gave PETVALUE to trolls, pygmy trolls, rattusites, some mechanical creatures -Took away common domestic animals from dwarves (I might have done it in the previous update though) *Teneb's Miscmods -Added -fixed NURGLERAISE interaction *Unusual Critter Pack by peasant cretin -Added *Locust's Zoo by locustgate -Added *Silly Book Titles by ZM5 -Added *ZM5's OC pack -added missing mats for constructs. *Eric's Regional Critters and Interactions by Eric Blank -Added *More Mythical Creatures by OluapPlayer -Added a few creatures *Desperaux's Organics by Desperaux -Added *Rhenaya's Drow -Drows should have various hairstyles for real now *Culture Shock by Asin -Updated -Fixed a mistake in language files -Fixed metal-related bugs -Renamed drowspiders to darkspiders and made them lay silk eggs *Dwarf Fortress From Scratch II stuff -Tried adding some things, let's see how it turned out. *Forgotten Realms Direforged -Made flesh golems and dragonflesh golems PET_EXOTIC. Doesn't really make sense that dwarves get them every time. *DBDB -Fixed problems with wool 1.2.0 - Rock and Metal update *Rhenaya's Drow by Rhanaya/Mediterraneo -Replaced nonexistent symbols LUST and CHAOS with MAGIC and MYSTERY. Hopefuly that means there will be more names than just Weri, Melici and Biretha. *More Stone, Metals, Gem Mod by Urist McGoombaBrother -Added -Removed slag and glaze and all related reactions. -Removed titanium in favor of Rhenaya's titanium. -Removed damascus steel in favor of SeiggrainHart's damascus steel. *Seiggrain's Farming and stuff by SeiggrainHart -Made steel reactions also work in More Stone, Metals, Gem Mod's steel smelter. *Other changes: -Gave modded reactions to many entities. 1.1.1 - Neanderthal update -Removed COMMON_DOMESTIC from a lot of creatures. -Made some creatures always available for dwarves. -Gave most extinct animals EXTINCT class so Scourge's Neanderthals can bring them to sieges. 1.1.0 - Primal update *Primal by Enemy Post -added 1.0.0 - Fall of Dungeonevened update *Personal changes -chitin and scales are now tannable. Ethereal slayer chitin armor for safe planeswalking! -a lot of small fixes that shortened the errorlog significantly -Dwarves should use DDD and DBDB animals plus whatever they get in the worldgen -added a Jojo reference *Forgotten Realms Direforged by GoblinCookie -Added reactions and workshop from Direforged: Flame hall, Light hall, flame incense, hallow flarestone, meditating on fire (spawning fire snakes), making summersteel, making luminous glob and luminous weapons, brewing spiderdew from weaving spider (weaving orsist) webs, coalhollow and smoking it, magic smelter and metal enchanting. +5 steel sword anyone? -Added missing creature files from Forgotten Realms Direforged. Desmodu bats finally reunited with their masters! -Added a few civs from Forgotten Realms Direforged. How about a nice mind flaying? GoblinCookie's expanded dictionary made this hard. *Squamous's mods -Buggos renamed back to Arthraks. The name was good enough, and I think I was drunk when I renamed them to Buggos -Buffbugs (Fantastic Races' Togriq) renamed to Cyclops beetles. Don't drink and mod. -Doloi sword and Doloi bow (Fantastic Races) renamed to Equinar sword and Equinar bow -Fixed Throne (Fantastic Races' Zion) plural caste name. -Removed crystal metals and all reactions and creatures referencing them. -Removed revolvers and rifles. Let's cap guns at flintlock technology, unless it's alien ray guns. -Added creatures and plants from Dying Earth -Added creatures from The Fallen Frontier -Added The Long Shore. Goblins renamed to Nightgoblins -Added creatures and plants from The Night Lands -Added Exotic Biomes Overhauls. Drow renamed to spiderblood drow, given Rhenaya's drow weapons. Man, Squamous really does like to reuse raws, huh? -Added creatures from Rising Tides. I want to get off this ride. *Seiggrain's Farming and Stuff -Kind of fixed diamondium smelting and refining reactions. Other reactions from Seiggrain's Farming might need to be reviewed in the future. *Rhenaya's Drow by Rhenaya/Mediterraneo -Cranked drow pop numbers up to 11. No more going extinct in worldgen -Removed natural skills. -Changed skill learn rates. Males now learn sword and spear faster, just like females learn mace and hammer faster. Nobody gets armor bonus. Albinos get the same bonuses as non-albinos. -Updated quaggoths -Added speech files that were apparently missing *Slaves to Raius: God of Nimeria by Dunmeris -Borrowed a few creatures and plants. Not really interested in this mod's civs. *Revised by Taffer -Pearls for mussels, oysters, cave mussels and cave oysters. *ZM5's mods -Updated everything from the main pack. -Removed unused metal-like inorganics. No more razor coral. Also removed all mentions of arkonite in the raws because of my irrational dislike for Warcraft. -Removed chainsaws and BB guns. -Added Diablo pack. Most creatures were made either savage or evil, go figure. Spiders lay silk eggs as they should. -Diablo civs - angels renamed to lightsong angels to differentiate them from D&D angels. Fourth civ of skeletons. Or is it fifth? -Added Goethic Demon Pack -Updated Dwarfest Dungeon. Come at me, space rocks. -Updated Zombies Ate my Dwarves -Updated What Lurks Below -Added Lands of Duality *Asin's mods -Added a missing speech file of some kind -Updated Culture Shock -Added creatures from Twilight of the World -Added high elves from Asin's Expanded Fantasy Mod *Succubus Dungeon by Boltgun -Added creatures, secrets, black roses *My Little Fortress by Sorcerer -Added fruit bats and timber wolves -Added plants *Voliol's Various Vivants by Voliol -Added, as simple as that. *Spellcrafts Mod by Eric Blank -Added. Props to Eric Blank for making this mod as conflict-proof as possible. Troubleshooting this one would be a nightmare *Warhammer Fortress Beta by Kraloth -Added a few creatures *Domestically Bred Dwarven Beasts by vettlingr -Added *Deeper Dwarven Domestication -Made dewbeetle honeydew brewable. *Splint's Prehistoric Creature Pack -Added -All simplified names changed to generic names. -Ophiacodon made a lot smaller, 60k - same as dwarves. -Varanops made smaller, non-trainable and vermin hunter. 5k, a bit larger than an iguana. -Fixed Argentavis size. Male is no longer over ten time larger than female. -Green stalker renamed to Pulmonoscorpius. -Long biter fly renamed to Meganeura. -Fixed misinformation in descriptions. *Mostly Mythical Monsters Modular Mod by IndigoFenix -Added whatevermancers -Plump helmet men given to dwarves and drows -Added missing creatures. Serves me right for trying to get this from other mod. *Mottled Petrel's Mushroom Expansion by MottledPetrel -Updated *Scourge's Mundane Creatures Mod! by scourge728. -Updated *Meph Tileset -Added gemcutter, bonescrimmer, and icecutter workshops. pre-alpha 1.2: -fixed material_template_default that I had accidentally deleted -fixed the name of one of the creature files pre-alpha 1.1: -made drow weapon size requirements more reasonable -fixed more leather mod -fixed reagents for smelting and refining diamondium being switched around. No more free refined diamondium. (well that was a lie, wasn't it)
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 Less Crazy Modpack (v 1.3.3)  » posted by Legionnaire on Jan 19, 2019, 02:52:49 pm
How would i go about disabling Drows as a playable race? I would like to guarantee playing as dwarves.
comment last edited by Legionnaire on Jan 19, 2019, 02:53:29 pm

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