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File Listing: Aragami Arcology: A God Eater mod for DF 2.56
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2021, 10:53:51 pm
First Created: Apr 10, 2018, 08:22:19 am
File version: 2.56
For DF version: 0.44.12
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When I was younger, I found the God Eater series completely by accident. I will admit, the series is cheesy, over the top, and often ridiculous. However, it has a place in my heart and I've kept up with the setting since my first exposure to it. On a whim, I decided overhaul Dwarf Fortress so it would take place in the God Eater universe. Here is what this mod adds:

-complete removal and replacement of most DF things
-over 100 creatures for you to hunt (and be hunted by)
-entirely new environments, factions, and technologies
-An exponentially more dangerous world compared to vanilla Dwarf Fortress
-And more!

This mod covers all 3 god eater games and then some. Barring bugs or mistakes, you should be able to jump right in and start playing. That said, there is some stuff you should know. Also, it is highly recommended that you use the pre-generated worlds in the Advanced Worldgen settings to play the game, so as to avoid DF's vanilla procgenned creatures from showing up. Or just use their parameters as a base to build your own worlds.

SPOILER WARNING: VARIOUS BANDAI-NAMCO GAMES ARE MENTIONED BEYOND THIS POINT. Only proceed if you either beat most of the God Eater/Code Vein franchise or don't intend to play them.
See Bay12 page for important information
Do you like my stuff? Consider donating to my patreon:
I do not own the rights to God Eater, Code Vein, or anything associated with that.

2.56 Changes:
-Updated to current version, some new aragami added
-All the aragami are smaller now. While it annoys me that they are mechanically no longer their canon size (just imagine they are I guess), off-site threat calculation is broken right now and places too much importance on size, so they are seemingly impossible to kill in worldgen. I want NPCs to have the chance to gain a reputation as much as the player.
-All intelligent NPCs besides normal humans have NOFEAR. This will prevent your AI companions in adventure mode from running away from Aragami. It will probably lead to some weird behavior but like I said, threat assement is broken right now and this is literally the only way for your companions to not be completely useless.
-All Code Vein races and creatures reworked to take advantage of regeneration mechanics (their previous design was intended to simulate this, but now I don't need to). They should also just be more cleaned up in general. Overall, the monsters are weaker than Aragami (with some exceptions), but tend to hunt in larger groups and will work together.
-New Revenant sub-type, Attendants. Attendants are featured in Code Vein as clones created by the Queen, and can now be found in settlements. As they are all female, they start with a limited amount of citizens and cannot reproduce.
-Capybaras added for optimal lore-friendliness.
-Military, Mercenary, and Commando gear types have been removed and Anti-Aragami Metal has been renamed to Bias Factor Material. Bias Factor is a phenomena where an Aragami's Oracle Cells will not devour material that too closely matches its own type. This can be used to armor people against their attacks and create the God Arcs humans use to fight them. As such, Bias Factor Material will be used by humans to make both armor and weapons from now on. As for its appearance, it's basically mundane material with anti-aragami properties, so clothing made from it can look like however you want it to.
-Color descriptors removed from Aragami and Lost. I feel that they don't serve a purpose as anyone who has access to google can figure out what these things look like, and in some cases is actually misleading because it is impossible to use the color description system to accurately detail what complex Aragami designs look like without a ridiculous level of work.

2.55 Changes:
-Nuadha Eire added. Sure is fun having a mod based on a game that keeps getting new content added.
-Ability to make artificial wood and saws from minerals added. It should probably work.

2.52 Changes:
-Maybe fixed bug with adventure mode god arc crafting

2.51 Changes:
-Nerfed CV Lost
-Changed the generic Purifier Mask to all 10 models, going from left to right as shown on the game's menu screen. I'll include in a pic on the forum page.
-A new Aragami added, the Agni Vajra. He's been kicking my ass so far, hopefully the experience is just as painful in DF.

2.5 Changes:
-Revenants and Lost from Code Vein added to the game. Revenants as a minor faction playable in adventure mode, and Lost as underground enemies. I have also added all the weapons and armor from Code Vein into the game, and Revenants can gain a pseudo-blood code by checking their innate abilities section. Also, they need to feed on either real blood or artificial blood relatively frequently or they will go insane. Now, you may be saying right now "My dude, why did you add all this stuff from an entirely different franchise that has nothing at all to do with God Eater? They're two completely unrelated settings!" Well the answer is uh, yeah totally, my hand slipped or something. Whoops.
-Various materials from God Eater added to the game. They don't do much. Yet.
-Making God Arcs from Aragami tissue is now more beneficial. Basically, the stronger the Aragami, the more deadly their God Arc will be against other Aragami. One made from a Hannibal will do way more damage than one made from an Ogretail. The problem, of course, is surviving long enough to get them.
-Code Vein mentioned that the thing that creates Revenants, the B.O.R.S. parasite, was originally discovered in the form of a disease which turned humans into mindless, violent cannibals. In other words necromancers are in the game now because crazy people are making vampire zombie hordes.
-Environmental effects now working properly. Good Zones will have swarms of Aragami Ash that will eat you alive unless you're an AGE. I'm talking like instant death here. Don't go there. Meanwhile, Evil Zones have the Red Rain, which sickens humans and turns any God Arc Soldiers you may have brought with you into insane killing machines.
-Tea added, get it from various herbs. It offers a very small mood buff and lowers tendencies for depression and anxiety for a time.

2.0 Changes:
-All Aragami from God Eater 3 added to the game. Most will be in normal parts of the world but some will be in good (ash) zones only. Ash Aragami can use "devour" attacks to greatly boost their strength.
-God Eaters can now devour Aragami and gain a similar boost.
-Human-form Aragami moved to an "animal person"-type status as they are supposed to be rare
-Silky changed to roaming animal instead of invader civ
-Bandit factions added
-World and resources streamlined since the goal here is to simulate managing a bunch of Teens With Attitude (tm) and make them fight monsters and I want to make getting to this point as easy as possible. Mine minerals to make into armor, and scrap metal to make iron. That's all you need really.
-The Soldier skill is now changed to use the Crossbow skill instead of Blowgun, while Newtype God Eaters use the Blowgun skill. This is because Blowgunners spawn with less bullets so Newtypes will spend less time shooting and attack in melee when they run out of gun.
-New civs added, Blood-Type Humans and Adaptive humans. These represent God Eaters from 2 and 3 respectively. They are both quite strong with good gear, and you should recruit them to your civ if you can. They are also rather rare.

1.4 Changes:
-Human-Form Aragami get a makeover, they now have a special armor and the ability to bully lesser aragami into serving them. Fun should result from this. They will also be found squatting in abandoned arcologies now in addition to caves.
-A new race added, fallen humans. These are a race of humans who have been consumed by oracle cells and are essentially an inversion of human-form aragami, having descended from humanoid intelligence into animal barbarity. However, they can use god arcs so they're a pretty big threat. They are also accompanied by Yaksha and Yaksha Raja. Don't think too much about that. Fallen humans are not explicitly mentioned in the games except as isolated incidents, so this is a theoretical scenario where a bunch of them banded together. They will kill neutral visitors and are very dangerous, invader race only.
-Some bugfixes for Aragami, they should work properly now I thiiiiink.
-Overhaul to non-arcology human civs. They will now spawn only a single site per civ, a hamlet or town. They are meant to be minor factions for the player to protect or bully, and this will make that easier.
-Old-Type god arcs added. Old-Types are god arcs that are either ranged or melee, but not both. Non-Arcology humans will only have access to these, and they will replace conventional weaponry. Meanwhile, other factions that use god arcs will use both old and new types.
-New secret to discover, the power of using Aragami blood to strengthen yourself. Basically there's 2 variants. One is a straight power-up that doubles your stats, and is meant to represent God Eater 2's Blood division. The other variant triples your stats and makes you immortal, but you need to drink blood like vampires do. This isn't really a canon thing but fuck it there's evidence for anything involving oracle cells having the potential to go horribly wrong so vampire superhumans now. Unlike vampires, this power works via slabs instead of a curse. However, drinking a subject's blood will also pass the ability along.
-Overhaul to clothing, I've replaced most of it with a new wardrobe that is easier to manage. There are now 5 types of armor for human factions which vary in cost and ability.
-3 custom-designed worlds added in advanced worldgen, it is recommended you use these for maximum aesthetics.
-Large-sized aragami now found only in savage areas.
-Fix to aragami armor. Destroying an armor component will not cripple a monster, just make it more vulnerable.
-Two new aragami added from the MMO, Chernobog and Nebuchadnezzar.

1.25 Changes:
-Updated to 44.11

1.2 Changes:
-Some bugfixes to tail attacks
-New color scheme that is drab and depressing as intended
-Lifespan changed to 300 years for more Aragami variety.
-Spawn rates increased across the board
-Can make cloth beds in the craftsman workshop

1.15 Changes:
-Updated to 44.10

1.1 Changes:

-Flat 200 year lifespan given to all Aragami. This is not lore accurate but otherwise the map will become so clogged with rare Aragami that everything is thrown out of balance.
-Axe tool added to Fenrir organization. May or may not let people cut down trees.
-Small Aragami should give oracle cell parts now.
-Messed around with human aging rules. With luck your adventurers should be plucky teens and young adults rather than grizzled veterans. Most of the time, anyway.

1.0 Changes:

-Aragami Arcology released.
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