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File Listing: BONFIRE MOD 2.0 + Blacklung/Fuel Helpers
Last Updated: Apr 06, 2018, 10:07:50 am
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.44.09
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BONFIRE MOD 2.0: Now with a sprinkle of coal dust from Lofn's Blacklung Mod and some free (but not risk-free!) fuel helpers from the Modest & Orichalcum mods.


1. Delete reaction_smelter and inorganic_stone_mineral. If you have new ores added from another mod, move those to separate files.

2. Delete PEAT from inorganic_stone_soil.

3. Slap everything in and generate your new world!


-Bonfire workshop: Start fires to ignite grass or dispose of items.
-Large Bonfire: A near-eternal flame, great for automated disposal systems or decorative braziers.
-Small Bonfire: A shorter-lasting fire, great for igniting grass or smaller funeral ceremonies.

-Coal AND Metal poison dusts: Adapted and expanded from Lofn’s Blacklung Mod.
-Small clusters of decoy “coal” erupt into dust when mined.
-EVERY alloy smelter reaction has a chance to spawn Metal Poison Dust.
-EVERY ore (except Native Silver, Gold, & Platinum) has a chance to spawn Metal Poison Dust when smelted.
-Metal Poison dust only affects partially or fully cave-adapted dwarves. Coal Dust and Lead Poison Dust, found on lead and zinc ores/reactions, has no such limit.
-Steel and Adamantine smelter reactions have a small chance to spawn a Small Bonfire…

-Fuel Helpers: Borrowed from Modest & Orichalcum Mods.
-Peat to Coke: Press peat “clay” into bricks, then burn the bricks into coke. Has a chance to spawn a Small Bonfire…
-Quarry Bush to Charcoal: Free charcoal! Has a chance to spawn a Small Bonfire…
-Graphite to Coke: Bonus coke! Has a significant chance to spawn Coal Dust…
-Cremate remains to Ash: Dispose of those pesky vermin and get something for your industry.

Once installed, add these to your entity file:



By downloading this mod, you agree to absolve user Warlord255 of any and all liability for fire-related accidents in your !!fortress!!.
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