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File Listing: Raiding not triggering thoughts save
Last Updated: Mar 24, 2018, 06:00:47 am
File version: 1
For DF version: 0.44.07
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Bug: 0010637
In this save a bunch of raiding has just taken place (modded world - raws only, no Dfhack extras).

First up Urist Drivenmine and Uzol Brassroots went to demand tribute from the tribal monkeymen of Glokis. Talks didn't go well apparently, and they ended up in a fight which can be checked out in Legends. Despite superior tactics, they found themselves facing down five giant rhesus macaques and were imprisoned (no kills on either side). Monkeys declared war on us.

Next, a new squad was put together to go rescue Urist and Uzol. Kib Flagshame and Ral Lensfurnace. After a couple of false starts (bug with "rescue prisoners" option resulting in squad returning a tick after it leaves) they launched a raid which can be found on the reports screen. Failed attempt at rescuing prisoners, but did manage to outwit 5 tribal monekymen.

Next raid (also in reports screen), was successful. They sneaked in, got Urist and Uzol and everyone went home. They've just got back (with a couple of stolen gorillas in tow) in this save.

Now check out everyone's thoughts. There's no recollection of being taken prisoner or being rescued (besides "Is a former prisoner of..."). Each of them, ex-prisoners and rescuers is distracted by being unable to fight, by a lack of excitement and not being able to cause trouble.

Bug: 0010650
Save also demonstrates bug in which incorrect Legends entries for the location of tribute demands appear. In the entry for Hammerhailed (my fortress), it notes two rejected tribute demands. "The Droopy Band" demanded tribute from "The Watchful Roar" and "The Ambiguous League" demanded tribute from "The Slippery Hell". Each faction notes the tribute demand actually took place and was rejected, but I think I'd have noticed if it was going on in my fortress.
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