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File Listing: Warcraft Addon - Kingdoms of Humanity
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2020, 07:13:24 am
First Created: Mar 14, 2018, 06:13:39 am
File version: 1.0.0
For DF version: 0.47.04
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Views: 236 (2,542) Type: 7Z
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Adds six different civs of humans, each representing a different kingdom or group from Warcraft. An addon for my main pack.
Alterac - A ruined kingdom - its remnants are thieves who live in towns in the mountains and hilly regions. Lack most forms of heavy armor.
Dalaran - A magocratic nation - their members have five castes. Initiates are normal humans who have no magic yet - Fire Mages utilize scorching fire magic, Frost mages freeze their enemies and offer protection to their allies, Arcanists have several debilitating spells, and Archmages have strong forms from all three of those spell families.
Kul Tiras - A seafaring nation. Their members have three castes - standard Kul Tirans, burly Kul Tirans who are larger and stronger, and Tidesages, who are smaller and weaker, but are capable of using some forms of magic. They also utilize anchor maces and mini-cannons for weapons.
Stormwind - One of the largest remaining kingdoms. Their members have two castes - standard Stormwindians, and Stormwindian Priests, who are smaller and weaker, but are capable of using supportive holy magic.
Stromgarde - A fractured kingdom - few of them still remain. They are a militaristic nation - as such, their citizens and larger and stronger than most other humans, and also learn weapon skills faster.
Scarlet Crusade - A zealous organization of light worshippers, who seek to purge the world of the tainted - demons, undead, and those who oppose their methods. Have several castes - Initiates lack any special powers or training; Crusaders, who are slightly larger than average and learn melee weapon skills faster; Evangelists who are weaker and smaller than average, but use holy magic to strengthen their allies; Zealots, who learn all weapon skills faster than average (not as fast as the Crusaders) and who use magic to bolster their own strength; High Inquisitors, powerful female leaders of the crusade who can resurrect their fallen allies and have other types of holy magic at their disposal; and Grand Crusaders, unscrupulous male leaders who are larger and stronger than average, and learn melee combat and sword skills faster, while also using both holy and shadow magic.
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