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File Listing: Wild-caught animal person citizens still "animals"
Last Updated: Dec 27, 2017, 10:50:39 pm
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.43.05
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I'm uploading this save to give the DFHack folks a look at what it looks like when an animal person you've caught in the wild becomes a citizen.

Everything here is made possible by making animal people [PET_EXOTIC] - but this behavior should also apply to Gremlins in the vanilla game.

All three of the Porcupine Men in this save were caught wild and, after a couple years, petitioned to become citizens. As they have no names but do have the Tailor occupation, in order to find them you need to search for "Tailor."

They are treated like any other citizen in terms of:
* Receiving all the hauling labors as soon as they're accepted into the civ.
* Therapist treats them as citizens, unlike wild-caught animal people who haven't petitioned for citizenship yet.
* They can auto-claim bedrooms reserved for citizens, unlike non-citizen residents who auto-claim bedrooms associated with the inn.
* They can patronize inns etc. that are reserved for citizens.

They are treated like animals in terms of:
* Still being able to lose training levels. (One of the Porcupine Men is marked as Tame; this was me messing around with DFHack).
* Still displaying the "This is a man with the head of a porcupine" description interface rather than the complex health/relationship/info navigation screen that citizens and residents get.
* Still displaying the "This animal cannot work. Mark for slaughter?" dialogue when you 'v' on them in game.
* Being included in the Pets unit list rather than the Citizens unit list.


This fort also includes a number of animal people who I have caught wild and who have not yet petitioned for citizenship. These work pretty much exactly like long-term residents, except for the default description, labor interface, and lack of a name. They socialize, read, and pray like any other visitor.

There are also some animal people who I bought from elven caravans. These are the only ones with proper names. They claim bedrooms in the inn, pick up clothing if it's available, and feed themselves when they're hungry, but they don't socialize, develop relationships, or petition for citizenship.
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