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File Listing: Grimlocke's History & Realism Mods (0.44.05) - r6c
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2018, 04:43:43 pm
First Created: Dec 20, 2017, 08:06:57 pm
File version: Revision 6c
For DF version: 0.44.05
Downloads: 446 (590) Size: 399.9 KB
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Grimlocke's History & Realism Mods
Revision 6c

- Replaces the weapons and armor with historically accurate late 14th, early 15th ones from the European continent.
- Alters combat to be both more realistic and interesting.
- Adds historic ferro-metallurgy

Main features:
70 weapons - Numerous weapons added for each weapon skill, two-handed versions for all weapon safe daggers and spears.
33 armor pieces - Including padded armor and cuir bouille (boiled leather) armor.
11 ammo types - Various contact areas, most types are just for 'flavour'.
5 shields - Not much I can do with these yet, but some other types added for flavour if nothing else.
Added a number of civilian weapons - By making them tools with various uses civilians now carry daggers and cudgels.
Added and modified trap components - Tridents, forks, giant hammers and more.

Rebalanced weapons - Reduced massive contact areas, regulated the armor penetration to be more realistic and gave weapons a realistic weight.
Rebalanced armor and clothing - Armor thickness is now more sensible, armor can be worn over other armor only where physically possible, and historically accurate.
Altered metals - High-impact edged attacks can now break bones even when they fail to cut the armor, lower edge values increase momentum cost for edged attacks.
Rebalanced unarmed combat - Contact area of all unarmed attacks in the game increased, lowered bone density, and reduced velocity of entity creature attacks.
Added adrenaline simulation - An interaction gives creatures in combat a substantial boost in willpower and endurance. Fights are longer and less RNG-dependant.
Added collarbones - An internal limb holding upper body and arms together. Breakable, realistic, and enables some other mod features.

Moved flails to the whip skill - And made whips and scourges tool instead of weapons.
Moved two-handed polearms to the pike skill - Forcing the silly entity equipment system to not use a shield along with them.
Removed armor pants - Moved leg protection to foot-worn armor, lower body protection was already on upper body armor.
Changed leather armor to boiled leather armor - This is not regular tanned leather, but a hard, almost plastic-like material. Can be worn as addition to mail armor, or by itself if your desperate.

Bay12 forum thread

Older versions:
Revision 6b (43.05)
Revision 5b
Revision 4c
Revision 3b
Weapons file with fixed secondary attacks, goes with 3c
Revision 2
Initial release version

- Copy the contents of '1 - Arms and Armor' to /raw/objects
Overwrite all, the base mod is ready for use.

- For the metallurgy mod, copy the contents of '2 - Metallurgy' to /raw/objects as well.
Be sure not to do it in reverse order, that would make a mess of things.
I do not know what happens when you use only the metallurgy parts. Some custom re-fitting would likely be needed, but I won't be doing that.

- For compatibility with Dwarf Fortress Revised (version 1.3.1) install that mod as well, and copy in the contents of the 3rd folder, in that specific order.

- The 4th folder contains a file with all the entity tags for this mod. Useful if you want to integrate this mod with other mods.

- The 5th folder contains some legacy items booted from the main version of the mod, and will contain and miscellaneous nonsense I might add in the future.

Compatibility notes for integration with other mods by Amostubal:

Patch for non-metallurgy steelmaking
- Entity reaction tokens for steelmaking in the non-metallurgy version went missing. Added them back in, the reactions should show up in existing games. This patch is not required for the metallurgy version.

Revision 6c changes: various bugfixes and 44.02 compatibility
- Updates the mod to 44.02.
- Added descriptions to metallurgy reactions.
- Added an alternative reaction for glass and charcoal powder that uses a jub instead of a bag.
- Fixes: Meteoric iron production, mysterious iron boulders, various language errors and various small adjustments to equipment (such as reduced greatsword sizes).

Revision 6b changes: fixes and DF Revised patch
- Added compatibility patch for Dwarf Fortress Revised, which is pretty much the successor to Modest Mod.
Still requires both mods. Install Revised first, then my base mods, then the patch.
- Fixes: Placed aluminum back into the non-metallurgy version, made neck nervous tissue less vulnerable, actually put in the correct material template file (doh).
- Oops, one extra fix added later: Removed micro-reduce steel reaction.

Revision 6a changes: 43.05 fixes, weapon and material rebalance
- 43.05 Proper Compatibility!
Modified joints to be larger, and bodypart materials to have higher resistence to bending, pulling and twisting. Joints will still break, but only with pretty substantial amounts of force.
Various modification, since 43.04+ seems to have slightly upset the previous balancing scheme.
- Weapon Rebalancing and Diversification:
Blunt and spiked weapons substantially more useful, and now the primary anti-armor tool.
Increased the range of attack speed from 4 to 11 prepare+recover time.
Speed and damage spread more evenly. Weapons are still sorted according to type, then handedness (1h or 2h), then weight.
Added duplicate entries for 'priority' attack. The AI will do more spiking with a military pick, and more bashing with a warhammer. Stabby swords stab more, slashy ones mostly slash.
Moved weapons to legacy file: Light battleaxe, bearded axe, broad falchion and voulge. All due to pre-dating our 15th century setting by too much.
Re-added a military-use rondel and bollock dagger. Their non-existence was causing some issues with thieves being unarmed, and tool-type weapons are not equipable in fortress mode.
- Armor Modifications:
Moved padded gloves and boots to legacy, due to most likely not existing. Increased protectiveness of shoes and gloves, though not to the level of the padded versions.
Added 'munitions grade' armor to goblins. This makes invasions a bit more of a challenge, as they will wear armor even as civilian clothing.
- Material Changes:
ALL non-deep metals as well as leather now have the same shear yield, but different impact yield/fracture and different shear fracture. This makes iron armor not simulate gingerbread when hit with something better than iron, it will be inferior but still useful.
Leather armor now gives protection against lighter edged blows. It will still get chewed up a LOT faster than metal, but should be more useful and a good addition to cloth armor if your low on metal.
Reduced max edge on iron, a bit less on steel, and left at default (10000) for crucible steel.
A certain overly colourful metal has been nerfed. It will go through steel with enough force, but a slight flick with a saber won't decapitate an armored man anymore. Avoid using it for ammo.
- Other Stuff:
Case-hardening steel now yours a billet that will need to be hammered. This simulated folding the non-uniform case hardening product into something more homogeneous and actually useable.
Actual documentation for weapons and armor, including which armor can go over which other armors! It doesn't look pretty, but I hope it clears things up a bit.
Moved leaf arrows and trefoil arrows to legacy. They were pretty much redundant in terms of functionality.
Increased the surface broadhead bolts, hopefully resulting in less wasted ammunition of irritating pond crawlers and such.
I may be forgetting some stuff... Surprise features!

Revision 5b changes: Oops, stray SHAPED tokens
- Removed misplaced SHAPED token in two of the helmets. No idea how they got there in the first place, but gone they are.

Revision 5a changes: Lots of changes to armor, addition of metallurgy and collarbones!
- Added the historic metallurgy module!
Adds buildings: Bloomeries, Blast furnaces, Puddle furnaces, a Crucible furnace and Finery forges.
Adds the various iron smelting and refinement processes that were in use around the middle of the 15th century.
Adds materials: Pattern-welded steel, Crucible steel and Meteoric iron.
Either charcoal, or flux + mineral fuel is required to smelt iron. Have a use for all those trees and make some elves cry!
Dwarves posses some exotic metallurgical knowledge: Crucible steel and puddle furnaces. These are not native to medieval Europe, but neither are dwarves.
Just ferro-metallurgy for now. Information about 15th century methods for smelting other metals is somewhat spotty, and I need to read up on it first.
Removed weapon and armor usage from bronze and silver. Weapons made from these metal were not a thing in late medieval Europe.
If you want them back in, copy the tags over from another weapon and armor metal.

- Armor additions and removals:
Added Ocular kettle helm: A kettle helm that reaches over the eyes and has eye slits to look through. Covers slightly more than the visored sallet, but also slightly thinner.
Added mail and plate Bevors: A piece of armor covering the bottom of the face and throat), these can be worn under kettle helms, sallets and great helms.
Added mail sleeves: The same as mail mittens except they cover the whole limb. Can be used in combination with coat of plates.
Added boiled leather helmet and limb armor: Their exact history is spotty due to their nasty habit of rotting away, but it shows up on various effigies and images.
Removed ALL spangenhelm-derived helmets, due to them being woefully displaced in time for this mod.

- Armor layering and coverage changes.
Worked out some glitches with armor not always wanting to be worn over clothing which should be wearable under it (socks, shirts, etc).
Partial plate limb armor can be worn over mail limb armor (as they were historically).
Visored sallet no longer has 100% coverage, but can be worn with bevor.
Mailed bascinet and mail coif can now only be worn under great helms.
Increased body armor thickness quite a bit.
Cuirasses, coats of plates and brigandines now protect only the upper and lower body and the neck.

- Collarbones!
An internal limb connecting the upper body with the arms of every humanoid body.
Can be broken with a severe hit on the upper body, breakage will incapacitate the attached arm.
Enables me to let body armor protect the neck without also extending to protect the upper arms.
Added a layer of muscle around ribs and collarbones to keep them from shattering from minor damage.

- Restructured the mod archive to be less messy.
- Trapcomp file in included by default now. Nerfed serrated disks to be just a bit less game-breaky.
- Dropped support for items only version.

Revision 4c changes: more minor fixes and changes
- Fixed stupid duplicate gloves for real this time
- Less awkward armor names / more descriptive armor names!
Renamed 'gauntlet and bracers' to 'arm harness'
Renamed 'boot and greave' to 'leg harness'
Renamed 'plate armor' to 'plate cuirass'
Renamed 'hauberk' to 'mail coat'
Renamed 'haubergeon' to 'mail shirt'
- Fixed bismuth bronze. It has the same properties as regular bronze, as it has in the stock game.
- Rearranged some armor and clothing layering. Still works the same but easier to keep track of for me.

Revision 4b changes: minor fixes
- Fixed some stock files getting mixed up into the download and making a duplicate item

Revision 4 changes: 42.01 compatibility!
- List of updated files:
- If you run 42.01 with the old version, update now as parchment, drunkenness and other possibly important things might not work!

Revision 3c changes: just a quick fix!
- Removed flat strikes until the AI can handle them responsibly
- Cleaned up pommel/butt/butt-spike attacks. They are now consistent and not completely useless in some cases.

Revision 3b changes: bugs & balance!
- Adjusted weight on some weapons (mostly axes).
- Adjusted material cost of axes, maces and the bardiche.
- Increased the surface of most blunt weapons to increase pulping damage.
- Increased protectiveness of all limb armor (to simulate limbs yielding more to impact).
- Reduced edge value of all weapon metals to 500, which increases momentum cost for cutting through armor and tissue.
This means padded and leather armor now offer at least some protection against lighter blows.
- Added CAN_BE_MUTUAL to the adrenaline interaction, which seems to make it a bit more reliable in dwarf mode at least.
- Added thin layer of muscle and fat to the head, having none caused skin-less creatures to have no tissue on their head.
- Fixed invincible head bug. I'm not sure what caused it in the first place, but its gone.
- Made finger and toes internal. For some reason they do not come up in combat logs at all now.
I think is slightly better then losing a hand because a child scratched your thumb off.
- Added spinted limb armor. This was actually a Rev3 change but I forgot to mention it.

Revision 3 changes:
- Added numerous modifications to combat! See feature list.
- Rebalanced weapons to work with the above.
- Added early variant of the arming sword, for a more complete set of earlier medieval equipment.
- Added a stake to the wooden weapons.
- Reduced weight of some swords and axes.
- Made all helmets a bit thicker.

Revision 2 changes:
- Added modified cloth and leather materials for the padded/leather armors to work properly.
- Numerous balance adjustments.
- Adjusted entity_default to divide the items a bit more sensibly.
- Added a number of armor pieces:
Armets, late-medieval Italian full helmet.
Barbutes, late-medieval Italian helmet modelled after the Corinthian helmet.
Partial plate armor, earlier plate armor with 83% coverage.

- Renamed and repurposed a number of weapons to less obtuse names:
glaive faussard -> short glaive
pronged warhammer -> short polehammer (this also became two-handed)
poleaxe -> light poleaxe
polehammer -> crow's beak
pronged polehammer -> polehammer
bill-guisarme -> bill-hook
faussard -> military scythe

- Removed the following items:
ITEM_WEAPON_SWORD_CLEAVER_FAUSSARD (highly debatable existence)

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