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File Listing: Major Mod: Culture Shock!
Last Updated: Jan 08, 2019, 10:19:30 pm
First Created: Nov 23, 2017, 08:15:38 pm
File version: 17.1
For DF version: 0.44.12
Downloads: 254 (640) Size: 12.53 MB
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Adds quite a few new races and a ton of new creatures.


Adds a few new races and quite a few new creatures.

3 (would be 4) new human civs, a new elven civ, a variant on goblins, an evil dwarf civ, a troll civ, and 4 animal man civs, one is searching for the secret of steel.

The races in order of mentioning:

Icedwellers: A race of humans that live in the coldest landscapes.

Dunemen: A desert dwelling race of humans that have mastered their way of life. They use glaives.

Hellspawn: Humans cursed by demons. At the moment, they can fly and breath fire. (Gone)

Dark Elves: (not underground, strangely!) Strange purple skinned elves who despise their nature loving brethren.

Hobgoblins: Greedy exclusively gray-skinned relatives of goblins. These guys would prefer to get your cash instead of your children.

Corrupt Dwarves: These dwarves breached the unholy parts of the underground in the ancient times, but instead of dying, they became ugly servants to demons.

Monitor Lizard Men: A race of lizard men who will ambush, steal, siege and baby-snatch their way to getting ahold of steel...

Marshfolk: A race of amphibious scholars pursuing a peaceful and knowledge-filled existence.

Orc Trolls (currently fixing...): A proud race of trolls that are rather war-like, yet united as clans, much like the violent race of myth.

Lizari: Large and peaceful tribal lizard-folk who worship the stars and other such celestial objects.
Gagorins: Mountain men with a love of merriment and innovation.

Telpidians: Mole men with a cultural tendency for fairness and family.

Version history:

0.01: Initial release.

0.02: Put major creatures and the new entities into their new files!

0.03: Not important.

0.04: Weapons update! (Not working...)

0.05: Weapons update now functional!

0.06: *Adds in 3 new creatures and a new semimegabeast!
*Monitor Lizard Men civs now available for adventure mode! Serve your Grand Emperor/Empress!


*Hobgoblins now are led by a council of 7! Finally united under some fine rulership!
*Percentage of bandits lowered from 15% to 10%! So far, so good!
*Military expansion! Now they can actually stand a chance and put up a good fight against Goblins, Corrupt Dwarves, and the dreaded Monitor Lizard Men!

*A scholarly yet uncommon froglike people to see, meet the Marshfolk!
*Languages for the Dunemen and Icedwellers! (Credit to Rethi-Eli and skelepound!)

9.0: Wild World Update!
Around 3 new plants for brewing!
Some new good region creatures, like halflings!.
Kinda buffed up Orc Trolls.
Wild Sapients, including ogre dwarves, greater kobolds, bugbears (from my Goblinoids (and Orcs) Mod!), and more!
A few new creatures!

10.0: The Fey Update!
*Add in a new set of somewhat rare castes for most of the races known as the Feytouched!
Fey spirits have increased their activity, and thus, children are being born with a special ability. This ability shows them that they are feytouched. Some of these abilities are subtle, others not so much. Here's the list:

Dwarf: Gain physical skills at an exceptionally high rate.
Elf: Will never get tired... ([NOEXERT, NOSTUN, and NOSLEEP])
Goblin: Feels no fear or pain.
Human: Can throw fireballs.
Icedweller: Transform at will into a "were ice wolf".
Duneman: Born pole-arm wielder.
Corrupt Dwarf: Gain the ability to use battle trances, like a normal dwarf.
Hobgoblin: Be naturally inclined towards social skills.
Marshfolk: Gain mental skills at an exceptionally high rate.
Dark Elf: Be immune to fire based attacks.

It seems the fey spirits aren't interested in orc trolls, monitor lizard men, or kobolds...

Other features:
*New creatures!
*2 new semi-megas! Beware the Thunderbird which roams the skies, and keep your booze safe from the reptilian Steeltooth!
*A new metal and ore to go with it! Goblinium, which is derived from the ore, goblinite!

*10.0 is the last of Legacy Culture Shock, and now we move on to...

11.0: The Great Beast Update!
*A new megabeast roams the world: The Aqua Asp!
*A few new monsters that roam the already hostile lands, such as the tundra dwelling Jötnar!
*Culture Shock now has been updated to the Artifact Release!

12.0: The Beasts of Shadow Update!
*4 new night trolls!
*A new megabeast, the Shadowscale Dragon! It is a draconic beast with a scaly gorilla-like body with imposing wings. It is capable of breathing fire, albeit not dragonfire, and it can speak. It is awfully large, being a tad bit bigger than the standard dragon.

13.0: Rule of Giants

*Reworking of vanilla giants; will be downgraded both in size and semi-megabeast status. Will also basically be very rare, renamed "plains giants", and appear in savage plains.

*New giant types: Stone Giant, Stone Ettin, Forest Giant, Desert Giant, and Juggernaut

*Renamed crow men and kea men to fit with the third racial expansion pack.

14.0: The Draconic Update!
*New dragon creatures (none are megas or semis): Light Dragon, Field Dragon, Frost Dragon, Sea Drake, River Drake
*Renamed Monitor Lizard Men to Monitori, as secretly planned

15.0: The Curses and Guns Update!
*Guns for dwarves and hobgoblins
*A couple new secrets and curses that turn folk into specialized vampires
*A few new beasts, like griffons

15.1: Fixed up gun bullets so the game wouldn't confuse them for the bullets used for slings. Gun bullets are now called firebullets.

16.0: The Dark Elf Update!
*Dark Elves playable in Fortress Mode, with 4 special domestic animals and their special alloy, Elfsteel!
These animals are as follows:
Drowspider: Spiders near the size of a kobold that hunt vermin for you.
Ovaga: Large horse-sheep. Provides milk, meat, and wool.
Shriller: Black-feathered loud as hell and long-lived chicken-like birds. They're your egg-layers.
Gray-paw Cat: Dwarf-sized felines that serve as your dog equivalents, war or hunting trainable.
*A few new metals, such as the forever cold Yotunium, the powerful Hokrum, the crimson Efril, and the ever sharp Adamant (also known as Fool's Adamantine)!
*A few new secrets which turn folk into special kinds of Mages! (Ice Mages (freezy webs), Blood Drainers (makes people bleed with magic), Core Mages (stone and fire))
*A new civ born from the wandering lizard men named the Lizari!

17.0: The Mountainous Update!
*Adds in two new races for the mountains: The Gagorin race of humans, and the Telpidians (Mole Men)!
*Adds in a couple new vermin for the good lands: Sprite Dragons and Antoids
*Adds in two new servant races for the evil civs to potentially uncover: Ophidians and Formians

17.1: minor bug fixes

Also, assets from Stal's Armoury Pack and a bit of IndigoFenix's Mostly Mythical Monsters are used here.
Credit to both of them, along with Toady and Threetoe (These two made the game, obviously. I just modded it.)
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