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File Listing: [0.43.05] The Fall (release 8)
Last Updated: Sep 27, 2017, 06:41:08 am
File version: RC8
For DF version: 0.43.05
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The nations of the world outgrew their cradle. Crafty alchemists, curious inventors, powerful mages, great technomancers, immortal liches - everyone tried to overcome the limits of the mortal world and obtain the unobtainable, learn everything they were not supposed to know, become bigger than they were meant to be.

The skies were not the only things that changed. The Fall (which is the name of the event) was followed by deadly plagues, sudden deaths and Taint. Taint touched everything it could and mutated it into terrifying creatures if it was strong enough, or just made it die. The world has changed forever along with its inhabitants. Will you manage to take on the new twisted world or will you die with the weak beings?


Vaulters: These bearded builders and artificers have managed to predict the Fall and build shelters to avoid the influence of the event. Unfortunately only a small part of shelters survived, so now they struggle to rebuild their nation and recover the lost knowledge and strength.

Tribals: The human society barely survived the Fall. Most of humans were killed or turned into tainted creatures, and those who survived in old vaulters' fortresses and in caves are now reduced to a primitive and tribal life. Nonetheless the natural curiosity and flexibility of the human race guaranteed them a place under the new dim sun. They usually build primitive towns of dugouts around abandoned vaults or caves which they praise and call "the cradle".

Crooked men: Not all of the tainted men are twisted beyond salvation. Some of them managed to keep their humanity and organize into big communities. Itís almost like nothing has changed for them: they are still sometimes cruel, sometimes forgiving, sometimes clever, sometimes stupid humans as they used to be before the fall. Other surviving races donít like their company though. There's a myth that they sold their soul to outworlders. Thus crooked men dwell in abandoned cities, not fearing the Taint and slowly rebuilding what they once lost.

Enclave: The Enclave is a secretive political, scientific, and militaristic elven organization that is descended directly from the last remaining high elves, who managed to stay untainted and protect a part of the untamed wilds for their living, and claims to be the legally-sanctioned continuation of the world government and the last bastion of hope. The Enclave is mostly comprised of descendants of high nobility of old elven cities, elite members of ranger squads, as well as a few remaining mages. They sworn to protect the remains of the world from Taint and cleanse the world from twisted creatures. The Enclave takes pride in being the last known concentrated bastion of pure, untainted civilization and being the most technologically advanced faction in the world. They refuse to believe in the fact that some of their mages caused coming of The Fall as well.

Raiders: After the Fall all kinds of goblinoids banded together in rather large groups led by a single instinct. They could not miss the opportunity to enslave the other races using the terrifying events happening around the world. To their surprise, most of the nations were able to band together and organize resistance, so what was supposed to be a blitzkrieg now turned into a full fledged war.

Ghouls: These wretched humanoids dwell in tainted and twisted areas of the new world. Originally called elves, they used to be very close to the nature and animals and they gathered their power and magic from a force of their forests. When the Fall happened, these creatures were one of the first to take the full impact of the Taint and the following mutations transformed them into almost mindless beasts bent on destruction of now alien civilized races.

Dregs: Small twisted humanoids with glowing eyes, the dregs hide in caves and abandoned cities and sometimes steal from civilized settlements. They can rarely be found vagabonding in dark alleys of various cities, ready to do any dirty work.

Mod features

For more detailed explanations, check the mod manual at the top of this post.

- Body and tissue rebalance.
- Weapon remake.
- Flintlock pistols and rifles.
- Short named materials (yet more types: cloth, silk, suede, leather, hide, dragonscale, chitin, carapace).
- Metal remake: iron ore needs additional processing to become wrought iron; brass is a precious metal; aluminum is gone; more medieval alloys.
- Nobles' remake.
- Custom made from scratch (all of them) creatures, with proper features, abilities, materials and sounds.
- Custom made from scratch megabeasts (right now just 6 types of dragon, with different abilities and one undead type - dracolich).
- Custom made from scratch semimegabeasts (right now 3 titans: sea, forest, mountain titans).
- Custom plants, organized with a specific logic and lots of products.
- Colored flowers for each type of dye.

Development plan

Ravenous update: Finish ghouls and dregs.
Crooked update: Make crooked men in different castes with various mutations/extra appendages; make a "crooked" caste for each race; make special interactions available to them only.
Chemistry update: Expand the existing alchemy lab to allow extraction of sulfur and arsenic from minerals; add arsenic bronze; introduce blackpowder.
Gunsmithing update: Requires chemistry update, make guns craftable and ammo made with blackpowder; make special fire arrows and explosive blocks for catapults.
Architect's update: add calcinator, make concrete and bonemold blocks in calcinator; make colored block crafting.
Poison update: Make extractable usable animal venoms; make coating vat and ability to coat weapons/ammo in poisons.
Scholarship update: Make "research tree" and make other advanced crafting paths require researching first. Vellum from leather/paper scrolls from plants; research notes and breakthrough tomes.
Misleading Good update: Make good areas contain more magical trees, plants and creatures (not so good to travellers though, since they are going to be weird and dangerous).
Eternal Evil update: Make evil areas bloom with twisted flora and expand on evil bestiary. Make special semimegabeasts and outworldish creatures.
Night Creature update: Expand on necromancer types, werewolves and vampires; custom region-styled mummies.
Deep caverns update: Make deep caverns a place to fear; make cavern layer-specific flora and fauna so each cavern would look unique.
Adventure time update: Implement adventure mode crafting, expand speech.

Every update will come with balancing changes and additions to existing overexpanding bestiary.
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