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 Dwarf Fortress File Depot » Bugged Saves » Pet corpse butchering bug (dfhack 43.05-alpha0)
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File Listing: Pet corpse butchering bug (dfhack 43.05-alpha0)
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2017, 06:56:43 pm
File version: 43.05 (DFhack 43.05)
For DF version: 0.43.05
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Using the 43.05 alpha0 dfhack version on a non-modded and compatible 43.05 save. I explain it here, but in short, disable a dead_dwarf true setting on a piece of meat bone or skull in the corpse stockpile (follow the notes using N, there are 3 notes all on surface level where this is tested) and then using DFhacks utilities over the stockpile press to enter the stockpile manager.
When on the stockpile manager hit [CTRL + X] to turn off the corpse piles rotten settings, and the dead dwarf=false meat & bones will be reallocated and available to use, despite being harvested from a pet and unusable. I hope this is useful to you all especially toady. Reslaughter more pet hunting dogs using the animal stocks screen with Z.

You will need to 'continue' the fortress save named "Pet butchering 0010130", its in a workable state as a self sustaining camp for the purposes of testing. If dwarves need food or drink use the harvester provided & queue up a job at the still from collected plants in the food pile adjacent. There is a large stockpile of wood hidden infront of the corpse stockpile for tidyness

Contact me at fantasticdorf on the forums via PM if you need additional details or help. This bug is in relevance to a previous issue report of 0010130 on Mantis, i couldn't find sufficient evidence then with the same essential bug hotfix, but this new method is provable and also ties into the inability to butcher pets without slaughtering it whilst its alive, not after it has recently died of natural causes or otherwise 0001275
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