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File Listing: [43.05] Kyubee's Expanded Races
Last Updated: Apr 01, 2017, 06:19:48 pm
First Created: Jan 19, 2017, 05:22:27 pm
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.43.05
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Adds a playable civ of evolved troglodytes. Should not conflict with any mods unless they replace vanilla things (Because, yknow, those mods are a pain to use with other mods anyways; you have to write the compatability in yourself.)

Things included;

A playable troglodyte civilization! They are much larger than even humans, possibly able to even dual wield weapons like mauls, but their technology is without even the simplest of alloys, save for electrum, which i kept because its useless anyways. They can also, much like goblins, put evil creatures to work.

A handful of evil creatures, mostly corrupted versions of ocean creatures. that fly through the air. Now you will know why you fear the sky. (Also, a modified return of a fan favorite creature)

A special surface tree to make elves and troglodytes much more dangerous.

a few babysnatching races to send caravans to the troglodytes; Minotaurs (veeery slightly modded off vanilla ones) arrive in the autumn, with tons of roman themed equips if i remember right. Troglodytes themselves come in the summer, carrying all sorts of troglodyte stuff. In the spring, youre visited by Trog-Cap men, mushroom people made of an edible plant, very similar to trog-cap trees, but without the coldness. As winter entombs you, the yeti-like mirka will arrive, a shipment of axes in tow. During all seasons, if world gen fancies it, a caravan of insectoid Nantuko can arrive, with tons of varying swords.

An extra entity of humans (Though I need to give them a language and change their use of symbols to make things distinct in the next update); Can you fend off the farmers of Hanweir and their scavenged farm-tool weaponry?

Fireproof guinea pigs of pure evil.

Expanded kobolds, two playable civs of them; larger ones who use Native American weaponry, and mountain ones, who are much smaller, but use firearms.

Features to do;

weapons and armor, to get trogs more differences in playstyle.

A pure evil player race

"Good" creatures

More evil crops and trees

More fireproof, corrupted versions of vanilla pets, so the troglodytes have proper livestock that won't catch ablaze when invasions begin.

Update 1: Forgot to make trogs playable!

Update 2: removed my old attempts at races, added weapons and stuff from other mods (I gave credit to those I copied, they can request i remove their stuff)

Update 3: The big racial update! Made Troglodytes babysnatchers and gave them allies listed above; Also added Hanweir.

Update 4: Now I've done it... Something new lurks in the mountains. Theyre called...; Zarekians. Seemingly a mix between a human and a porcupine, what with the spikes (And fur at a later point), these theocrats will stop at nothing to wipe out all of those the consider "impure", which is, non-zarekians! (Theyre also playable, and I gave Troglodytes a new, albiet temporary and prone to nerfing, bonus, in the form of Darksteel, an extremely heavy metal.)

Update 5: fixed the crash bug to do with the Mirka civilization settling in arctic oceans (I honestly thought they would settle atop the permanent layers of ice, my bad), and added in Creepycaverns by Godlysockpuppet, the person who helped to make the mod functional

Update 6: I added in a new rock ore and base metal, though theyre a bit OP. I also fixed Phantom Scorpions, and removed quills from Zarekians (honestly, use your imagination) I also moved the file up to major mods, due to the fact that at this point it adds a lot more than it did prior.

Update 7: Added Cobalt ore, five basic metals, a combination of those five base metals (I forgot who could make it), and two kobold variant races.

Update 8: This has been sitting on my computer for a while; I remember adding Plague Beetles and thats about it.

I'd like to thank Stal's Armory Pack for a ton of weapons I added, along with moghopper's expanded warfare and ancient weapons, responsible for the scutum shields, gladius, and every stone weapon in the item_weapons_modded file. If either wants me to delete their weapons from my mod, I will without hesitation! Well, I'll modify the weapons enough to make them their own thing. The whole reason I put my favorites from both in this mod is that I wanted to use them but, of course, they both modify the vanilla files so I cant. Also, I didnt make the language myself, I found someone one reddit give a link to an eldritch language, spliced it with some dwarven and some other language mods, and called it a day. Later, I intend to make my own language, this is a placeholder. Also credit to Liber celi, who allowed me to use their terrible weapons mod for my next civ in this mod.

the links are
stal's armory:

Moghopper's extended warfare and ancient weapons

The language post

LC's terrible weapons

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