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File Listing: -~Corrosion~- v1.1.14.5 for 43.03/.05 (ASCII)
Last Updated: May 12, 2017, 02:29:17 pm
First Created: Oct 08, 2016, 06:11:37 pm
File version:
For DF version: 0.43.05
Downloads: 122 (266) Size: 633.3 KB
Views: 1,329 (2,144) Type: RAR
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Official Thread

Update Post

-~Corrosion~- v1.1.13/14 for 34.11 updated to (and somewhat tested in) 43.03/05.

Simply drop and overwrite the data and raw folders into a fresh DF install (or place the files directly into the folders themselves) and enjoy.

Not many changes made to the mod itself, except for adding some combat skills and material/tissue upgrades to animals that either already had them or who would be in the same class as the pre-existing ones, also decreased max trunk hieght for trees to 1, otherwise your fortress site would get flooded with obscene amounts of timber.

If you notice anything wrong with it or any game breaking bugs (aside from the apparent "features" the mod normally has) let me know.

V 14.2 Whoops, seems I forgot to transfer over the rarity values for armor, turns out no rarity for worn items means not being able to craft them. (LEFT OUT A HELMET IT SEEMS, BACK IN NOW...)

V 14.3 Adventure mode reactions fixed, you might be able to update your saves, or not. Aside from minor changes to the adventure reactions I added [ITEMS_WEAPON_RANGED] to cruicible steel like IT 000 was apparently planning to do in order to prevent your starting ranged weapons from magmafying.

V 14.4.2 Minor fixes, also a changelog so I don't feel inclined to put stuff up here anymore.

V 14.5 Minor fixes.
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