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File Listing: Coherent weapons mod
Last Updated: Aug 28, 2016, 03:33:06 pm
First Created: Aug 15, 2016, 06:25:04 pm
File version: 3.0
For DF version: Multiple
Downloads: 206 (220) Size: 25.4 KB
Views: 1,768 (1,888) Type: ZIP
Rating (1 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
V3 of my coherent weapons mod. Should be compatible with pretty much any relatively up to date version of DF from the v0.42.XX line.

With this mod I'm trying to expand and rebalance dwarf fortress' weapons to make things a bit more interesting.
One thing I will avoid is redundant weapons that differ little from each other in any sense but name, every item will have a concrete purpose.


- Replaces all elven weapons. Elves now use clubs (come in one and two-handed varieties), specialized spears and atlatls, which perform better than the vanilla wooden weapons and ammo. Elves are now tree-dwelling cave hippies.
- Rebalanced various weapons. Scimitars are very powerful cutters, long swords are now more like real medieval ones.
- Added half-sword thrusts. Slow, but powerful.
- Added arming swords and falchions.
- Increased the amount of weapons that can be made of obsidian
- Expanded steels - First version implemented. Spring steel is made by humans and sacrifices hardness for flexibility. It is also lighter to reflect a human preference for lighter equipment. Mild steel is made by goblins and is crude and inferior to other types, and can be melted down and used as a substitute for pig iron, making it a very useful form of goblinite.
- Cloth armor in form of gambesons, padded vests and padded coifs. They are literally just very thick clothes, but they are surprisingly effective.
- Mail coifs.
- Optional angry elves mode: Makes hippies hostile to all other civs. Replace the entity_default file with the one in the "Angrier elves" folder. They don't survive well in small worlds for obvious reasons.
- Made humans playable in fortress mode, because I thought, "why not?" They were subject to a number of the changes in this mod, they're fully functional and different enough to the dwarves.
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