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File Listing: ZM5's Modpack - Warcraft, Dragon's Dogma, and more
Last Updated: Nov 05, 2019, 01:02:55 pm
First Created: Jun 21, 2016, 04:27:33 pm
File version: 2.7.5
For DF version: 0.44.12
Downloads: 332 (3,282) Size: 14.64 MB
Views: 2,215 (13,175) Type: 7Z
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Pack with most of my mods - includes many new playable races for adventure mode, lots of new weapons, new beasts, more megabeasts, some pain receptor changes for tissues (may be obsolete with 43.03), new interactions, like shapeshifting as a druid or pyromancy, amongst many other additions. Comes bundled with 64-bit DF 44.11.

Main features

New playable races
Many new races playable in adventure mode - 58 in total from Warcraft, 9 are my own creations, 2 mythological races, and 2 are from Mortal Kombat. Due to the amount, not all of them may spawn during generation of smaller worlds, or ones with smaller civilization limits!

There's three unplayable races as well - 2 function like tougher versions of the underground animal person tribes, whereas the other one is a skulking, kobold-like civ.

On top of that, many of the wild non-civ races are playable as well - 7 are mythological creatures, whereas 37 are from Warcraft.

Many of the new races, both civilized and wild ones, have different abilities and spells - others simply diffrentiate themselves with different body details, armored bodies, or unique weapon sets.

New magic knowledge
There are many types of magical knowledge in the vein of necromancy that you can find.

Five of the new magic user types - Sorcerers, Biomancers, Pyromancers, Psychics, and Death Knights, will build towers during world generation - if you can defeat their minions you will be able to gain the knowledge they possess!

The eight others - Druids, Blessed Warriors, Paladins, Demon Hunters, and the Voodoo Priests of the Serpent, Tiger, Bat, and Spider - will not build towers, and as a result will be much tougher to find. However, you may occasionally come across books written by them in libraries around the world, which would grant you the same knowledge - both of the magic user groups may occasionally be found as bandits as well, clutching onto their slabs.

A more hostile, difficult world
There are many, MANY more predatory creatures out in the world - in total, there are 147 predators from Warcraft (including the playable wild races), 25 from Dragon's Dogma, and 4 are my own creations.

Additionally, there are many megabeasts that you may hunt in Adventure Mode, or which will attack your settlements in Fortress Mode - in total, 13 are from Dragon's Dogma, 12 are from Warcraft, 17 are mythological beings, and 9 are my own creations.

There are a few non-predatory creatures as well, though that is not to say they are completely harmless - 4 are mythological, 2 are my own creations, and 10 are from Warcraft.

New plants, ores, and weapons
There are many new resources for you to use, found in various biomes around the world - 15 new metal types (not all can be found just via digging) - 7 new tree types, and 12 new plant types - most of them I've added to the biomes that were somewhat empty in vanilla - mostly deserts, tundras, glaciers, and taigas - giving more of an incentive to embark there.
Some of the drinks brewable from the new plants also have some special properties - for example, the Dragon's Brew made from cinderblooms temporarily allows you to spit bolts of magma at enemies; the Lichwine and Mage's Wine, made from the Lichbloom and Mageroyal respectively, grant you a long-term immunity to all types of magic (though "physical" abilities like the Gronn's shout can still affect you) - or the Pandaren Brew made from the Golden Lotus grants you a long-term increase in favorable combat rolls.

There are also many new different types of armor and weapons, some unique to certain races, others much more common.
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 ZM5's Modpack - Warcraft, Dragon's (v 2.6.0)  » posted by Tavoneitor10 on Apr 08, 2018, 12:24:39 pm
I've been playing it for some days now (Adventure mode) and I noticed both Throwing and Projectile magic is bugged, as a Grand Master Thrower I can't hit anything with thrown items and shooting fireballs to an enemy one tile away doesn't do anything but show a trail of smoke for a few seconds.
I've been having a blast though, just wanted to let you know.
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 ZM5's Modpack - Warcraft, Dragon's (v 2.6.0)  » posted by ZM5 on Apr 26, 2018, 10:59:42 am
@Tavoneitor10 Thanks! The throwing and projectile stuff was bugged in one of the versions (I think it was 08).
Regarding fireballs, they only seem to hit if the target is actively in combat (i.e has "non-lethal", "lethal" or "no quarter" status) from my observations. I could be wrong if the info's outdated though.

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