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File Listing: [16x16] Mayday - Community Heroes (DF v0.44.04)
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2018, 03:41:27 am
First Created: May 21, 2016, 02:54:30 pm
File version: v44_04
For DF version: 0.44.04
Downloads: 497 (2,288) Size: 1.45 MB
Views: 4,344 (9,662) Type: ZIP
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Rating (1 votes): 5.0 / 5.0

This is just the graphics pack. You must download Dwarf Fortress separately. To install, drag the files from this graphics pack into the appropriate locations of a compatible version of Dwarf Fortress.

Compatible versions of Dwarf Fortress:
  • v0.44.04
  • v0.44.03
  • v0.44.02
  • v0.44.01
  • v0.43.05
  • v0.43.04
  • v0.43.03
  • v0.43.02
  • v0.43.01
  • v0.42.06
  • v0.42.05

If you try to install onto any other version of Dwarf Fortress without first editing the objects and init files for compatibility with the latest version, you will likely end up with a corrupt game. The raws of this version are not compatible with versions 0.40.24 and under of Dwarf Fortress.

Change log:

2018-01-11 - added Pedestal tile from CLA. Replaced the smiley face place holders with normal animal graphics for several creatures (especially the large ocean creatures). Fixed stray pixels on a bunch of creatures. Optimized creature graphics to use less texture space in graphics cards (removed the Vermin that can't used graphics and removed hunting and war versions of creatures that aren't trainable).

2016-06-25 - Reorganized /raw/graphics/ folder. Added definitions for Tallcastles slug and bug people. Applied background from Mayday's dwarves to all creatures. (Versions with transparent backgrounds are provided too, in case it helps artists.) Includes numerous graphical fixes, and probably some new bugs too. Changed dolomite tile back to original setting to fit with Mayday's stone tier system.

2016-05-28 - Fixed some problems with giant creatures having the wrong names. It looks like Bay12 changed the names of these with the v0.42.05 release.

2016-05-21 - Updated raws and other text files for compatibility with version 0.43.03 of Dwarf Fortress. Also removed any files that were identical to current or previous versions of Dwarf Fortress. Additionally, any settings unrelated to aesthetics (e.g. auto save, FPS, cave finder) have been reset back to the default settings of Dwarf Fortress v0.43.02, so you will need to edit the settings in your "data/init/init.txt" and "data/init/d_init.txt" files if you don't want default settings.


Thanks to Tallcastle, Doren, Habbadax, CLA and the Community Heroes for their work on this pack. Also thanks to Mayday and all the original contributors for creating this pack. And thanks to Toady One and ThreeToe for making Dwarf Fortress.
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