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File Listing: The Earth Strikes Back! (Rubble module)
Last Updated: Oct 07, 2016, 01:27:54 pm
First Created: Apr 03, 2016, 12:45:20 am
File version: 2.15
For DF version: Multiple
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The Earth Strikes Back!
A Rubble module for Dwarf Fortress v0.42 and v0.43.

- Dwarf Fortress v0.42.04 or later
- DFHack 0.42.04r1 or later
- Rubble 8.2.0 or later

Previous (non-Rubble) version for Dwarf Fortress v0.40 is available here.

This mod includes new creatures, some new high-value gems to balance the risk posed by the new creatures, new workshops to mitigate the risks, exotic new plants as a side-effect of the new creatures' and gems' origins, and graphics for Stonesense, TWBT, and the main interface.

The world is flush with life, anywhere and everywhere we witness an endless variety of living things. Not only do we see birds in the sky, beasts on the ground and fish in the sea, but ancient trees burrow into the earth itself for sustenance. Some, such as the Dwarves and Goblins, are aware that life is as boundless below the surface as above it, filling great caverns with fantastic plants and animals and peoples. Life, it seems, is everywhere.

From where does all of this life come? Doubtless the gods forged it originally, striking upon the anvil of the world with unimaginable crafts to create the infinite variety of living things we see today. To those races that have tamed even the simplest metals, it is obvious that the seas and the soil are too soft a foundation upon which to forge anything of consequence... life must have been forged on solid rock. But we do not need to take this on faith... the Dwarves who mine into solid rock know that this is true.

When the gods forged the first life, their strikes were of such incredible force that even the forgotten embers possessed power beyond mortal comprehension. These embers, buried deep within the rock, imbue the surrounding stone with the dignity and vigor of a living thing. Fresh, hot embers are surrounded by Living Stone that can be quite dangerous if awakened by careless mining. The smaller embers have cooled leaving behind Hidden Gems where they otherwise would not be expected.

Any miner knows that the surest way to prosperity is to strike the earth. Wise miners know that sometimes the earth strikes back.

Hidden Gems
High-value gems lie hidden within the layer stones, and there is one Hidden Gem type for each of the 24 types of standard layer stone (the 25th and 26th, obsidian and slade, are special enough already). They resemble common gems, but all are precious due to their special origins. For example, Hidden Onyx is found within limestone and is much more valuable than common onyx.

Living Stone
Some stone still burns with enough animating force to react when struck by a pick, and this is when an Awakened Stone pulls itself free of the rock to attack the miner.

Awakened Stones
A bewildering hybrid of flesh and stone, an Awakened Stone appears to be a boulder with a face and four long, clawed arms. The core of this creature is nerve and muscle and bone, but it is covered in a thick layer of stone and has mud running through its veins. Had it been left in peace, its iridescent eyes would have eventually solidified into Hidden Gems. A single Awakened Stone is no match for a prepared militia, but these creatures usually turn up deep in the mines where the only protection comes from the miner's pick.

Tributes, Altars and Secrets
Fortunately, Dwarves have learned how to pacify Living Stone so that the Awakened Stones that emerge are tame. This is accomplished by researching a Secret (like necromancy, but less icky) or building a Tribute workshop from three blocks of that layer stone (or an Altar from a boulder of that stone inside an appropriate temple) and sacrificing a gem. Each miner that learns the Secret or sacrifices an appropriate gem at the Tribute or Altar will usually be at peace with any Living Stone he or she awakens. An appropriate sacrifice is expensive: either a large gem or any cut gem of that layer's Hidden Gem.

A Secret or sacrifice is specific to a miner and a layer stone. A miner who has made Tribute to Limestone will be at peace with any new Awakened Limestones he or she frees from the rock, but would still be considered an enemy by Awakened Granite. Another miner from the same fortress would anger an Awakened Limestone unless he or she also made an appropriate sacrifice.

Awakened Magma and Incandescent Stones
Living Stone that was unlucky enough to be awakened by magma is similar to an Awakened Stone, except that it is red-hot with heat and anger. Tributes are of no use pacifying these creatures because they were not awakened by miners. Living Stone that melts in magma becomes Awakened Magma, while "magma-safe" Living Stone becomes Incandescent Stone.

Embers of creation that have cooled leave Hidden Gems, those that are still warm leave Awakened Stones, and the hottest ones leave an egg that hatches into a fast-growing Wyrm. Although it hatches about the same size as an Awakened Stone, it will be the size of a dragon within a month.

Unlike Awakened Stones, these embers burn so hot that most of a Wyrm remains organic after it is slain. Unfortunately, these hot embers are very difficult to pacify with Tribute. A Dwarf who has made an appropriate Tribute does not calm a Wyrm, but at least the beast won't be berserk when it emerges. Usually.

Awakened Storms
Embers of creation that fall onto a lake or river simply burn their way through to the rock below, but an Ember that falls into the ocean stays in contact with the water long enough to affect it. The boiling region rises above the surface to form a swirling mass of clouds and lightning that can be devastating to a coastal settlement.

Gem Seeds and Gem Vines
The boundary between animate Living Stone and inanimate Hidden Gem is not always simple or obvious. Some Hidden Gems still contain enough force that they can be coaxed back to life. A dwarf can attempt to extract a Gem Seed from a Hidden Gem at an appropriate Tribute. If the extraction is successful, the Gem Seed can be planted to produce Gem Vines that can be brewed into alcohol and occasionally produce more Hidden Gems.

Pet Rocks
People often take comfort from talking to their plants or pets, even if there is no obvious response. Some people have adopted bits of Living Stone as their conversation partners... at least they believe they are talking to Living Stone. It is very difficult to tell Living Stone apart from regular stone.

DFHack Scripts
The mod includes seven DFHack scripts, more-item-descriptions, tesb-add-pets, tesb-create-unit, tesb-info, tesb-job-monitor, tesb-wake, and tesb-weather.

The tesb-info script print the mod's version number and gives information on how often Living Stone and Hidden Gems appear.

The other scripts are used internally, but they can be entered into the DFHack console if desired. Use with -help for parameters.

1. Place The Earth Strikes Back!.zip in Rubble's addons folder. Do not unzip it.

2. Check The Earth Strikes Back!. The only prerequisite is the Base module. This mod is compatible with First Landing.

3. This version of the mod includes several configration variables to customize your experience.
- Creature graphics may toggled be ON or OFF
- Secrets may be toggled ON or OFF
- Gem Vines may be toggled ON or OFF
- Pet Rocks may be toggled ON or OFF (but who could every toggle off such adorable creatures?)
- Living Stone may be set to COMMON, RARE or NEVER
- Hidden Gems may be set to COMMON, RARE or NEVER

Setting Living Stone to NEVER prevents anything from appearing while mining, and disables all of the creatures other than Pet Rocks. Setting hidden gems to NEVER has the side-effects of disabling plants and turning Wyrm eyes into common gems. If Living Stone and Hidden Gems are both set to NEVER, then Tributes have no function and are disabled.

4. Generate raws normally.

Note that the readme got too long to fit inside a DFFD file description. The "reference" section with technical details can still be found inside the addon documentation and in the forum thread.
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