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File Listing: Biomes different in air as opposed to ground's
Last Updated: Jan 15, 2016, 11:13:02 am
File version: 1
For DF version: 0.42.04
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So, this should be a bug, but it's possible it's not. Seems to me to be unintended behavior though, and either way doesn't make a lot of sense. This save uses the Ironhand tileset, and has no mods except to remove the [ADOPTS_OWNER] tag from cats.

Biomes in the air in a location can be different than the biomes on the ground, it would appear. In this attached save you can see this by looking at the surface level of the map. You can see that the fortress is on a good biome (map tile colors in Ironhand are the light blue for good biomes, plus sunberries are present, etc).

However, go only one level up from the surface. On level 2 and above, in stark contrast to the good biome on the surface, you will see that it has evil biome weather. It rains goblin blood on level 2 and up. This goblin blood rain falls over most of the map, but never touches the ground on level 1. Anything that has surface area on level 2 and up, such as tree branches or the wall tops that enclose the entrance to the fort, do however, get rained on; in this case by the aforementioned goblin blood. You can see that the tops of the walls are covered in it, and that the tree limbs in a lot of places have blood.

You can also experience a rainstorm starting up that tells you it is raining goblin blood and, while looking at surface level 1 of the map, nothing ever happens there during the rain. It is essentially not raining at that level. But, go up a level, and you see it raining on any of the surfaces, as stated already. Pretty creepy!
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