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File Listing: 42.04 Libraries and fortress retirement bugs.
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2016, 01:59:28 pm
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.42.04
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This save should be able to demonstrate two separate bug tracker problems. Ironhand graphics set installed, no mods to game except to remove the [ADOPTS_OWNER] tag from cats.

1) Library writing materials are not properly stored in coffers. They are constantly shuffled, stored, and re-stored by fortress dwarves. Library is tied to hotkey f3 for zooming to it. Just watch the dwarven behavior where it pertains to the four coffers in each corner of the room. Setting the desired amount to be lower than the available amount available in the fortress results in further re-storage to and from the finished goods stockpile located several floors above the library.

2) Retiring the fort then starting an adventurer at it (Wisecanyons of the dwarven civ, The Mighty Works) causes former merchant caravans (guards, merchants, pack animals, and live wagons) to be scattered onto the site. The longer the fort has existed, the more merchants are scattered into the site from what I've seen. Retire the fort and make an adventurer and wander around the site a bit. You'll find some wagons, pack animals, etc. You can retire the adventurer and then reclaim the fort and see lots of visitors, many marked hostile (but who don't attack), and a bunch of Wagons in the "Missing" category of the unit list. It's probably not neccessary to do the adventurer part, just retiring the fort and reclaiming it probably will do the trick, though I don't usually do just that.
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