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File Listing: After retiring fort floods with merchant caravans
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2015, 05:08:00 pm
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.42.03
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This save demonstrates the results of a fort that was retired after 4 or 5 years of operation where merchant caravans are concerned. The retiring of the fort initially seems to flood the fortress with past merchant caravan peoples. This was a new world created fresh for 42.03. I have no mods running except Ironhand graphics, and the "Adopts Owner" tag being removed from cats.

Please note I made a small mistake, in terms of consistency, in the game when I reclaimed this fort. The Fortress was originally part of the Dwarven civ names "The Brave Mine". When I reclaimed it, I did not change my civilization to the same one, and in this save your home civilization is now .... Something that has the word "Boat" in its name. Also, there is a siege going on on this map that has reduced it's FPS to very low levels. Reasons for the save being in a siege are noted below in the bonus section.

The primary point of this save is simply to demonstrate the flood of merchants that appear on the map upon retiring an old fort.

BONUS: This save appears to also be able to demonstrate the possibility that the .ini file setting that controls invader numbers is possibly not working. My invasion cap is set to 120, and monster invasion to 40. It's possible there are no more than that involved in the siege that is going on, and that the merchant caravan constitutes the rest of the people on the map, but I don't think that's the case and I didn't count the numbers up myself. The "others" category in the unit list shows over 600 beings/creatures present on the map.
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