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File Listing: NonSquareMasterRace
Last Updated: Nov 18, 2015, 08:00:03 pm
First Created: Oct 31, 2015, 09:03:34 am
File version: 1.Curses+1.Outlines
For DF version: 0.40.24
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Views: 1,622 (1,909) Type: ZIP
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I couldn't figure out how to do this on Github--gonna blame it on being sick and thus stupid--so here it is instead.

CLA was made by CLA, it is the 36x54 rescale I did in GIMP.
GemSet was made by DragonDePlatino, it is the 32x48 text set with some tiles snipped out and recolored so adventurers display colors right.
Duerer was made by HaterSkater, it is the 30x45 rescale and reconstruction I did of a text tileset from a map set he made.
Bisasam was made by Bisasam (I assume), it is the 36x54 rescale I did of a version which includes parts from Phssthpok's set.

I put the Duerer crosshatch background in the CLA tiles with that set, also replaced the dorfs in the Duerer tileset with ones I drew because I couldn't see the originals at all.

The only things I made were the actual dorfs from the Duerable/Bigasam graphics pages, the rest was just collected rescales and cleanup for HD use.

1.dorflet: Added dorflets and such.

1.dorflet.cleanEdges: Fixed some flaws I noticed by changing the displayed background in GIMP.

1.Dapper.Wanderlust: finished BigasamRacial graphics, converted Bigasam to BigasamAscii, rescaled Myne and cleaned it up, added a folder with some 36x36 assets for you squareloving whackjobs out there.

1.Dapper.Brightened: noticed some of the tiles showed up too dark to see properly, tweaked the moustaches a little.

1.Curses+1.Multisets: Gathered all the tilesets into the main folder, added numerous rescales, again, the only things I've actually made are the dapper graphics sets, credit for the original tilesets belongs to the various authors which I will list when I track down who made what. I did do enough on the Curses+1 set that I feel comfortable calling it mine though. Added an init.txt file with most of the tileset names in place just missing an opening bracket to make them usable for easy switching, added a basic readme.txt file, and moved the graphics sets into a folder broken up by the specific tileset they work best with.

1.Curses+1.Outlines: added a translucent outline to the tileset and races, tweaked the racial graphics more, added kobolds.
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