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File Listing: Kazoo's Furrier's workshop 42.04 Modest Plugin
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2016, 06:58:49 am
First Created: Sep 24, 2015, 05:33:54 pm
File version: 1.3
For DF version: 0.42.04
Downloads: 52 (64) Size: 166.7 KB
Views: 623 (759) Type: ZIP
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Kazoo's Furrier's workshop 42.04 Modest Plugin

This version is fully compatible with Modest_Mod_0.42.04-1a

A small mod that enables dwarves to make fur clothing. I made this out of frustration how clothing lacked nuance and felt as if dwarves were just clad in an assortment of animal leathers. So by reducing the propensity for dwarves to wear leather clothing, and adding fur to make leather more interesting i'm hoping to create more realistic clothing.


Simply merge the raw folder with the one in your dwarf fortress directory.

-Fur can tanned at a Furrier's workshop.
-Fur and leather output are now directly proportionate to animal size.
-Animals that have no fur, such as elephants, will only be able to provide leather.

Leather and fur can now only be used to create the following:
(If you're not ok with this, simply don't replace the item raws.)
-Jerkins (Renamed leather armour)
-High boots
-Low boots

Feel free to do what you please with this mod, if there are any issues please let me know.

I am aware of the inability for dwarves to automatically tan things, i'm working on it.
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