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File Listing: OldGenesis Mod 0.40.24b - Phoebus tiles
Last Updated: May 06, 2015, 01:12:13 am
File version: 40.24b
For DF version: 0.40.24
Downloads: 341 Size: 8.67 MB
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Deon's & TomiTapio's OldGenesis mod, maintained by TomiTapio.
Available in Ironhand, Phoebus, and ASCII tiles.

Mod's roots go back to "DF Complete" by Deon, 2009. OldGenesis carried on Genesis 34.11 in fall 2012 while Deon went into an all-new Genesis 4.
TomiTapio updated this from 2012-DF to 40.0x during 2014-07-15 to 2014-08-07. Took 22-28 hours.

TomiTapio has added lots:
- More tree species and three classes of wood: regular (value 1 birch, fir, cork oak etc.), fairwood (value 2 beech, yellow satinwood), goodwood (value 3 oak, mahogany, teak, maple, ebony, holly etc. real-life furniture woods.) So one can manage which logs go to furniture and which to fuel. Tip: designate with mouse which logs to dump away from the fuel-wood stockpile. Good wood is set to dark red.
rowan, redwood, redcedar, hickory, holly, yellow birch, silver birch. loblolly pine, spruce, noble pine.

- New minerals based on Real Life (fluorspar, biotite(dark iron-rich mica), migmatite(gorgeous), hornfels, greenstone, elvan, zeolite(in your laundry powder), syenite, scoria, pumice(porous volcanic), augite, azurite, corundum, sphene, barite, pegmatite. Pink Marble, Pure[best] Marble, Black Marble[bitumin-darkened limestone], rapagranite(circular patterns granite) ). Pentlandite ore (iron and nickel).

- animals (including boa, python, bronze statue, pelican, swan, forest cat, bulldog, mastiff, spaniel, giant otter)
- White Bronze (CuNi, 75% copper, 25% nickel) and Pentlandite ore (iron and nickel).
- bleeding and pain tuning, weapon tuning, flavor (add ice to swimming pool, feed excess meat to animals)

Old OldGenesis changelog from 2012-09:;topicseen#msg3579505
Old website of 2012-January Genesis, by Deon:
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 OldGenesis Mod 0.40.24b - Phoebus t (v 40.24b)  » posted by TomiTapio on Jun 08, 2015, 09:30:30 am
Also includes FINNISH language file for 0.40.xx versions!

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