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DFFD Hosting  » announcement posted by Janus on Jan 17, 2015
The site has been moved to a new server! Hosting is now handled by Toady, and the domain name has been updated from to All old links to file listings will still work, they'll just be seamlessly redirected to the correct page on the new domain. You should still consider updating old links just in case.
Downloads should also be a lot faster, but we'll see how it goes once there are several people downloading at a time.

The discussion post is here on the Bay12 Forums:

Pregenerated Worlds

Saved games providing pregenerated worlds for others to play in.
  Title / Description File version For DF
Upload Date,

Never done this before, Cheers!
Unspecified 0.40.24 May 25, 2015

Large Region, lots of volcanoes and evil. Surprisingly not many towers. The pictures embark site has Goblin and Human neighbors, lots of resources, a volcano, a brook, and !!FUN!! on ... [read more]
Unspecified 0.40.24 May 08, 2015

Cadenianenu, 01-01-0030, bare save file, world ripe for the playing.

You will find Plannedcrafted on the western continent, east side of The Ferocious Rack of Spinning.
Unspecified 0.40.24 Apr 28, 2015

This file contains world gens for:
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe, North Africa, and West Asia
  • Eastern Asia
  • Australia and New Zealand

Each gen comes in three sizes. Due the current bugs with long-running worlds and ...
1.2 0.40.24 Apr 19, 2015

This is a pocket world experimenting with maximum monster populations. After 50 years it is home to 20 000 megabeasts, 20 000 semimegabeasts and 1000 night trolls. There is one ... [read more]
Unspecified 0.40.24 Apr 11, 2015

An archive with different world_gen.txt files for the Cartographer's Lounge thread.

Current maps:
1) Discworld.
2) Middle Earth.
3) Westeros.

The forum thread can be found here:
R2 Multiple Apr 10, 2015

Labeled as you would expect, 0 and 7 dorfs left respectively.

There are tweaks to make gobs eat/drink/not use trolls to keep the pops down for adventurer mode and there is ... [read more]
Unspecified 0.40.24 Apr 02, 2015
Max (TM)

There is a version of Wanderer's mod included, not many changes, just a couple of tweaks to the ordering of the reactions, added gauntlets back in though you gotta dfhack ... [read more]
Unspecified 0.40.24 Mar 25, 2015
Max (TM)

Map Features:

Two small islands formed by the intertwining of rivers leading to a lake.
3x3 map size in a small (65x65) world
Access to goblins, elves and humans
Year 150
36 out of 40 ... [read more]
N/A 0.40.24 Mar 25, 2015

I've got the reactions from Wanderer's mod in and think that's it.
Unspecified 0.40.24 Mar 16, 2015
Max (TM)
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