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File Listing: Satellite Map Maker
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2014, 12:21:42 pm
First Created: Mar 13, 2014, 08:40:24 am
File version: 1.3.3
For DF version: Multiple
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This project is on GitHub! Find the most cutting-edge version here. DFFD will also be updated with major releases.

Bugs and suggestions here.

Bay 12 forum thread here, with example images.

Ever wonder what your awesome DF world would look like in real life, from space? Well wonder no more!
This script will take your Legends mode detailed maps and magically convert them into a satellite image.

-Accurately shows land as affected by temperature, biomes, vegetation, elevation, volcanic activity, and more
-Image scales are matched up to be an exact fit with the DF map assuming each tile in DF to be 5 by 5 feet, meaning that all the features are actual size
-Dirt, mountain, and tree imagery are all taken from actual satellite imagery (of Saudi Arabia, northern India, and Brazil)
-Water, ice cap, desert, vegetation, and atmosphere coloring all modeled off real-world satellite imagery

Please note that the code is heavily based on PeridexisErrant's and YukiHyou's batch files and Parket147's GIMP script, which is based on GFXiNXS's original Photoshop script. My ability to code in Batch and Scheme was close to none, so huge thanks to them for providing a lot of of the code already.
See the original Fantasy Map Maker thread here.

Please read the readme carefully!

Version history:

2014-11-16 v1.3.3
- Fixed bug where script could not be run in GIMP's GUI
- Fixed script not installing to GIMP
- Minor changes

2014-11-14 v1.3.2
- Made finding GIMP near-instantaneous for most (if not all) machines

2014-08-21 v1.3.1
- Works with the new version of DF
- Can now (hopefully) find versions of GIMP newer than 2.0
- Other improvements

2014-03-30 v1.3
- Moved to GitHub
- Moved extraneous files to SM_data folder for reduced clutter.
- Improved GIMP finding (thanks PeridexisErrant)
- Improved script copy efficiency (thanks PeridexisErrant again)
- A bunch of other improvements to the batch file

2014-03-18 v1.2
- Changed name of program from Realistic Map Maker to Satellite Map Maker.
- Added ability to adjust atmosphere levels.
- Overhauled batch file:
- - Copy GIMP script to GIMP user folder instead of system user folder
- - Automatically install script file instead of helping user manually do it (thanks PeridexisErrant)
- - Automatically check if local script is different than installed and update as needed
- - Expanded GIMP detection ability to find more versions of GIMP
- - More useful error messages
- Updated Readme file, adding version history etc.

2014-03-13 v1.1
- Updated Readme file.

2014-03-13 v1.0
- Initial release.
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