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File Listing: CivMwForge v6.0
Last Updated: Nov 19, 2013, 11:57:31 pm
First Created: Nov 02, 2013, 05:19:48 pm
File version: v6.2.2
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 150 (168) Size: 35.75 MB
Views: 2,049 (2,179) Type: 7Z
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Based on

I updated to v2.8 of civ forge

and fixed a bunch of material templates...
no more bug with grime (as 2.8 fixed it with a new sweat template)

some people might be upset, but I removed a lot of the minerals that I felt were redundant.
I probably shouldn't have done that, but I have the old version if anyone wants it (i.e. 2.7 with standard acceleration).


Added back in pants for various creatures
Reduced stone/gems to accelerated levels
Double checked everything.

Fixed poison, pearl creature_mat's

Fixed creature:insect chitin entries (avoid animal chitin materials and animal skin)
Updated an entry on wood.

Shamelessly ripped off the wood and stone capabilities (into the craftsdwarf shop) from MWMod v4c... since it fits in with my wood savings.
I removed some items that don't exist in vanilla/civ forge...
The #'s one might have been used to before have been set to what MW4c uses

Included Tiered Leather, and Billy Jacks more of less mod
Streamlined shells, scales, chitin, leather for stockpiles...
Only dwarfs can build the new leathers
Due to this post I can't figure out how to implement more of less scales, shells for some other creatures (ex... dragons and drakes), as I can't modify the materials within the body_detail_plan once included in a creature, so to avoid loss of retained values, I just used use_material_template for those creatures when errorlog.txt showed errors for them. FIXED IN LATEST VERSION

Updated creature:animal_leather's tiered leather tokens to represent leather_2: and so on vs leather:

V6.2.2 (pending)
Fixed some tiered leather upgrades missing proper animal_leather:leather_2 vs incorrect animal:leather_2
Designated name of animal_leather creature as * for easy designation in workflow

Chitin armor upgrades (I changed reaction_class:skin to reaction_class:chitin for chitin for purposes of flagging it for tanning upgrades)
Create a body_detail_plan for drake scale - NOT GOING TO DO, turns out drake's have nail OR scale being set to these properties... I think... I don't want to mess it up.
Create a body_detail_plan for dragon_scale
Remove colored shells from game so I can completely standardize shells.
Merge some 4d material templates with this version
Remove the item types that mw creatures can drop that don't match with civforge uses
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