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File Listing: Accelerated CivMWForge
Last Updated: Apr 19, 2013, 01:07:36 am
First Created: Apr 15, 2013, 12:55:25 am
File version: v3.0.5
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 30 (48) Size: 34.3 MB
Views: 594 (866) Type: 7Z
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Update: New v4 is here

I've been working on this for days

continuing from my old project

I did a complete comparison of all the civforge files to the original 34.09 and hand implemented them into accelerated mod, excluding most of the things that civforge brought to the game that would make it feel different than vanilla in terms of industry changes.

The history of the mod so far has been
  • v 1.0+ Accelerated Mod Mod, also renamed to Accelerated Easier Mod
  • v 2.0+ Accelerated Modest CivForge (Implemented a lot of civforge)
  • v 3.0+ Accelerated CivMWForge (Included more civforge gameplay changes as well as some Masterwork tissue changes and a few races).
  • v 3.+ TODO
    • (pending) Re-implement cloth gloves to prevent syndromes, inpiration
    • (pending) (Drow)
    • (pending) Further simplified stone link
What I've done is included some awesome races/weapons from civforge as well as MwMod, as well as some of the balancing found in CivForge, along with weapons

I've kept true to the nature of accelerated mod by trying to keep things generic (item wise), so what it does not have is the extra reactions, buildings, industries, gems, that are found in CivForge.

What you will get are these civ's fighting against you
  • Civilization Forge
    • Sand Raiders (some bad-ass creatures)
    • Xelics (these are some truly bad-ass creatures)
    • Dinausari's
    • Brown Goblins (civforge goblins (wear armor))
    • Kobolds that wear a little armor
    • Frost Giants
    • Hobgoblins
  • Masterwork
    • Warlocks (yes, those bad-ass bad guys from Masterwork are in here)
    • Orcs
    • Raptors
    • (Pending) Drow
  • Fortress Defense
    • Minotaur's

What you also get are a bunch of wood saving new reactions, these can be found under either the
  • smelter workshop (cold hammering), or
  • craftsdwarf workshop (build stuff from stone blocks vs wood).
What is still vanilla
  • Most of the weapons/items that are produced (I did add a few civforge shields and weapons (specific to civilizations), and 1 armor item)
    Most of the items you can produce (so far, battle pick, hand axe, hammer, and javelins are all that can be produced outside of the normal items, along with some stone items that once were only available using wood)

Here's my working changelog

  • removed civforge minerals from inorganic_mineral.txt (was never intended to be in there)

  • replaced plant_standard back with vanillas, once I saw the non standard wood, I realized my mistake (the season of plants in civforge don't make much sense either)

  • Had some duplicate inorganic reactions that were causing it to crash... not sure how I missed those.

  • Fixed error with Hydra scales vs skin thickness

  • fixed a lot of missing token tags (thank you mod manager!)

This mod is like a stone throw away from being implemented as a full civforge again.
All that really needs to be done is copy over the civforge files that have not been copied into this game folder (beware though, I may have renamed some to ..._th_cf where the file already exists but is renamed... I may ponder implementing the rest of the features of civforge later
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