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File Listing: Minecart Science fort
Last Updated: Jul 06, 2012, 01:26:11 pm
File version: 1.0
For DF version: 0.34.11
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The fort I did my minecart science with (thread with results here).

Criteria I aimed for on site selection were calm surroundings, as little soil as possible (to minimize digging before I got to carve), and temperate climate. The fort is NOT efficient, or well-planned out, neither does it have any defences; setting up any of those would have detracted from the main focus of SCIENCE. I used Phoebus' tileset and in earlier stages, some DT.

So, a quick walk-through of what's where in the fort. In (N)otes, you'll find the northern start point of my main long straight flat track. Has a hauling route ready, all you need to do to push off the cart is change "full of desired" to "always". That and a bunch of other tracks are at z-1. You can rewrite the carved tracks by building a floor and then removing it, then recarving. At z-1 you'll also see the dormitory/office, the hospital, and the burial area. At z-0 there's some more tracks, and some long, thin retractable bridges. At F1 is the main area of the fort, a few huge stockpiles and some workshops. At top left, there's a furniture stockpile. To the right of that is the stone/blocks stockpile, with a craftsdwarf's and mason's workshops inside it. To the right of that, there's a stockpile each for corpses and unusable refuse (corpses/bodyparts). To the SE of the stone stockpile, there's a mechanics workshop, a leatherworks and a forge, and then an atomsmasher with it's lever next to it. South of the stone stockpile are (left to right) the still, kitchen, butcher's, tanner's, and farmer's workshop. Then more south is the big general purpose stockpile that gives to both the previously mentioned furniture one and the finished goods one to the SE. On the right side of the big stockpile are the clothier's, loom, and carpenter's workshop. At F2, you'll find the farm (a bit to the right and 5z down), and at F3 the well (SE of the main area and also 5z down). I had weather off while doing the science on my laptop (not sure how much it rains at the site), so the top level of the well is empty, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

At the moment, the population has stabilized at 33 dwarves (9 children). There's been a couple of ambushes, but several of the dwarves have at least some military skill, and so far they've been beaten off (the first ambush was a massacre, and caused a tantrum spiral that only stopped at 5 dwarves). The fort probably won't survive a full-blown siege. All track stops and rollers have been removed, since you can't see their strength when they're built, and most of the goblinite, blocks from removing track stops, and other junk has been cleaned up. Have fun, and make some !!SCIENCE!!

Feel free to PM me on the forums (also Snaake there) if you can't find something or have questions.
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