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File Listing: WARHAMMER: FORTRESS - Phoebus
Last Updated: Mar 02, 2015, 12:38:28 am
First Created: Dec 16, 2011, 07:41:02 pm
File version: 1.5.1
For DF version: 0.40.24
Downloads: 791 (2,727) Size: 12.13 MB
Views: 5,366 (10,338) Type: ZIP
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A version using Phoebus tile and graphics set.With custom Warhammer graphics by MiguelMO.

Hello to everyone, we're a group of modders and we're working on a Warhammer Total Conversion, with YOUR help we'll complete it, Join us!


Major Races:
-Warriors of Chaos
-Greenskins [Savage/Orc]
-Night Goblins
-The Empire
-Warhammer Dwarves
-High Elves
-Wood Elves
-Dark Elves
-Norse Tribes
-Ogre Kingdoms
-Tomb Kings

Many creatures from the warhammer universe including Demons of Chaos,dragons,trolls,wyverns,jabberslythes and things much worse are starting to appear...

New items:
Many new items for all of the new races including imperial rifles and pistols

New buildings:
Many new buildings and custom reactions such as a runic system to mass produce the finest Dwarvish weapons and armor

Chaos Warriors - Forces of Chaos- mod created by mrtspence
human followers of the chaos gods, with their own tools of destruction

Greenskins - Savage Orks - modded by Krantz86
the savage tribes of orks coming from the scorched lands will plunder and wage WAAAAAGH! against everyone
3 custom buildings with a brand new crafting system

Greenskins - the savage tribes of Orcs coming from the scorched lands will plunder and wage WAAAAAGH! against everyone - Warhammer Orcs from the Valar Morghulis mod - modded by Dbuhos

Lizardmen -modded by mrtspence - Deep within the steaming jungles of Lustria, the Lizardmen sound the drums of war.

Night goblins - modded by Deathsword
Unlike their cousins, the Common Goblins, Night Goblins prefer to dwell in dark caves under the mountains and generally have a strong aversion to sunlight

Beastmen - mod created by Deathsword
Savage brutes who dwell in the forest and are happy to feast on the flesh of the civilized races

The Empire - modded by SDood
The Empire of Man, forged by the warrior-king and ascended deity Sigmar stand proud against the continued invasions of the Evil Chaos forces from the northern wastes
fully playable, features Eight custom castes, a custom creature the Mythical Pegasus, weapons and armors

Bretonnia -Honor and Chivalry- mod created by Shintaro Fago
Noble Knights and devoted yet oppressed paesants struggling against the dark creatures of the forests in the name of Honor

Skaven - by Crazy Cow
Vile man-rats who won't stop against anything until their under-empire rule all the world

Dwarvish dwarves - by Krantz86
Added Slayers: dwarves who severed any connection with their clans to fight and die by the hand of a gnashing horror to cleanse their honor from past misdeeds or humiliations
partially modified the dwarf language to be more similar to KLINKARUN
Added Engineers
Added Runesmiths
Added Valaya Priestesses
modified weapon access to be more dwarlike
a new Runic System (0.9) wich allow the production of superior weapons
added Bugman Distillery - which means Bugman's XXX
many new fixes

High Elves - by Sdood
the Asur are noble race of elves who'll face any foe with unsurpassed martial prowess

Wood Elves - by Sdood
the secluded dwellers of Athel Loren are ready to punish any trespasser who dare enter their domain

Dark Elves - by SDood
now the evil spawn of Naggaroth will haunt your children nightmares, they're a sadistic race of slavers and torturers

Norse Tribes - by SDood
the savage tribes of the northlands are ready to pillage the southern lands for the glory of the Chaos Gods

Warhammer - Valar Morghulis - by Dbuhos

The Ogre Kingdoms - By Dbuhos
Giant savage humanoids

Tomb Kings - by SDood

KMOD adventurer fixes
adventure mode reactions meant to be played with the new races
Standardized file system (now _KMOD_ADVENTURER)

This is pre-installed just extract and play

This is using the Phoebus graphic pack and uses custom sprites by MiguelMO,any help with creating more custom sprites would be much appreciated.

Every race can generate multiple civilizations with variable names, that's hard coded so to know which race you're selecting press TAB and under Neighbors your civ race will appear first on the list, that will also show you your diplomatic relations with other races.

There are issues with worldgen and you must use the included "Warhammer" advanced custom worldgen for now, if it fails start it over. Default worldgen will not work. I need help improving and fixing issues generating worlds and any help would be much appreciated.

Krantz86 for starting the Warhammer Fortress mod and his continued work
Shintaro Fago for his work on Bretonnia
Deathsword for his work on the Beastmen and Night Goblins
Crazy_Cow for his work on the Skaven
Dbuhos for his Warhammer - Valar Morghulis mod
mrtspence for his work on the forces of Chaos and the Lizardmen
Phoebus for his graphic and tileset pack
MiguelMO for his Warhammer sprites
SethCreiyd for his Speech expansion mod and Flora and Fauna mod
Moogie for his language unlocked mod
TastyMints for his work on the mod
The makers of the DFHACK mod
And of course everyone else who helps contribute to the mod and the DF community
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 WARHAMMER: FORTRESS - Phoebus (v 1.3.6)  » posted by Falloutfan2773 on Sep 28, 2012, 04:23:20 pm
Really fun mod bro thanks for incorporating it into the dwarf fortress universe :-D
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 Re: WARHAMMER: FORTRESS - Phoebus (v 1.3.6)  » posted by SDood on Dec 18, 2012, 04:29:09 pm
Falloutfan2773 wrote:
Really fun mod bro thanks for incorporating it into the dwarf fortress universe :-D


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