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File Listing: PKs Mod
Last Updated: May 19, 2020, 03:36:28 pm
First Created: Feb 20, 2020, 09:56:18 am
File version: 0.9d
For DF version: 0.47.03
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A revival of an old modded raw set.
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Includes the following creatures:
- Caccodemon
--- Cave dwelling flyer that spits bone and has a poison bite.
- Tyrannosaurus Rex
--- Semi-megabeast that is huge and knows it.
- IT from the Stephan King book
--- A 10-legged semi with pincers and poison
- Mammoths
--- Elephants, but furry and in the cold
- Dionaea
--- Carnivorous plant with a huge mouth and tentacles that drags itself slowly.

Adds the following Civs
- Merlocks, a mostly hostile race that fares well in worldgen and lives in the tundra
- 'civilized' and 'barbaric' humans, that differ in ethics and warfare
- A civilization of goblins with access to steel and a religious pantheon.
- A civ of goblins that worship their own gods and have steel access.
- Second copies of the main races to allow for more interactions. (a test)

Makes crops take more time to grow:
- All crops can grow within the periods prescribed as their growing season
- Most crops will take half or three quarters of their season to grow.
- I find that it takes slightly more manpower to staff farms, but its easily fixed by making slightly larger farms. Stockpiles still grow.

Makes several smaller changes as well:
- Elves and goblins have a max age of over 1000 years. Dwarves live longer.
- Dwarves gain access to great axes and daggers
- Value tweaks with some small civ-level variations allowed
- Goblins are more involved in their meat/cheese industry. They also are bonecarns that need to eat.
- Attributes for the main races tweaked slightly. Each one is encouraged to subtly follow a stereotype without lacking the potential to break it.
- Goblins and Elves have minor innate skills. Swimming and naturecraft for elves, combat and deception for the goblins.
- Adds in some armor and weapons.

Goblins and Elves have minor magics:
- Goblins have a terrify skill - causes minor nausea
- Elves have tears that boost aggression, a spell to enlarge beasts temporarily, a spell to talk to animals, and a spell to cause lower attack rolls and weaken the target to wooden weapons.

The aim of the mod is to enhance the experience of DF by adding various creatures and making tweaks to create a familiar experience that plays differently.

For this mod I have taken the languages of Greek and Latin from the ether, credit to whoever made them available.
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