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File Listing: Dwarvemon Mod 47.02 (test build)
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2020, 04:31:58 pm
File version: 2.0
For DF version: 0.47.02
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Test build for Dwarvemon

Please be aware that this version might be a bit unstable, so it's recommended to create a whole new world if using this version.

Be sure to report any and all bugs, unintended/weird behavior, suggestions, feedback on the forum thread.


+ Mirage Berry: Found rarely in tropical forests (no tree). Gives Guardian deities (Tapu Koko/Lele/Bulu/Fini) a happy thought.
+ Pinkan Berry: Found rarely in tropical forests. Any Pokemon that eats it will become pink (flash a pink p, given "pink" name) for 1 month.
+ Rinka Berry: Found uncommonly in forests. Gives the consumer a small happy thought.
+ Variant Pokemon (optional)
Crystal Onix: A special Onix found rarely underground in water. It is made out of crystal glass and is weak to fire.
+ Some Psychic types now have the ability to push enemies away (legendary Pokemon get an additional stronger version)
+ Grimer now has a 1% chance to multiply
+ Delibird now has Present (70% to explode, 20% to heal)
+ Added some details from Sword/Shield dex
+ Gave some Pokemon weather changing moves
* Sunny Day: Moltres, Maractus, Ho-Oh, Sunflora, Cherrim
* Rain Dance: Zapdos, Suicune, Lugia, Ludicolo, Bronzong, Tornadus
* Sandstorm: Flygon, Claydol, Probopass, Krookodile, Landorus
* Hail: Articuno, Glalie (and Mega), Froslass, Vanilluxe, Aurorus

- Fixed Crabominable's feet melting
- Reduced the cluster number on some Pokemon that have a max over 20
- Updated entity_default files for current version
- Added/changed interactions with fleeing to have DEFEND where appropriate
- Hide interactions are mostly when fleeing now
- Abilities now activated using DEFEND
Note: When playing as a Pokemon with a "chance" ability, you will get the "activate ability" interaction if its successful (which should be used immediately)
* Delta Stream now changes weather to Cirrus clouds
* Desolate Land and Drought now removes weather
* Drizzle now changes weather to Nimbostratus clouds
* Misty Surge changes weather to thin mist
* Primordial Sea now changes weather to Cumulonimbus clouds
* Fixed Rough Skin to work
* Sand Stream and Snow Warning now changes weather to thick fog
* Alolan Diglett/Dugtrio now uses Tangling Hair
* Traunt activates half the time now
- Anything that has a healing effect now actually heals accordingly (doesn't regrow parts)
- Anything that cures poison now does so
- Anything that cures paralysis now does so
- Fixed Leftovers only working on Big Root able Pokemon
- Fixed Zeraora being the wrong type
- Ditto now transforms truely random and eventually turns back
- Wishiwashi turns back to normal eventually
- Changed some items gained through butchering to be dropped by the live Pokemon instead with a 10% chance
- Wings now drop from certain Pokemon (all previous + Ducklett / Swanna)
- Shuckle no longer drops an Oran berry, but now after eating one can drop Berry Juice (6% chance)
- Fixed Porygon line being hot
- Made Grimer more resistant to cold
- Wishiwashi School form no longer appear as pets or naturally in the wild


+ Gave Guildmaster responsibilities: JUDGE

- Fixed some Pokemon still having the evolve interaction
- Void shadows division changed to be a 10% chance in combat
- Dark Matter now propels
- Fixed Meltan/Melmetal requiring drink
- Lunatone is properly effected by the moon phase
- Weather abilities now correctly activate
- Added GRASP to some Pokemon lacking it

= Removed Optional (these just bulk up the mod and can easily be done if wanted)
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