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File Listing: Minor Mod: Miscellaneous Video Game Civs Mod!
Last Updated: Nov 08, 2019, 05:50:05 pm
First Created: Sep 29, 2019, 06:19:01 pm
File version: 0.2
For DF version: 0.44.12
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Adds in four races from video games, with the majority from Minecraft as of the time of writing. These are:

Villagers: Everyone's favorite bald traders from Minecraft. They arrive to trade in the winter, and have iron golems they can use against you, should you raid them. And hopefully, if I didn't screw up, you can buy the iron golems from them.

Illagers: The gray-skinned outcast villagers we all know and may hate. They may invade relatively well-off fortresses at any season, and they bring ravagers, their weird cow mounts, during raids. However, there is a chance peace may be achieved, in which they'll be your source for evil animals. When the Villain update comes, I'll see about giving them an Evoker caste that actually summons Vexes.

Piglins: Denizens of the Nether who were actually introduced a day ago or so, at the time of writing. They are early-game thieves who come about in summer and winter, who can also ambush and besiege the fortresses. They have Hoglins, one of their primary sources of food as pets.

Miis: Somewhat short and cheerful abstract humanoids who live practically anywhere. They come to early forts to trade in the summer and they bare many kinds of animals. In Adventure mode, they're the perfect size to wear both human-size (70k) and dwarf/goblin/elf-size (60k) armor.
0.2: Miis got some vaguely Miitopia inspired weapons, and Piglin Beasts have been renamed to Hoglins!
0.1: Initial release!

Credit goes to Nintendo for the Miis and Mojang (and technically Microsoft) for the Villagers, Illagers, and Piglins, as well as mobs associated with them.
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