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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 2.51
Last Updated: May 18, 2020, 09:35:12 pm
First Created: Nov 30, 2018, 10:11:43 pm
File version: 2.51
For DF version: 0.47.04
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Rating (5 votes): 4.8 / 5.0
Man ruled the solar system, once. In its grand epoch spanning thousands of years, Earth was the jewel of a great solar empire, its every square inch morphed into a sprawling factory city, pumping out countless advanced resources to supply colonies from the clouds of Venus all the way to moons of Saturn. None know for sure what happened exactly. Something went wrong, for certain. Perhaps a war between those who pushed for nanomachines to do away with traditional technology and those who viewed its power as uncontrollable. Or it could have been the radical transhumanists who plunged the planet into a new dark age to fuel their own ascent. Man's own hubris, maybe, his rapacious lust for more resources sending the world into a death spiral. Or perhaps, something yet more sinister. The result, everything knows. Earth's fall called its wayward children of all kinds back to its shattered surface, and the haggard survivors of the fallen colonies found a realm far unlike what was documented in their own histories. A hellish wasteland filled with mutated horrors, half-mad cybernetic demigods, and powers greater still. A world of constant, unending warfare as the children of man fight for the chance to rebuild, and establish their own grandiose vision of the future. Whether it be the great old powers of the ancient Nobles, the first of the new men, the demigod Executors and their slaves, the barbaric Posthumans and their thralls, or even the scattered remnants of true humanity, the future is uncertain. All that can be known is that this night will be long and harsh indeed, and only the hardiest and most determined will even stand a chance of seeing a new dawn.
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If I can get enough money to approximate a minimum wage job, I can focus on modding full time and put out bigger and more frequent updates.
What is The Long Night?

This mod is my attempt at a cyberpunk setting, sort of. Clothing and weapon-wise it has the same trappings as more surreal and far-future cyberpunk dystopias tend to lean towards, but it can also be seen as an anachronistic techno-feudalistic setting. My primary intent with this mod is to really push how far I can take Dwarf Fortress into the future while still having things work in-game and provide a coherent story of humanity and its kindred struggling in a world that is the victim of our own rapaciousness. This mod also comes with a pre-built advanced worldgen world to serve as an example how how to make similar ones that align with the setting (the main rule is to remove all supernatural phenomena). Some notes before you dive in, however.

-It is almost impossible to kill some of the larger war machines with anything less than steel weaponry, or in one-on-one combat. Of course, this applies to the domesticated war machines as well, so if you're invaded by an enemy's mechanized divisions and you have iron-tier weaponry or lower, you're probably dead.
-Some war machines and vehicles do not reproduce in this mod, so if you want more you need to buy or raid for them.
-Any mechanical "creatures" can be butchered for metal blocks which can be turned into chunks in adventure mode for crafting purposes, or just melted down into bars in fort mode.
-Nanotechne is nanotechnologically enhanced metal and is comparable to steel, its crude variant is equivalent to iron, and the Fext are capable of producing a species-unique variant that is the equivalent to titanium, the strongest metal in the mod, used by the Neo-Human and Noble civilizations.
-Bioframes are some of the most powerful tameable creatures in the game, and are found in mountain biomes. If you are playing a struggling civ and need an edge, embarking in a mountain biome and trying to control these creatures may be a good idea. NPCs can do it too though.
-Armor works differently from how it does in vanilla. The bay12 page explains this in more detail.

Just download it, place the folder somewhere, and play it. This mod comes with its own .exe and everything, you do not need to copy and paste, drag and drop, or otherwise move any files around beyond the initial step. It works exactly like installing and playing the vanilla game.

Change Log:

2.51 Changes:
-Gajasura posthuman subtype now specializes in Toughness rather than Endurance as intended.
-You can now craft scatterpistols, scattercannons, nail rifles, and nail pistols in adventure mode, along with proper ammo for all of that.

2.5 Changes:
-This may be a bit controversial but I feel it will ultimately be beneficial to the setting's coherency. The various posthuman tribes will now be merged together into a single super-race termed "posthumans". The Fext, Technasura, and other posthuman civilizations will all still exist in a sense, but as small parts of a larger group that can interbreed together. This singular civilization will actually be more varied than all the existing posthuman races put together, and better fit the theme of a morass of barbaric predators that occasionally give rise to individuals of exceptional power who command them. Also, the Gigants have been renamed to Godminds and are now hyperintelligent humanoid supercomputers, to give them a bit more of their own flavor and contrast them to the physically powerful but mentally animalistic posthuman races.
-New firearm type added under the Chemgunner skill, the nailgun. Not a gun that fires nails used for construction, but rather sharp spikes designed to be launched from a barrel and impale targets. I felt it would round out weapon options as the current loadouts offer the blunt bullets of railguns and the slashing pellet clusters of scatterguns. Now, piercing damage is also available to chemgunners, with railgunners able to use the heavy railgun and its rods as a piercing weapon should they find one. Some primitive nations will use these.
-Removed and replaced the music with royalty free ambience. I am aware many people liked the old menu and gameplay music, but it was from an anime called Texhnolyze (which is really good by the way, watch it) and thus copyrighted. Thanks to patreon I am now making money for my work. The last thing I need is to get in trouble for using copyrighted material while I financially benefit, or even worse, get other people in trouble if they use my mod in a video without knowing the soundtracks are copyrighted. The new copyright-free tracks are from this channel and I hope they do as good a job of setting the atmosphere.

2.2 Changes:
-Some posthumans were strictly homosexual, this has been fixed.
-Some smaller domestic critters re-added to the mod, along with one new one who is very important.
-Cyberization is once more working properly and re-added to the game. To recap this feature, some slabs, different from technomancer slabs, turn you into an immortal super-machine. Attaining both powers is possible however. In addition, any children these cyborgs have will also be cyborgs.

2.1 Changes:
-Technomancers overhauled. The way it works now is that there are a ton of abilities you can get by reading a technomancer slab, but you will not get all of them (well, you can keep reading slabs to get all of them). Anyway, this means that every technomancer is an unpredictable encounter. Will they have ranged attacks? Summoning abilities? Nanite zombies? Status buffs? Who knows! Each one is a unique foe to deal with.
-Non-domestic cybernetic life will have a small chance to have technomancer spells as well to spice things up.
-Whales are now feral space ships and can be encountered in the wild. Hunt them for their precious space meats if you dare. They can also be tamed.
-A certain faction should now have significantly more presence and power in the world.
-Fixed posthumans needing to eat, they're back to not needing to do that.

2.01 Changes
-fext will spawn again whoops

2.0 Changes:

Note: there will likely be another update with new content soon after this, but due to issues porting it the upgrade was delayed more than it should have been so I'm posting it now. It is also for reporting any bugs so the next version can be more polished.
-Updated to 47.04
-Fixed some animal tiles
-You can tame energy slugs
-Ability to craft all melee weapon types added in adventure mode
-Technasura will now live in fortresses
-New cyborg race, the Eusocialites. Their leaders are graceful and elegant humanoids while their worker caste is just robot spiders.
-New cyborg race, the Gigants. Big, bulky fellows who live in mountain fortresses. Slow to anger, slow to get around, but you definitely don't want them mad at you. One of the few cyborg races to not use a semi-sapient lower class.
-Caves are now twisted nightmares of rust and glowing fungus filled with giant insects and cyborgs.
-A fun Test Friend might be in the lowest area of the map, try and find him because I sure as heck can't. He won't do much but I'd like to know if I managed to get him in the Hidden Fun Zone and I'm just unlucky or if I need to do some tweaking.
-The marksman skill is split into the railgunner skill for rail/coilguns and the chemgunner skill for scatterguns. This is because the former use electricity and the latter use chemical propellant, and so they'd probably need different skillsets for operating and maintaining even if they are both types of gun. And also, this will double the amount of gun-using soldiers because of how DF works.
-Blowgun skill used for Wedge Bows. These are basically huge compound bows that function as double-ended swords when you run out of arrows.
-Posthumans (temporarily) given the need to eat because in this version the game crashes if something that doesn't need to eat has a civ that isn't a dark fortress, but only sometimes. I will probably remove this if/when I figure out fix.
-Some new exo-armors added

Okay so barring bugfixes I promise this is the LAST update before I update to a new version so bear with me
-Biomes changed a little, moss oases can get larger and more diverse, and rocky/badland type deserts will now spawn (but contain the same fun critters as sand deserts). Terrain should be more varied.
-Moss forests now have a huge variety of weird mutated animals and boast the largest amount of biodiversity on the planet. You won't find many horrors of the unnatural kind here, they keep to themselves in the wasteland. But natural horrors? Oh man. More than twenty new creatures will make their home here, and I'll periodically add more as I feel like it.
-A huge weapon overhaul, adding dozens of weapons with multiple aesthetic variants.
-Fixed an error with some ranged-type exo-suits being registered as melee-type

-Quick fix to Technasura to make them properly playable. If you don't play or want to play this race don't worry about this too much.

-Fixed a naming issue with the exo-armors, this update should be save compatible and really isn't a big deal. If it does mess things up then yeah make a new world.

1.98 Changes:
Basically, this update is about cleaning things up now that there's all this attention being paid to the mod. A lot of new tricks I've learned and used in my newer mods will be applied here to generally improve the experience.
-Guns overhauled to be better. Basically I did some finagling so that rifles are the most common weapon, followed by shotguns and pistols, and then cannons and sniper rifles. They come in two types, railguns and coilguns. Railguns are inferior to coilguns but more commonly used because they are easy to make. Coilguns are fancy advanced iterations. Adventurers can only craft railguns.
-Vehicles overhauled. There are normal vehicles like motorcycles and cars and such, and advanced hovercrafts that only a few civs use, and then super advanced hovercraft with special aesthetics.
-Conventional tanks replaced by a fun new equivalent. I felt that given the setting's focus on cybernetics it would be good to use lesser artificial life forms as weapons of war rather than just mundane tanks, so that is what I am doing.
-Bioframes slightly nerfed and given more varied stats. Except for Sapiens models. They are still terrifying. Either way Bioframes should remain the kings of the battlefield.
-Medieval level civs removed. In a world where you can build railguns with handheld 3D printers that can also build more 3D printers it seems like even the poorest nations could get some pretty good gear.
-Dolphins, Gorillas, and Corvids now have tech on par with human civs and are playable.
-I just completely redid how armor works AGAIN. I was never satisfied with how I described them in-game even though I wanted there to be a lot of variety between them. So I have completely snapped. How it works is I give them a brand name and proper stats, and instead of physical descriptors you match up the in-game name with the list of names on the bay12 page to read about them. There's dozens of armors. I think I have gone too far this time. But I feel like I am satisfied with this, I'm not limited by how I can describe the suits anymore.
-You are now able to craft exo-armor with the 3D Printer. However, this has a special requirement. In order to craft an exo-armor, you already need to have said armor in your possession. Essentially, your 3D Printer copies it. This way, you are limited in what you can create, only having access to armor sets you personally own. This can spur on a quest to find new exo-armors, like the rare high-performance models that will sometimes spawn. Bandit variants do not have this restriction however, on account of their models being simple enough that the data to make them can be found just about anywhere.
-Some cyborg clans modified or removed. Rest assured, they will appear again in the next version update, I have plans for them. For now, just temporarily removing them and preparing for a big remodeling will make everything easier.

1.97 Changes:
-Fixed a bug with a metal-making reaction. I will do a much bigger update after the DF new version patch cycle is finished.

1.96 Changes:
-Some cyborgs cannot become undead because they are unreasonably OP as such. The nanomachines are preventing their hardware from being controlled by outside forces even after death or something.

1.95 Changes:
-Some tweaks to various things.
-Added cold spots.
-All bioframes are significantly smaller because they were just too OP. Still pretty big though.
-Fun enemies added. There's more wizardry than technomancers out there now. Because I'm feeling merciful, I'll give you a hint:

1.93 Changes:
-Some bugfixes for rogue venusian machines
-A first for me, I changed the whole title! Why did I do this? Well, Dying Earth is the name of a very popular fantasy book series and I didn't want people thinking this mod was about that. I've been meaning to change it forever so here we are. I finally found a name I like more that fits the setting much better.

1.92 Changes:
-Tribes of feral cyborgs living in caves added
-Exo-frames added to dictate armor girth
-All main civs snatch babies because human trafficking

1.91 Changes:
-Some fun new animals added
-More weapons for melee specialists

1.9 Changes:
-Total overhaul to rocks, minerals, and metals. The world is now properly resembles how it would be after 10000 years of rampant industrialization.
-Total overhaul to the armor system. Exo-suits are now more modular and have more variety.
-Total overhaul to the nanotechne metal system. Basically, C-grade can't be used for weapons and armor but can for everything else. M-grade is what humans use for weapons and armor, with A-grade being used for high quality weapons only. K and X grade are used by the Neo-Human and Noble civilizations. Fext nanotechne is used by Fext.
-All the custom
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 Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 1.98 (v 1.98.5)  » posted by MrDylers on Feb 10, 2020, 06:47:24 pm
This is a really cool mod, the setting, flavour, and overall execution is fantastic. I just wish I was as good at adventure mode as fortress mode. Went out as a demi god Fext and got capped by a war machine in the head after my dumb party member attacked it for no reason. :roll: Haha

I started a Europan fort, hopefully I can do some fun stuff with water.

comment last edited by MrDylers on Feb 10, 2020, 07:22:14 pm
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 Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 1.99 (v 1.99)  » posted by polartechie on Feb 28, 2020, 12:08:51 am

I suited up in future gear, tried to stab a scholar for his rifle and got shot to death <3
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 Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 1.99 (v 1.99)  » posted by Pirotitan on Mar 05, 2020, 09:04:40 pm
"A Stray Roomba (TAME) has given birth to sextuplets."

I love this mod
comment last edited by Pirotitan on Mar 05, 2020, 09:05:03 pm
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 Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 2.1 (v 2.1)  » posted by Dolphin on Apr 22, 2020, 09:35:10 pm
Made an account just to say this. I can fucking not thank you enough for making this. This is the best thing I've played in my whole life, genuinely. I love it more than I can express and it honestly rekindled my love for Dwarf Fortress. Playing it feels like an experience, I can't explain it. I don't imagine many people feel as strongly as I do but thank you from the bottom of my heart. It brings me a kind of satisfaction I can't describe, it's like playing your first video game as a kid. Please keep updating it if you can! Undeniable 5 out of 5.

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