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File Listing: More Stone, Metals, Gem Mod - Phoebus Version
Last Updated: Jan 31, 2016, 12:49:41 am
First Created: Jan 10, 2015, 03:14:37 pm
File version: V4.0
For DF version: 0.42.05
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UMcGB presents

+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+
|M|o|r|e| |S|t|o|n|e|,| |M|e|t|a|l|s|,| |G|e|m| |M|o|d|
+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+

My first mod so far. Following features:

* over 170 new ore, stone, metals and gems
* nearly 200 new reactions
* ores now also yield slag, which can either be processed into slag glaze or sand
* two new buildings
* stonesense support

Nearly all of them exist in reality as well. Many hours were spent researching everything with google/wikipedia to keep things somehow accurate (when info was available). However, I am no geologist. So, when some things appear odd to you, please let me know. I am furthermore open to suggestions. Want to see some other specific materials? Just drop me a line, ideally with some sort of source regarding the data.

Credit goes to

* everybody in the forums for helping me out regarding my questions and supporting this project
* Catten for providing the raws to some materials and reactions as well as the forge
* NW_Kohaku for inspiring me with his expanded glazes mod. Altough mine works a little bit different, his mod helped me to understand the glazing system (
* especially to ToadyOne and ThreeToe for creating such a great game
* and finally to Scamps for supporting them

>>>>>>>IMPORTANT INFO<<<<<<<

There are two different versions available:

=====Phoebus Version=====

Tiles for materials are selected to make sense with Phoebus Tile-Set. I tried to keep as much new content as possible in separate files to make merging with existing mods easier. In case you haven't installed any other mods, simply copy paste everything into your Dwarf Fortress/Raw/Objects folder, create a new world and you are good to go. When you installed other mods, following steps need to be taken care of:

a) Delete all stones and materials in the files "inorganic_stone_mineral.txt" and "inorganic_other.txt" marked as "
[material name] removed
". They are now included as amended version in seperate files. Otherwise you will have them listed twice, which might cause trouble. I added the already amended Phoebus-Vanilla file for your convinience. Only use it when no other mods are installed, otherwise delete those minerals manually.

b) Delete all reactions in the files "reaction_smelter.txt" and "reaction_other.txt" marked as "
reaction [reaction name] removed
". I have amended them and included the new version in a seperate file. As with the minerals I added the already amended Phoebus-Vanilla file for your convinience. Only use it when no other mods are installed, otherwise delete those reactions manually.

c) Many new reactions and two buildings were added. To enable it's use, the permissions need to be added to your "entity_default.txt". In case you use the vanilla Phoebus version, there is again a already amended file included. Otherwisere you will have to merge it manually with yours. There is an info-file included containing a list of all the required permissions at the end.

d) To activate the mod, a new world must be generated. Works with DF v42.X

=====Vanilla Version=====

As requested. Tiles are selected to make somehow sense with Vanilla Dwarf Fortress. All changes are directly implemented into the vanilla-files. When you have the Vanilla-Version of DF v42 installed, you can simply overwrite them and are ready to go. Otherwise you will have to merge them manually with your existing mods. In both cases the generation of a new world is required.

Unless you installed some mods amending the vanilla stonesense files, you can simply overwrite yours. Otherwise you have to merge them manually.

=====Older DF Versions=====
A quick note, when you want to use this mod on older Versions of Dwarf Fortress: The changes from DF V34.X and v40.X to DF v42.X were minimal in respect to the files inorganic_stone_gem.txt, inorganic_stone_layer.txt and inorganic_stone_mineral.txt. So for just adding the new materials, you can basically copy paste the related mod files. But you have to especially take care about the reactions and materials added for the paper industry. That might require some fiddling around.

Have fun. :-)


=====AMENDMENTS FROM V3.0 to V4.0=====

ported to DF V42.05
Slag Invasion - many different types of Slag and Slag Glaze introduced
removed standard glazing reactions and added tons of new glazing reactions to the kiln
you can glaze clay/stone jugs, statues, pots and crafts multiple times and improve them with multiple bands of glazing
new building slag recycler to extract some metal from slag
a few new stones and gems

=====Amendments from V2.1 to V3.0=====

Introduces Slag as "Waste" Product, some of it can be recycled, the rest can be used for glazing or as additional building material
Steel Forge and Magma Steel Forge covering the various pig-iron and steel processes to declutter the main forge
many new Alloys, Stones, Ores, Gems and Reactions added

Big thx goes to catten for providing the raws to many of the new materials and reactions as well as the forge.[/spoiler]

=====Amendments from V2.0 to V2.1=====

fix regarding reactions of the various pig irons

=====Amendments from V1.1 to V2.0=====

now supports Stonesense
new way to produce Titanium. Previously Titanium was way too easy to produce. Now you first need to smelt the providing ores into Titanium Clinker, then create Titanium Tetrachloride (needs Chlorite) and finally you get Titanium (needs Magnesia) to resemble the Kroll Process. Check content below for exact formulas.
new way to produce the various Steel Alloys (Nickel Steel is new), now more closely related to standard steel production
a few new stones
adapted colouring for some materials[/spoiler]

=====Amendments from V1.0 to V1.1=====

Mercury is now toxic (at least I hope so) and filled into vials after extracting
Fixed an error in the code of titanium.
Bauxite occurs as vein instead of large cluster to avoid aluminum overload.


=====new Ores=====

Arsenopyrite (Arsenic 50%, Iron 50%)
Chalcopyrite (Iron 50%, Copper 50%)
Columbite (Iron 100%, Niobium 25%)
Goethite (Iron 100%)
Pentlandite (Iron 50%, Nickel 50%)
Tantalite (Iron 100%, Niobium 25%)
Tennantite (Copper 60%, Arsenic 20%, Iron 20%)
Titanite (Titanium Clinker 100%)
Vanadinite (Vanadium 100%, Lead 50%)

=====amended to Ore (Other Stone in Vanilla)=====

Bauxite (Aluminum 50%, Iron 50%)
Cinnabar (Mercury 100%)
Cobaltite (Cobalt 100%)
Ilmenite (Iron 50%, Titanium Clinker 50%)
Rutile (Iron 40%, Titanium Clinker 60%)

=====new Pure Metals=====

Arsenic - toxic
Manganese - extracted from pyrolusite, braunite and psilomelane by use of aluminum (aluminothermic reaction)
Mercury - toxic, only purpose for now is extracting into vials and selling
Titanium Clinker - only used for Titanium Tetrachloride production

=====new Alloys=====

Argentan (3 Copper + 1 Nickel + 1 Zinc)
Arsenic Bronze (1 Tetrahedrite + 1 Tennantite or 1 Malachite + 1 Arsenopyrite)
Paktong Bronze (3 Arsenic Bronze + 1 Nickel Silver)
White Gold (3 Gold + 1 Nickel Silver + 1 Borax Flux)
Cobalt Pig iron (4 Iron + 1 Cobalt + flux stone + fuel), only used for Cobalt Steel Production
Manganese Pig iron (4 Iron + 1 Manganese + flux stone + fuel), only used for Manganese Steel Production
Nickel Pig iron (4 Iron + 1 Nickel + flux stone + fuel), only used for Nickel Steel Production
Niobium Pig iron (4 Iron + 1 Niobium + flux stone + fuel), only used for Niobium Steel Production
Vanadium Pig iron (4 Iron + 1 Vanadium + flux stone + fuel), only used for Vanadium Steel Production
Dark Iron (1 Magnetite + 1 Limonite + fuel)
Dark Pig Iron (2 Dark Iron + 1 Clay + 1 Wood + fuel)
Cobalt Steel (Iron + Cobalt Pig iron + flux stone + fuel) - same quality as steel, blue colour
Manganese Steel (Iron + Manganese Pig iron + flux stone + fuel) - same quality as steel, light magenta colour
Nickel Steel (Iron + Nickel Pig iron + flux stone + fuel) - same quality as steel, light gray colour
Niobium Steel (Iron + Niobium Pig iron + flux stone + fuel) - same quality as steel, light red colour
Vanadium Steel (Iron + Vanadium Pig iron + flux stone + fuel) - same quality as steel, dark red colour
Wootz Steel (1 Dark Pig Iron + fuel), same quality as steel, alternate production method when no flux available, but wasting more iron, dark gray colour
Damascus Steel (2 Wootz Steel + 1 Steel + 1 Oil + 1 Borax Flux + fuel), slightly superior than steel, light cyan colour
Royal Steel (1 Cobalt Steel + 1 Manganese Steel + 1 Nickel Steel + 1 Niobium Steel + 1 Vanadium Steel + Borax Flux + fuel) - slightly superior than steel, cyan colour
Titanium Tetrachloride (1 Titanium Clinker + 1 Chlorite + fuel), only used for Titanium production
Titanium (1 Titanium Tetrachloride + 1 Magnesia + fuel)- superior than steel, not as tough as adamantine, green colour

=====new Stone Layer=====

Feldspar (Igneous Intrusive)

=====new Stone, Other=====

Anthracite (can be used for fuel production)
Aragonite (Flux, Calcium Carbonate)
Chlorite (Flux)
Chlorite Schist
Diabase (Dolerite)
Garnet-Mica Schist
Nepheline Syenite (Porcelain)
Travertine (Flux, Calcium Carbonate)

=====new Gems=====

black star diopside
blue euclase
blue lace agate
chrome diopside
chrysanthemum stone
clear euclase
crazy lace agate
dalmatian jasper
fancy jasper
fossil agate
green euclase
leopard skin jasper
mahogany obsidian
mookaite jasper
nebulae stromatolite
orbicular jasper
rainbow obsidian
rutilated quarz
silver leaf agate
snowflake obsidian
tashmarine diopside
tourmalinated quartz
tree agate
violane diopside
zebra jasper
violet tourmaline
yellow tourmaline
orange tourmaline
brown tourmaline
orange diamond
pink diamond
purple diamond
brown diamond
steel gray diamond
white diamond
star emerald

=====new Other Materials=====

Magnesia (does not occur naturally, yielded by processing Magnesite or Periclase)
Borax Flux (needed for certain reactions, yielded from Borax, stored in Bags)
Iron Slag (side product of various reactions)
Slag (all slags are side products of various ore smelting reactions)
Cobalt Slag
Copper Slag
Gold Slag
Iron Slag
Lead Slag
Manganese Slag
Nickel Slag
Niobium Slag
Silver Slag
Tin Slag
Titanium Slag
Vanadium Slag
Zinc Slag
Slag Glaze (all types of slag glaze are used for ceramics)
Cobalt Slag Glaze
Copper Slag Glaze
Gold Slag Glaze
Iron Slag Glaze
Lead Slag Glaze
Manganese Slag Glaze
Nickel Slag Glaze
Niobium Slag Glaze
Silver Slag Glaze
Tin Slag Glaze
Titanium Slag Glaze
Vanadium Slag Glaze
Zinc Slag Glaze
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