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McNovaris Regular User Jul 12, 2020, 12:05:44 pm 2 7
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1  Meph V5.5 DF 0.47.05 Nov 14, 2021 18.3 13,169 3.2 / 5.0 23,018 57 bytes 17
2  Bugfix TWBT version for vermin bug in -r2 of twbt Oct 11, 2020 0.16 100 Unrated 776 137.9 KB 0
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 Re: Meph V5.5 DF 0.47.05 (v 1.6)  » posted under Meph V5.5 DF 0.47.05 on Jun 28, 2021, 07:50:33 pm
umbrelladroid wrote:
IS Meph still developing? Haven't heard or seen any updates in a long while????

He is now involved in the Steam version of DF and said in the thread he will not work on this mod until the new version is released and he can make use of all the benefits of the new graphical interface
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 Re: Meph V5.5 DF 0.47.05 (v 1.5)  » posted under Meph V5.5 DF 0.47.05 on May 07, 2021, 12:06:34 pm
millyrainbow wrote:
lunatic01 wrote:
millyrainbow wrote:
Its looking for hack\plugins\original (and i seem to get this error twice for some reason?) as well as an error for hack\plugins\twbt
Looking in the hack\plugins folder, i cant find anything relating to the "original" file its looking for,and the only twbt file is a twbt.plug.dll file.

I'm having the same exact issue. Is this really supposed to be the updated release? :-? Packaged like this?

Wanted to give DF another shot like I did a couple of years ago (EDIT: I in fact used the Meph set back then. I still have my outdated copy). I would really like to play the latest version, I might just download an earlier version, I dunno.
As of me typing this, I don't know how significant these plugins are to gameplay/DF itself. I'd just rather avoid a broken game
The plugins seem to still function, atleast ive not had any issues. Im honestly unsure what the thing is checking for. Its very strange

I will look into it and upload a version that has the missing folders. They don't do anything its just the launcher expecting to find them. You can also simply create them and copy the twbt.dll from the pulgins into both, that fixes the error meanwhile.

EDIT: Done, V1.6 resolves the issue reported.
comment last edited by McNovaris on May 07, 2021, 12:14:29 pm
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 Meph V5.5 DF 0.47.05 (v 1.4)  » posted under Meph V5.5 DF 0.47.05 on Apr 02, 2021, 06:51:34 pm
Thanks for reporting. Seems it was the Dwarf Mockup in the Utilities that caused the alarm. I removed it from the 7z archive, now the extract should run smoothly
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 Meph V5.5 packed with real 0.47.04 (v )  » posted under Meph V5.5 DF 0.47.05 on Sep 22, 2020, 03:45:34 pm
I can confirm that this happens ONLY when you start the game using the Meph launcher. This launcher overwrites the TBWT plugin with a version stored in one of the subfolders which is not updated and therefore not built for the shipped DFHack version. If you start the game using the executable in the games root folder however without ever using the launcher then the game loads perfectly fine. Since I never use the launcher I actually never tried starting the game from there. I will post a fix that will solve this. Until then, just download the pack again and overwrite the dfhack folder with the fresh download and start the game using the exe file.

Thanks for the report.

EDIT: It is done, new version is up and Meph's launcher is tested now to start the game properly
comment last edited by McNovaris on Sep 22, 2020, 03:54:42 pm
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 Meph V5.5 packed with real 0.47.04 (v )  » posted under Meph V5.5 DF 0.47.05 on Sep 22, 2020, 03:38:43 pm
Really? Let me check with a fresh copy
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 Meph V5.5 packed with real 0.47.04 (v )  » posted under Meph V5.5 DF 0.47.05 on Sep 19, 2020, 05:08:41 am
Its worthwile noting that Meph's launcher is merely triggering text replacements in the raw and graphics files. The raws are full of !YES_REVISED!some_raw_text entries which, upon selecting the option, are replaced by !YES_REVISED[some_raw_text for the game to parse it. The launcher itself is not doing anything critical to the game directly. Whats really messy is what REVISED did to the body templates, changing how you get leather or of which animals you get leather, adding guts as body part for you to spin and many other "interesting" additions (like how all the armor coverage and impact calculation is done).

I did not see and issue with it up to now but I guess the easiest solution to avoid this polution is to download vanilla DF and the Meph pack here and overwrite the raw folder with the raws from vanilla game. This way the additional workshops are still there but the original content reverts, removing REVISED completely. I would recommend leaving out the files starting with "building", "plant" and "inorganic" as these were altered to fit the overwrites.txt used by TWBT but this should cause no issue with the other files reverting.

Meph's pack also comes with a bunch of DFHACK scripts that are scattered around DF. Some for seasonal colors, some for the ambassador workshosps which seem not to work in the latest DF version anymore and some cleanup tasks that are run periodically. all these can be safely removed and replaced with the standard DFHACK init script which could also stop the crashes if they are DFHACK related. My own private version has a bunch of these turned off.

In the end the launcher can be replaced with a bunch of .bat files that just start the game, soundsense and dwarf therapist for example, this is also what I use.

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 Meph V5.5 packed with real 0.47.04 (v )  » posted under Meph V5.5 DF 0.47.05 on Sep 18, 2020, 01:18:11 pm
No I did not change anything internal to the Meph Pack itself. I merely exchanged the DF, the dfhack files and tools with the latest version and reuploaded it. I myself use an altered version of the Meph pack with some modifications to the DF Revised content and I also added a bunch of other extensions (guns, warlock workshops, orcs). I very rarely encountered crashes in my version and if they happened they were in most of the cases TWBT related, at least I think so as they did happen when no prominent action was happening in the embark but when I interacted with the game and also were not reproducable with a save shortly taken before.
If you happen to have a savefile where you can reproduce a crash I can take a look if the same would crash in my modded version.

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