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McArcady1 Regular User Dec 03, 2017, 01:21:30 pm 4 6
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1  LinuxDwarfPack-0.47.05-r5 (DFHack-r5) Jun 06, 2022 7.91 6,239 5.0 / 5.0 13,525 103.2 MB 15
2  LinuxDwarfPack-0.47.05-r5 for Ubuntu/Debian Jun 06, 2022 10.02 6,444 Unrated 10,833 109.26 MB 4
3  gamelog.txt for testing of Adventurer Journal Apr 01, 2020 0.06 46 Unrated 186 127.2 KB 0
4  LinuxDwarfPack-0.44.12-4 (with DFHack) Jan 25, 2020 0.66 587 Unrated 2,013 72.01 MB 0
TheJazzProphet wrote:
I'm getting an error when I try to run
ImportError: cannot import name 'dir_util' from 'distutils'
Any idea what this means?
Probably a problem with the python3 package "distutils". It depends on your distro. If it's Ubuntu, this might help.
Rowan1815 wrote:
Unable to install, got an installation error:The following packages have unmet dependencies:
linux-dwarf-pack: Depends: openjdk-8-jre but it is not installable
The java dependencies will be updated in the next release, meanwhile try one of these solutions.
Herschenglime wrote:
Using your suggestions, I managed to get the the pylnp interface to launch. Thanks! However, I'm having some scaling issues. I'm using Manjaro KDE and a 4k, 15inch laptop screen. I have a 275% scale set in the settings, and for the most part it works. However, the pyLNP interface is absolutely minuscule. After doing some digging into tk, I added the line'tk', 'scaling', 2.5) to in the tkgui folder and it helped some. However, its still really hard to see. Setting a scale factor of 4 and up seems to have no effect and the window goes back to its original, even smaller size.
The PyLNP scaling problem is traced here, if you want to add information for the maintainers. Still it doesn't seem it will be fixed easily.
IamRiley wrote:
It did create a stderr, which says the following:
Running PyLNP 0.14a (OS: linux, Compiled: False)
WARNING: No PIL support available - cannot perform image manipulation
WARNING: Could not determine installed graphics, tileset is curses_640x300.png/curses_square_16x16.png
I'm not sure what "Compiled:False" implies but that seems bad, eh? I'm also not sure what PIL or how i fix that dependency.
Hello Riley,
have you tried the pack for Debian/Ubuntu instead ?
It should be more convenient and may solve problems with dependencies.
"Compiled False" should not be a problem.
Also, try installing "sudo pip3 install pillow" to fix the "PIL" error.
brad.edmondson wrote:
@McArcady1 - seems to be missing stonesense dfhack plugin. Was that a deliberate choice? I thought I'd read that stonesense was becoming more stable again, but wasn't really sure.
Indeed, for some reason it was deactivated at build. I will include it for the next release, but no guarantee that it works ...
In case of crashes with 0.47.04, look for hints on this thread:

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