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grey666 Regular User Aug 31, 2010, 11:12:08 am 0 3
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 Lazy Newb Pack [0.31.12] [V4.3] (v 4.3)  » posted under Lazy Newb Pack [0.34.11] [V15] on Aug 31, 2010, 12:59:43 pm
Alright I'm broke. I'm just living in a 71 motorhome next to the Flathead Middle Fork river... but I have to give these dudes something. I just have to. It's just not right to play this amazing game and not give something back. It's not right. I was a software pirate for 20 years, at least. This game deserves some credence, however. These programmers, and developers deserve some recognition, some money, and some more money.

To the guy that actually put this pack together - you are awesome, you should get a paypal button. I will donate. This is the best game ever. I want some money to go to the developers, however. I want 65% of my money to go to the developers. I'll pay - just provide a Paypal link.
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 Lazy Newb Pack [0.31.12] [V4.3] (v 4.3)  » posted under Lazy Newb Pack [0.34.11] [V15] on Aug 31, 2010, 12:45:55 pm
It worked. The whole thing just worked. DF has always been a pain in the ass, but this install worked. I'm having so much fucking fun it's probably illegal.

Thanks dude, seriously - you rock so much. Finally, after like 2 years somebody steps up and provides a totally current working installation which takes 10 minutes to install.

All the tools are here, some new ones - yay. I can't fucking believe this. This is fucking Nirvana. I don't even want to touch the game, I'm afraid this shit is all fake. I'm just looking at the screen - the doorfs and dogs... mayday startup, I'm afraid if I dig this whole thing will blow up.

Nope, it didn't... it actually works...
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 Awesome Possum - Thanks!  » posted under Lazy Newb Pack [0.34.11] [V15] on Aug 31, 2010, 11:22:12 am
Thanks a ton dude... awesome pack, awesome job - I really just wanted to quickly fire up some DF action, and this was perfect! Everything is in there! Even some new stuff - which is even more amazing. You are a hero man. You seriously just made my day big time. I've been waiting for something like this for months... haha. WOOOO! I'm 10 years old again!

I'm going to fire up my desktop, take the day off, and just play DF all damn day. I'm shaking with excitement. Thanks to the DF guys also... love the game.

I haven't been this excited since beta EQ.

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