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1  Legends Data for Debug Dec 06, 2019 0.07 39 Unrated 203 56.17 MB 0
From what I can tell, something is bugged in this version regarding exportlegends. A fresh install with my personal mods has the xml and history export fine but whenever I install DFhack, it breaks the export process, always crashing to desktop when attempting to export the xml yielding no error message.

Strangely enough, whenever I use a vanilla copy of DF with this version of DFhack, the exportlegends initially works but then crashes at the legends_plus xml. After testing quite a bit I'm fairly certain it's not the modifications I'm using.

That error is as follows:

TWBT: version 6.xx
TWBT: set PRINT_MODE to TWBT in data/init/init.txt to activate the plugin

The dfhack.init configuration file is missing. To customize
your DFHack installation, rename the dfhack.init-example file
to dfhack.init and edit it to suit your needs.

For now, dfhack.init-example will be used instead.

DFHack is ready. Have a nice day!
DFHack version 0.47.04-alpha0 (development build 0.47.03-beta1-25-g08e1fe1f) on
x86_64 [build ID: 200303002]
Type in '?' or 'help' for general help, 'ls' to see all commands.
[DFHack]# exportlegends info
Exporting: World map/gen info
Exporting: Legends xml
Exporting: Extra legends_plus xml
...on\Downloads\df_47_04_win/hack/scripts/exportlegends.lua:228: Cannot read fie
ld abstract_building_templest.deity: not found.
stack traceback:
[C]: in metamethod '__index'
...on\Downloads\df_47_04_win/hack/scripts/exportlegends.lua:228: in glob
al 'export_more_legends_xml'
...on\Downloads\df_47_04_win/hack/scripts/exportlegends.lua:826: in glob
al 'export_legends_info'
...on\Downloads\df_47_04_win/hack/scripts/exportlegends.lua:879: in loca
l 'script_code'
C:\Users\Brandon\Downloads\df_47_04_win\hack\lua\dfhack.lua:680: in func
tion 'dfhack.run_script_with_env'
(...tail calls...)

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