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File Listing: Character Appearances Mod [47.04]
Last Updated: Jan 01, 2021, 04:17:52 pm
File version: 01
For DF version: 0.47.04
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Character Appearances Mod reduces the number of visual cues in character descriptions by editing out dermatological conditions (dry/oily/sparse hair), dental issues (crowded/gapped teeth), and various end-range facial features (recessive chins, bulging eyes, etc) from the creature_standard.txt. While potentially more concise, character descriptions for dwarf/elf/human should retain enough appearance variation for the world you've created.

Creature_standard variations gives you several versions of creature_standard.txt, depending on how much you want to deviate from unmodded vanilla Dwarf Fortress:
-creature_standard_a_maple only contains streamlining. This means minimal change. This is still vanilla random with regard to the order of visual cues.
-creature_standard_b_chocolate includes streamlining and also renders humans and elves with hair lengths. Human males may have mustaches and beards. Appearances slightly weighted to hair, eyes, nose.
-creature_standard_c_strawberry is a variation of chocolate. Elf color schemes are more fanciful.
-creature_standard_d_pistachio is a variation of strawberry, replacing dwarf Norse hair styles with flat descriptions for mustache and beards.

Outsider RAW files does what could not be done for any creature_standard file (which controls appearances for world populations). These files "dial in" appearances to achieve a specific look. This is so Adventure Mode players can minimize time spent in character gen, waiting for suitable description rolls:
-creature_standard_e_outsider_pretty is where all outsiders have appearances weighted toward hair, eyes, cheekbones/chin, nose. All have high cheekbones and angular chins. Noses are slightly upturned. Here we also go a bit off-lore and include some "variant humans." Essentially all outsider characters were modeled off my Dwarf Fortress iteration of the D&D aasimar.
creature_pcrtn_elf_advmd - less Rankin/Bass Mirkwood elf, more Peter Jackson Arwen/Galadriel = pretty elves creature_pcrtn_hum_advmd - pretty humans creature_pcrtn_aasimar_advmd - a DF human variant with floral colors, dark vision, 1K lifespan, no OP abilities creature_pcrtn_claymore_advmd - from the Claymore manga/anime; a DF human variant with dark vision, immortal, no OP abilities

For example, I made a Revolutionary Girl Utena/Sailor Moon type shoujo-pretty character using the aasimar raw:
Or it could be seen as such.

Compatibility: Works with any 47.04 mod that does not edit creature_standard.txt. If only using outsider files, works with any 47.04 mod.
Installation: Drop the creature_standard.txt and/or outsider files into your raw folder; agree to overwrite. You'll need to generate a new world.

All comments, criticisms, and suggestions welcome:
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