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 Dwarf Fortress File Depot » Bugged Saves » 0010998 - two fortress save for Museum Chair issue
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File Listing: 0010998 - two fortress save for Museum Chair issue
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2019, 01:02:47 pm
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.44.12
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Zipped saves (two contained) for 0010998 ; see detail.

Save 1 - 45 settled population fortress, this save was actually accidental as the museum area (kept clean for test conditions) wasn't finished yet, however dwarves willl leave the radius of the statue garden (centre, stretched over to next accessible room) to view museum exhibits on the chairs, specifically at the chairs. Currently seated is Likot Zegdodok (Tatooedclasps) who's thoughts proceed of seeing the chair first then my kaolinite sceptre artifact, and the display, whearas without the chair they'd see just the display if you tried to recreate this yourself without the chair. (im aware this seems contradictory to the order i described but im sure its becuase the display is a container, so they actually interacted with the display first but the contents get priority) Only other dwarf to have snuck a peek of my artifact and also the gems is Tobul onamthikut (Shimmeredbooks) in the same exact order of thoughts.

On the opposite side south there are some more under-construction museums, which were meant to demonstrate aformentioned behaviour about noticing corpses only within the museum container to remark and a variety of items for picking through dwarf thoughts with, i can come back to elaborate on this later with a follow up save but by application its not very difficult to obtain a corpse, mount it, build 4 chairs around it in a zone and until dwarves are seated with the closest adjacency (museum rooms are thin for purpose) notice it isn't very nice to look at at all and may become uneasy, horrified, or just unflinching in response to the creatures 'death'.
Save 2 - Smaller more intimate fortress, this has the meeting room demonstrated in the forum thread, as well as some not "broken in yet" dwarves, there are numerous thoughts from their parts talking about family and some dwarves will develop friendships in this zone, unlike a plain area, in their small numbers they are condensed mainly on the chairs. Notable characters include Tulon Zozkogan (Ponderedboats - fisher worker), who has been talking with her entire in-fortress family (sibling, mother, father, husband) all in the basis of this zone, which is easier to pick out than waiting for dwarves to develop friendships, each dwarf with a spouse has been keeping ontop of their need to see family by interacting with them or speaking to childen, wheras potash maker Ineth Avuzathser (Minecharcoal) had been interacting with their pet chick in zone (before being took away because it was unhygenic) :hammer:
  • The main role of the save is to just leave it running, do some incrimental little fortress upkeep jobs and allow the small posse of dwarves (or any fresh new migrants to prove the point) to flourish, by checking their thought screen from time to time, dont build any locations or new meeting zones in the meantime.
  • The save has some non-intrusive modding that shouldnt affect balance, very minor creature and entity tweaks.
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