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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress: Mechanized Warfare 1.2 (Alpha)
Last Updated: Aug 19, 2018, 06:55:38 pm
First Created: Aug 08, 2018, 11:43:30 pm
File version: 1.2
For DF version: 0.44.12
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In the distant future, mankind had reached a critical point. Their resources were dwindling, the ground yielding less metals, fertile land, and drinkable water than a rapidly expanding population required. Chaos loomed as every nation prepared for an inevitable, all-out war for their very survival. And then, a miracle. The discovery of the enigmatic phenomenon known as Drion energy. A seemingly limitless source of power, it was quickly, perhaps too hastily, adopted by just about everyone who had the power to synthesize or collect their own, turning what would have been an apocalyptic end to humanity into a new beginning. Technology skyrocketed to levels undreamt of, and many believed utopia to be just around the corner. Advances in genetic engineering all but eliminated the perils of old age and the degeneration of the mind, and new and exciting developments, from the vat-grown slave-humans known as commodities, to the replacement of the lower classes by obedient androids, gave credence to the dreams of utopianists. Nations consolidated and unified, and an age of globe spanning superpowers dawned as man seemed to be on the brink of universal harmony. But it was nothing more than the calm before the storm, for what humanity had not realized was that with the discovery of Drion energy, they had unwittingly turned their future towards a much darker path. Having used it primarily for the powering of mechanical devices, homes, and other utilities, they discovered far too late the other, more sinister properties of Drionic exposure. Creatures who had not been as meticulously engineered as the purebred animals found in human cities, their bloodlines tightly controlled, would, upon exposure to the Drionic rays emitted from any given device, absorb that energy and undergo a mutagenic chain reaction, the affected creature rapidly developing into a far more dangerous entity as it sough to consume ever more Drion energy, fueling its uncontrolled evolution, and would take it from anything, be it power lines, saturated buildings, or even contaminated living beings. The end result was the rapid and world-wide breakdown of social order that has led to the present day. As hapless citizens were mauled and devoured by massive swarms of wildlife that had finally reached the tipping point that turned them from deformed freak to apex predator, after so many decades of suffering, what little remained of civilization withdrew into massive underground cities and fortified bunkers. Safety was not guaranteed even behind miles of bedrock, however, and so for the first time, Drion energy was turned toward the purpose of war, and the era of the Drionic Combat Machine, or DCM, began. The first primitive mechs, simple though they were, left swathes of devastation in their wake, proving the effectiveness of Drionic war machines in an irrevocable way. But of course, with this new power, ambitions once thought dormant stirred once again, and the hidden remains of world-spanning goverments did the unthinkable; they turned the genocidal powers of DCMs against their own species. Since then, many strange events have occurred. The rebellions of the commodities and androids, the resurfacing of and subsequent invasion from Atlantis, the omnicidal attacks of an alien race bent on exterminating Drion energy from the galaxy, and the resurfacing of mankind's most ancient predators, are but a few of these world-shattering changes. And as mechanized warfare becomes ever more deadly as DCMs become ever more powerful, there is no telling what the future holds, save that it will be built on the corpses of billions.
What is Mechanized Warfare?

Mechanized Warfare is a mod that takes place in the distance future, where everyone lives in secluded bunkers and underground cities, fighting each other with giant mechanical war machines over the precious few untapped resources that remain on earth. Each faction has their own unique brand of mechs, with ten mech models to each brand. They have unique weapons, abilities, designs, and coloration, and can be classified into five different size categories, which the home page at bay12 will go into more detail about. The focus of the mod is obviously the use of these walking weapons, and they are more or less essential to have in a fortress if you want to stand any chance of defeating any enemy faction. For this, I recommend upping your allotted embark points in the advanced worldgen options, so you can afford a decent squad to fend off the (very hostile) wildlife and work up from there, as mechs are very expensive (this is intended more for the sake of adventure mode, so working your way up to a top-tier mech is an adventure in itself when you are able to buy mounts). There are over 100 mechs and more than 10 brands to encounter, though you won't find all of them in the wild. Only older, less stable DCMs and biological mechs, known as DBMs, will wander the wilderness, and will likely serve as your primary danger on the road. Overall, life is cruel and violent, and the poor infantryman is at the very bottom of the food chain. Have fun.

Just download it, place the folder somewhere, and play it. This mod comes with its own .exe and everything, you do not need to copy and paste, drag and drop, or otherwise move any files around beyond the initial step. It works exactly like installing and playing the vanilla game.

1.2 Changes:
-Mechs are now trainable, there was a significant bug where you were unable to do this. Note that their coloration does not change upon being trainable, however. This is deliberate as the colors are an important way to tell mechs apart without checking the description.

1.15 Changes:
-Fixed certain trees not spawning when they should
-Infantry rifles have bayonets now.
-Class-I mechs can open doors instead of just destroying them.

1.1 Changes:
-New Faction and mech brand added, the Nordic Liberation Front and its own models of mech. This faction lives in caves and operates like how kobolds do, except they have the tech level of a fully developed civilization including guns, armor, and of course DCMs. I have also renamed the 'thief' profession to 'terrorist', so that should be fun. More info on the NLF can be found on the main bay12 page in the faction overview post.
-Crafting system added. It is an ungodly hybrid of my very first adventure mode crafting system and the default one I have come to use. You can now butcher and scrap mechanical creatures, deconstruct their parts into chunks, and use those chunks to make weapons, bullets, and armor. You can do a lot of other things too. It should be fun.
-Some bug fixes and rebalances. The premade advanced worldgen starts that come with my mod should have more points to start with, but as always feel free to edit those to your liking. I recommend at least 4000 so you can have either a respectable squadron of DCMs or a pair of factory models to start making them, but do experiment to find the settings you enjoy the most.

1.0 Changes:
-Mechanized Warfare released.
-IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: This mod isn't that good yet because the mount update isn't out, so the only time you'll really have cool mech battles is in fortress mode invasions, and that is if you have managed to produce an army of your own mechs. Basically, it is very WIP right now but the basic stuff is in and I think some feedback might be good before the update comes out that actually makes it fun. There probably won't be many updates besides bugfixing ones for the time being, as I want this mod nice and polished for the mount release.
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