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DFFD Recovery  » announcement posted by Janus on Nov 21, 2022
Long story very short: the site database was lost, the server didn't have automated backups like we thought, and the database had to be rolled back to one from 2015 (yes, I know). File listings for file IDs 10461 - 16147 could only be partially recovered but have fully intact and up to date file downloads. User accounts were obviously rolled back too; accounts newer than the time of the database backup will need to be recreated. A lot of other data (comments, votes, so forth) was likewise rolled back.

Thankfully all file downloads themselves were unaffected. All of the files that were orphaned are now in the new Orphaned Files category at the bottom of the category list.

Sincere apologies, this should never have happened. Automated backups will definitely be in place now, like we thought they were before.

See this post on the Bay12 Forums for more info, and to find out how to reclaim file listings.

Major Mods

These mods change many things within the game.
  Title / Description File version For DF
Upload Date,
This mod adds several hundred dinosaurs and other extinct animals to the game. Optional files include werebeasts, animal men, and a tileset. This version replaces the surface animals with prehistoric ... [read more]
1.9.1 0.47.05 Jun 29, 2021
Enemy post
A total conversion Star Wars mod.
1.1.1 0.47.05 Jun 26, 2021
Enemy post
The content from Jawa Fortress, arranged to work as an addition to the vanilla game rather than a total conversion.
1.1.1 0.47.05 Jun 26, 2021
Enemy post
A legacy 47.05 version of Teh LOLmod.
1.8.68 0.47.05 Jan 20, 2021
Enemy post
Alpha release of Spellcrafts V5
5 alpha 0.44.12 Apr 24, 2020
Eric Blank

Direforged Mod v1.2 - The Strange Lands

The Chaos Age has passed. Whether it has lasted millennia or centuries, few can say, as historical records are few and incomplete, and ...
47.0X preliminary 0.47.03 Feb 19, 2020
Knight Otu
A 44.12 legacy version of Jawa Fortress.
6 0.44.12 Jan 31, 2020
Enemy post
A legacy 44.12 modular version of Jawa Fortress.
6 0.44.12 Jan 31, 2020
Enemy post
A legacy 43.03 version of Jawa Fortress.
v8 for 43.03 0.43.03 Oct 02, 2017
Enemy post
A legacy 34.11 version of Jawa Fortress.
v21 for 34.11 0.34.11 Nov 20, 2016
Enemy post
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