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File Listing: Toadese Language Utility
Last Updated: May 15, 2014, 10:02:20 am
First Created: Feb 04, 2014, 02:18:48 pm
File version: 0.4.4
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 344 (414) Size: 264.7 KB
Views: 1,656 (2,133) Type: RAR
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I've made this application to search, view and edit the DF dictionaries to see translations or add new words to the game. I mostly began this project because I wanted to start composing songs in Toadese and this seemed a lot more convenient to use than Notepad++.

Changelog 0.4.4:
  • Bug fixed: Toadese reverse lookup was case sensitive.
  • Bug fixed: Certain words (with spaces) were not appearing correctly.
  • Bug fixed: Duplicate lemmas were unselectable.
  • Improvement: Change background image (again). That cloud looks "derpy".
  • Improvement: You can now type "harvesters" or "harvesting" and the program correctly recognises the root word.
  • Note: Added DeviantArt link to about page.

Changelog 0.4:
  • Feature: Added more interface graphics.
  • Feature: Added Toadese reverse lookup (finally). Works mostly, but still experimental.
  • Improvement: Refined backup system slightly. Remember to back up anyway when you start out.
  • Note: No full masterwork support yet. Getting there!

Changelog 0.3:
  • Feature: Add new words to your DF world! Preliminary !EXPERIMENTS! look good so far.
  • Feature: Added "Backup Language Files" and "Revert to backups" buttons.
  • Feature: Spruced things up a bit (I am easily distracted and just discovered GIMP).
  • Feature: Partial game word editing (create or overwrite translations, (only) add symbol tags to words). More coming!
  • Feature: Translations (i.e. the Dwarf word) can be overwritten (so make sure to backup your language files)!
  • Improvement: Filtering significantly faster.
  • Bug fixed: Prefixes like "after" and "un" weren't showing up properly.
  • Bug fixed: Some other words weren't showing up or displaying correctly with POS filters on.
  • Note: You must generate a new world for the new words to show up and work, unless someone can think of a workaround. Doesn't seem to work for me.
  • Note: All new nouns, verbs and adjective are given all the possible language tokens, so there might be some weird
    name possibilities. I'll add customisation for this later if requested.
  • Note: Not all Masterwork words can be filtered yet, but should show up under "All".

Changelog 0.2:
  • Look up words in English with results in Toadese (the name I chose to refer to Toady's language)
  • Vanilla and Masterwork support
  • Some factorisation and form redesign.
  • Added community language propositions support with specific language support.
  • Added language variants support (e.g. formal, informal, etc.).
  • Added advanced adjective (lemma, comparative,superlative), noun (singular, plural) and verb (active, passive and reflexive) info.
  • Added ad hoc word construction (i.e. noun AS_ADJECTIVE etc.).

Planned Features:
  • Full Masterwork support for word creation on the way, Meph!
  • Complete lemma editing (in language_words.txt file), complete symbol tag editing (e.g. removing tags).
  • Add proposition vocabulary suggestions like propositions etc. to word list(not for in-game use).
  • Add ablaut support (i.e. Loam-like, see relevant discussion on forum page 1).
  • Add AS_VERB ad hoc construction for nouns and adjectives (on request only at this point).
  • Ability to add new languages.
  • Sentence translator.
  • Pronunciation guide.
  • Whatever, please send suggestions!

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Place anywhere. Set the Objects folder. A cfg.ini file will be made where you run it, but that's it.
INCLUDED FILES: Toadese Language Utility.exe, cfg.ini (generated),props.txt,TLU_Readme.txt

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SHA-256: 272a0efe6fd035f901235e7d61a1e55635a6072cf88a00acb70ab5b3b2c3eaea
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