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File Listing: Accelerated CivMWForge v4.0
Last Updated: Apr 21, 2013, 11:38:47 am
First Created: Apr 19, 2013, 08:19:04 am
File version: v4.7.1
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 33 (47) Size: 33.84 MB
Views: 1,144 (1,433) Type: 7Z
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v5.0 is up!

AFTER A LOT OF RE-HASHING with Mod Manager, I finally got v4.2 working (until it crashes ;) )

continuing from prior version 3.0.5

The history of the mod so far has been
  • v 1.0+ Accelerated Mod Mod, also renamed to Accelerated Easier Mod
  • v 2.0+ Accelerated Modest CivForge (Implemented a lot of civforge)
  • v 3.0+ Accelerated CivMWForge (Included more civforge gameplay changes as well as some Masterwork tissue changes and a few races).
  • v 4.0
  • v 4.1 - Fixed all the crashing bugs... but still not working quite right...
  • v 4.2 - Used Mod Manager to delete unseen duplicated items, and then copied raw over old vanilla, ensured some other reactions were there. VOILA, HERE IT IS WORKING!
  • v 4.3 - Re-added warlocks (for some reason they weren't in there...
  • v 4.4 - Fixed some duplicate entities that were causing one to embark as elves (although that was interesting)
  • v 4.5 - Added Raptor back in (I swear... mod manager missed almost all my creature adds, but for some reason added in the minotaur and orc...)
  • V 4.5.1 - Added back in the permitted entries for my reactions, also added two noble positions found in cf for dwarf's.
  • v 4.5.2 - Found some additional body plans... removed them
  • v 4.5.3 - Found some more duplicate's (thank you rawexplorer)
  • v 4.6 Missing bolts... wow... I'm never using mod manager again...
  • v 4.7 DROW (AND ALL THE CREATURES THAT COME WITH, INCLUDING 1 MEGABEAST. (I have some inorganic reactions (mwstuff) that isn't fully implemented, 4 specifically, two for kobold iron, 2 for specific transmutation reactions for dwarfs that I'm afraid of pulling in due to all the spaghetti connections, hopefully they don't cause problems with invasions from drow)
  • v 4.7.1 Took me two tries to get it right, was missing some files inbetween updates, but apparently not? Just the raptor for some reason...
  • TODO
    • What I need to do is finish removing redundant stone, as a lot of the stone in inorganic_metal has valuable stone embedded in them (i.e. they are found as veins within that stone type), but a lot of those valuable stone's have been removed/replaced with something else.
    • possibly remove mattock (do I really need a mattock, battle-pick, and pick?)
    • simplify stone a little bit
    • remove evil armor, replace with standard armor types
    • general bugfixes and a complete comparison with the old version/civforge/mw material templates to ensure I didn't lose any changes.
    • fix icons for various creatures
    • remove cold hammering so the crucible cant be bypassed

What is different than prior version
  • THIS IS CIVILIZATION FORGE through and through. You get ALL the buildings, ALL the reactions. (I used Mod Manager to merge accelerated mod with CivForge, resulting in more complete copy of Civilization Forge, which means ALL the creatures!)
  • the crucible should work to make iron, but the old reaction to cold_hammer it (from my prior mod) is still in there. One could easily import this mod into mod manager, and disable all my cold hammering if they didn't like that.
  • added in leather gloves (as stated to be done in old version.

You will STILL have ALL these civ's fighting against you.
  • Civilization Forge
    • Sand Raiders (some bad-ass creatures)
    • Xelics (these are some truly bad-ass creatures)
    • Dinausari's
    • Goblins have been swapped with civforge gobbo's now
    • Kobolds that wear a little armor
    • Frost Giants
    • Hobgoblins
  • Masterwork
    • Warlocks (yes, those bad-ass bad guys from Masterwork are in here)
    • Orcs
    • Raptors
    • (Pending) Drow
  • Fortress Defense
    • Minotaur's

What you DON'T get...
  • I took the liberty of removing some stone... I think it's an incomplete job at best
  • Some of the armor was removed. If the wiki said it was similar to something else, I pulled it.
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