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File Listing: Spellcrafts Mod - Magic and Monsters for DF
Last Updated: May 08, 2019, 05:30:48 pm
First Created: May 23, 2012, 11:00:37 pm
File version: 4.5
For DF version: 0.44.12
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Rating (1 votes): 4.5 / 5.0
Here is an upload of my secrets, interactions, and creatures associated with magic. Currently working on some new things and improvements to the system and delivery methods.

The secrets currently provided are as follows:

Secret Spheres:

ANIMALS - mammals, reptiles and birds
BIRTH - transformation results in dropped body part raised as a zombie "child"
BLIGHT - blights affect creatures that are meant to be plants or fungi
CAVERNS - Meant to make a creature more fit to travel in the caverns. Time spent in the caverns should add increasingly stronger effects. Might not work right now.
COURAGE - The power to inspire your allies and incite them to join your adventures
DARKNESS - Total blindness, sight through magic. Can blind opponents. Summon the dreaded Lo
DEATH - necromancy
DEFORMITY - Transform enemies into crazed kobolds or sasquatches, transform people you dont like into mudfish.
DEPRAVITY - A "depraved sorceror" who behaves a lot like a vampire.
DISEASE - Fling around substances that bring contagious syndromes.
EARTH - seperate warrior and summoning secrets - one to fight with and one to make the elements fight for you.
FATE - Resurrect the dead, either as a spirit orb or in body
FIRE - seperate warrior and summoning secrets - one to fight with and one to make the elements fight for you.
FOOD - remove need to eat and drink from critters nearby, effect lasts a couple months or so. also transform into fall-apart beast whose parts can be butchered and eaten.
HEALING - various healing spells to restore and preserve
LIGHTNING - Warrior spells for elemental combat using lightning.
METALS - seperate warrior and summoning secrets - one to fight with and one to make the elements fight for you.
NATURE - Biomancy effects moved here, Separated into warrior and summoner variants.
NIGHTMARES - cause a target to lose consciousness intermittently. Also evokes emotions of terror, panic etc. and summons scary critters
REBIRTH - resurrects the dead, not as zombies but returning their souls as well.
SILENCE - steals away a target's ability to speak. Not a super useful ability.
SPEECH - allows a target to speak. Talk to animals!
SUN - makes one a vampire hunter, granting them the strength to hunt down vampires.
THRALLDOM - Control the minds and bodies of others, paralyzing them or putting them to sleep, make neutrals willing to follow you as companions, create undead thralls.
THUNDER - Warrior spells for elemental combat using thunder.
WATER - seperate warrior and summoning secrets - one to fight with and one to make the elements fight for you.
WIND - seperate warrior and summoning secrets - one to fight with and one to make the elements fight for you.
WISDOM - makes a target capable of thought and learning. It's not permanent, so an animal will lose the ability after fast travelling or a significant period of time.

Mundane schools: these "schools" of magic can be learned by the player or dwarves by use of reactions. They're not meant to be as powerful as secrets, but nevertheless have their uses in and out of combat. Each school specializes in certain spheres or groups of effects, but there is overlap between schools. Each school uses different items as part of its reactions.

Generic: this is a catch-all school that includes many basic offensive and defensive effects. It requires no special equipment besides an inscribed slate and aether salts.
Aetherial: this school specializes in "pure" magic, that is aetherium as a material and its effects unassociated with any mundane sphere or material. An aether focuser is required.
Hyazith: this school employs fire and frost to destroy opponents. Focuses primarily on combat. The Hyazith Athame is used as part of the rituals to summon its essences.
Polybestia: the magic of shapeshifting, both of your own body and of your enemies. Can also protect oneself and others from conversion spells.
Medisephos: School of medicine, protection, and conquering ones bodily limitation. One can breathe underwater, halt bleeding, even regenerate ones entire body, including missing limbs.
- Others are WIP

Some new plants that can be used for various purposes
- Balmleaf - leaves grant disease resistance and alcohol additionally provides recuperation bonus
- Sleeproot - alcohol can put a creature to sleep for extended periods
- Lovers' Barb - causes temporary dizziness and removes sterility
- Soul Melon - Cannot be grown, powerful attribute bonuses for a time
- Milk Bulb - No special effects, makes alcohol, extracted for milk to make cheese
- Death Rose - Extremely toxic, do not consume. Give ale to people you dont like.

Version 4.5
- fixed bug with aether focus as reaction reagent - it is once again a tool item, people will carry them as a coin pouch (prevents dwarves from grabbing all your aether focusers to wear in fort mode)
- New races and entities included - these will be moved to other options in later updates

Version 4.15
- Reworked spell essences as a fish; carnivores should no longer have trouble eating them.
- lots of other bugfixes; whisperlights should now properly show up as vermin.

Version 4.14
- New Medisephos magic school
- New Darkness secret
- aether focuses and beast runes should show up in play now, as a clothing item
- Many changes to wizard creature, cannot appear as curse now.
- Bugs fixed, readme files updated, crashes avoided
- Possibility for cheese?

Version 4.13
- Addition of polybestia magic school, which allows shapeshifting
- Added reanimation spell to nightmare secret
- fixed multiple bugs pointed out by gnome and hertggf. Thanks guys!

Version 4.12
- worked on bugs and tweaked variables
- created Hyazith magic school
- some new creatures, interactions and reactions that work with the holy altar and conjuring circle

Version 4.10
- fixed several major bugs reported by users in the forum thread. Thanks for the help everyone!
- Beginning of the division of mundane magic into "schools" that can be learned separately.
- other additions to creatures that will come into play later as schools and reactions develop
- addition of more reactions to produce aether salt from other object classes. Some have a chance to produce more than one item. Living things and large animal components are better.
- changed reactions to summon materials to require only aether salt as a reagent.
- a lot of stuff I cant remember, oh well.

version 4.09
- Fixed major issues with spider queen. Sorry.

version 4.08
- wizard blood temporarily disabled, problems with transformation
- addition of dangerous syndrome responses to attempts to learn
- conjuring of materials from aether residue
- fixes for some bugs, adventurers can make their own spellbooks.
- addition of some simple magical plants
- added spider queen megabeast - terrifying.

version 4.07
- added Thralldom, Deformity, and Fate secrets, moved biomancy to Nature instead of Beauty.
- changes to wizards to make them less common in the wilderness, drinking their blood makes you a wizard
- Fixes for reactions, misc. changes.

version 4.06
- edited biome locations of "wizard" creature; no longer omnipresent
- Some small tweaks and fixes to various things.

version 4.05
- fixed issues with weresalamander
- removed werecurse string from most interactions that had it
- other stuff?

version 4.04 update
- added weresalamander
- fixed incorrect strings in entity files - buildings should show up now.
- included readme and more detailed list of spells

version 4.03 update
- added missing words to magic language files
- changed file names and headers to hopefully prevent issues with Mac
- addition of some new vampires, wereserpent, and various little tweaks
- fixed alphabetical order for secrets file names (will have to delete the old ones if you're copy-pasting over previous versions' files, because they will not be replaced).

version 4.02 update
- added thunder and lightning secrets
- removed redundant neck body parts from humanoids
- restored missing entity_default.txt to folder

version 4.01 update
- added FOOD sphere secret
- added wereserpent
- added luck deity curse
- fixed issue with wizards teaching spells

version 4.0 update:
- updated to DF version 43.05
- lots of changes to the structure of the mod, secrets from now on will be organized by spheres and meant to roughly fit that sphere.

version 3.02 update:
- More mistakes in the mod fixed. Should be less buggy!

version 3.01 update:
- fixed a handful of typos. Should not require a regen of worlds

version 3.0 update:
- Further work on summoners and illusionists
- Working wizard to teach spells by oral lectures (spewing magic goop at anyone nearby)
- Further work on non-secret magics.
- Simple vampire and werewolf interactions
- Updates necessary for 40.24
- Inclusion of readme file

version 2.01 update:
- Fixed a few issues with druids and summoners, completed the last of the druid classes.

version 2.0 update:
- Complete overhaul of most of the mod.
- added mundane (non-secret-based) magics players can learn in adventure or fort mode.

version 1.2 update:
- Simple fix for missing text files

version 1 update:
- Fixed a bug or two.
- began work on next level of elemental mage (battlemage), currently a carbon-copy with fireball replaced with firejet and some restrictions removed.
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