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File Listing: Mecha-Genesis - A Genesis Mod
Last Updated: Oct 17, 2011, 11:50:12 pm
First Created: Oct 17, 2011, 11:26:22 pm
File version: 2011.
For DF version: 0.31.25
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Mecha-Genesis 3.25d

A Genesis Mod Combining Genesis 3.25d with TomiTapio's Additions (including Bonfire Mod) and a little Workshop Overkill by Mechanixm

The main focus of this mod is to add workshops and reactions that I think add additional flavor and utility to the game while staying true to the complexity and depth of the Genesis Mod. This is a Total Conversion Mod, which means it is a stand alone product. All you have to do to get started is: 1) Download and 2) Play.

Info about Genesis Mod can be found here:

All credits, honors, and props go to Deon, TomiTapio, and the many many others listed in the Credits section on the Genesis page.

Additional Dwarf Fortress Tools and Utilities I Use
Dwarf Therapist:

New or Updated Workshops

Eztuc.png Furniture Workshop
  • The look of the Furniture Workshop has been changed to a prettier design.
  • Stone bed reactions have been split in to three self explanatory categories: Wool Sheets, Silk Sheets, Plant Fiber Sheets. The goal is to make beds with the cloth of your choice.
  • Here you will find additional masonry and carpentry based stone and wood reactions
  • Dismantling of Masonry and Carpentry Based items has been expanded.
  • All metal and glass reactions have been moved to the Furniture Furnace

NoytL.png Furniture Furnace
  • All glass and metal based reactions that used be housed in the Furniture Workshop have been moved here
  • Available Green/Clear/Crystal Glass Reactions: Barrels, Bins, Beds (all three thread kinds), Mechanisms, and Slabs
  • Available Metal Reactions: Beds, Slabs, Mechanisms, and Tube Sections
  • The glass and metal reactions require fuel and the other materials they normally require: bags of sand, pearlash, charcoal, etc...
  • All Metal reactions have been updated with TomiTapio's additional metals.
  • There is a magma version available.

zGBds.png StoneCutter
  • The StoneCutter is home to many StoneCrafting and Mechanics based reactions.
  • The name has been finalized as StoneCutter. In previous versions of my mods and Genesis it was named the Grinder, and half of the RAWs refer to the worshop as either Grinder or StoneCutter. Everything has been updated so that it is now just the StoneCutter.
  • The StoneCutter has received a face-lift to look more mechanical.
  • The Stone Grinding Reaction has been removed from the StoneCutter and expanded on greatly in the new workshop The Pulverizer
  • At the StoneCutter you can create Mechanisms and Traction Benches, which means you only need to have one worthless Mechanic's Workshop Built for the occasional strange mood.

rpFO1.png Pulverizer
  • Grinding stones is now done on a specific stone by stone basis. Meaning, you will tell it which types of stones to grind: Gabbro, Gneiss, Sandstone, Marble, etc...
  • Grinding requires 10 of the individually requested stones.
  • The random products you have a chance of receiving is now determined based upon which layer those boulders came from. I.E. Grinding metamorphic rocks has a very small chance of producing a lump of metal ore that is potentially found in metamorphic rocks, etc.
  • Grinding now also guarantees a product of 1 Block
  • The Pulverizer has been updated to include all of TomiTapio's additional stones.

deys7.png Block Factory
  • Here you will specifically craft blocks from whatever stone you have available. If you want Gabbro blocks, you can specifically make Gabbro blocks.
  • There is also a small additional chance of producing extra blocks per stone.
  • The Block Factory has been updated to include all of TomiTapio's additional stones.

owMxl.png Crematorium
  • The Crematorium replaces the Wood Furnace and the Charcoal Furnace. This is where you make your Charcoal folks.
  • Here you will burn things to turn them in to Coal or Ash
  • Cremate vermin and body parts for a chance of Ash, and a small chance of fat for the body parts. The type of fat has been standardized to Cat Fat for simplicity.
  • Burn yarn/cloth/silk/leather clothing and armors for a chance of Ash
  • Burn wooden items/furniture/finished goods for a chance of Coal. Drown those Elves for their woody goods!

y7qUD.png Unraveler
  • Here you will unravel cloth, silk, yarn, and leather items and armors with a fairly decent success rate. This means you can now re-purpose all of that soft goblinite after sieges and put it to good use instead of just cluttering up your fort and filling stock piles.
  • You can NOT unravel improved items. If it's dyed or has an image sewn on it, or if its decorated, it can't be unraveled.

zdIjy.png Training Workshops
  • Included are my four individual workshops that can be used to train skills as well as an updated Philosopher's Garden.
  • The reactions to train skills require blocks to use, so put your Pulverizer and Block Factory to work if that's your style.
  • Training reactions have a 90% success rate. Failure consumes your Block.

5DCtG.png Kiln
  • An additional Plaster Reaction has been created which can be made from normal boulders, clay, and other readily available materials.
  • Pearlash Yields an additional item
  • You can now Frankenstein a single piece of coal from ash, pearlash, potash, and clay. Sometimes you only need that one piece of coal...

g79TW.png Crucible
  • Red Steel making was not listed for the non-Magma Crucible. This has been fixed.

TxXJn.png BlastFurnace
  • The BlastFurnace has been greatly expanded to include many high efficiency smelting reactions of simple combinations. You will still need to hit the other Smelting furnaces for your complex reactions.

Other Updates, Changes, and RAW Cleanup

A note on workshop building materials...
Through much testing on my laptop and desktop, I've noticed that having multiple building components, required to build certain workshops, will cause "Query" lag later in the game as your FPS drops. While I like the flavor of having more and more complicated building materials to build certain buildings, I like having no-lag better. Therefore, just about all buildings in my mods will now require only one building material.

REACTION_CRAFTING.TXT has had all of its entries moved to the proper corresponding REACTION_%WORKSHOP%.TXT files

[REACTION_CLASS:REFINE_STONE] has been added to the STONE_TEMPLATE under MATERIAL_TEMPLATE_DEFAULT. This is used for dismantling stone items at the Furniture Workshop.

Aquifers have been removed from the soil and stone layers. The original files with aquifers are still in the RAW folder if you want to play with them. Just delete the files that say "-No Aquifers" and then remove the .Original extensions from the other stone and soil layers. You will see what I mean when you look at the Objects folder. There are two files you need to change.

TOMITAPIO'S version did not include the change to include underground plants growing in all 4 seasons. This has been fixed.

The Ironworks reaction files have been separated in to their own Reaction files. E.G. The Crucible Reactions have been moved to GENESIS_CRUCIBLE.txt. Finishing Forge reactions have been moved to GENESIS_FINISHING_FORGE.txt. I hope Deon takes this separation of RAW files in to more recognizable files to heart! :)

The 4 reactions for steel in Ironworks have been moved to REACTION_MECHANIXM_BLASTFURNACE.txt

Cacame Awemedinade may show up in engravings from time to time.

Obsidian has had its tile changed to make it more easier to spot next to Andesite, Dactie, and the rest of those crappy gray stones.

Un-Walkable perimeters of many workshops have been removed. You should be able to walk right through most of them.

[REACTION_CLASS:SAND] has been added to inorganic_stone_soil for all sand materials.

Future Plans
I plan to add reactions to the Furniture Workshop and StoneCutter to target every stone based item to be made from Blocks. For example, suppose you wanted to make 10 obsidian tables. Well, create 10 obsidian blocks at the Block Factory, or wherever, and then specify that you want 10 Obsidian tables to be made at the Furniture Workshop. Something along those lines...

I go by Mechanixm at both the bay12 forums and reddit. Feel free to send me a PM at either of those sites with any questions or complaints.
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