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File Listing: Mushroom Kingdom Legacy
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2012, 03:23:12 am
First Created: Jun 26, 2010, 06:08:39 pm
File version: v0.51 alpha
For DF version: 0.34.01
Downloads: 142 (243) Size: 35.5 KB
Views: 1,562 (2,108) Type: ZIP
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Mushroom Kingdom Legacy

This is a mod for a total conversion from normal Dwarf Fortress into a Mario Universe. Currently it is created as to be compatible with other mods, as the normal raws are untouched and everything added has a unique id. However, it may not be compatible with mods which change the base raws.

This is in ALPHA :hammer: . More testing is needed and I expect there to be bugs to work out. If you find any bugs please let me know on the bay12 forums here

-No Change-
The last version is compatible with 34.01 so I am relabeling it as is but not changing the files. Major update in the works, check out the thread!

Various minor changes to raws, eggs added to all crab creatures. Added Blooper to water biomes, and Electro Blooper and Super Blooper to the underground. Big Blooper Megabeast added. Bloopers all have a material breath attack with a syndrome that is supposed to disable the eyes and cause pain. Plants added to the world, almost a dozen different mushroom types as well as fire flowers, racoon leaves, and keel mangos.

Updated to .25, minor token name changes, fixes to Wings on koopas, Beanish hybrids now have leaves as a bodypart instead of as a layer on the stem.

Minor changes. Koopas much faster, but slower than your average race with a base speed of 1000. Changed the civs so that adventurer and civable races are correctly marked.

Sorry, Beanish Civ didn't make it into the file.

Created Beanish and their civilization. Goombas, Koopas, and Shyguys should now spawn in uncivilized wild versions.

Created these Crab type creatures. Sidestepper, Clawdaddy, Crabble, Drillbit Crab, Crusty with caste Star Cruster, and Huckit Crab.

Also created Fighter Fly, Podoboo Vermin that spawn in Lava, and Freezie Vermin that spawn in glacier areas.

Buzzy Beetles now wander the underground, with the castes Buzzy Beetle, Buster Beetle, Magmite, Stone Buzzy, Parabuzzy, Spike Top, Spiky Parabuzzy, Parabeetle (legless Parabuzzies), and Heavy Parabeetle.

Spiny wander the lands, and their subspecies Sharpea, which only differ by appearance.

Modified Raws credit to Knight Otu, now the mod should be error free when applied to an unmodified DF. Added Shyguys, and the Tribal Shyguy Civilization. Castes are Shyguy, Stretch Guy, Fat Guy, Shy Away, Fly Guy, Leaf Guy, Pyro Guy, Anti Guy, Bandit, Zeus Guy, Snifit, Gunner Guy, Fly Snifit, Butterfly Snifit, Ice Snifit, Zeus Snifit.

Created Toad Civ, Created Evil 'Koopa Troop' Civ, made various changes to Koopa, Goomba, and Toad civs.

Did various error fixing, still having problems with the errorlog showing that the SHELL tissue is missing from Koopa, and that the thickness on wings on all new creatures is missing somehow.

Modified Koopa raws to include differing Bodysizes. Brother castes are slightly bigger than normal Koopa Troopas. Colossal, Heavy, and the King Koopa are much larger.

Created the Koopa Entity Civilization that was missing before, just a slightly modified dwarf entity.

New Civilization - Goomba. Castes include male/female versions of.. Goomba, Paragoomba, Kuribon, Parakuribon, Gloomba, Paragloomba, Hyper Goomba, Hyper Paragoomba, Microgoomba, Pile Driver Microgoomba, Grand Goomba, Grand Paragoomba, Chuboomba, Tanoomba, Dark Goomba, and Dark Paragoomba.

Added most of the planned castes, including Koopa Troopa, Koopa Paratroopa, Dark Koopa Troopa, Dark Koopa Paratroopa, Beach Koopa, Super Koopa, Chargin Chuck, Hammer Brother, Boomerang Brother, Fire Brother, Ice Brother, Sum Brother, Magikoopa, Colossal Koopa, Colossal Paratroopa, Heavy Troopa, Heavy Paratroopa, Troopea, Paratroopea, Lakitu, Lakipea, and finally King Koopa (Male only)

Started the project, created Koopa Race with a few castes.


Knight Otu - For his help in fixing errors in the Koopa raws and thus helping me prevent the same error in the future.
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