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File Listing: Tribal Kobolds
Last Updated: Nov 09, 2019, 02:50:09 pm
First Created: Oct 19, 2019, 08:07:07 pm
File version: 1.4
For DF version: 0.44.12
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Deep within the caverns of the Earth, the kobolds dwelled, removed from the rest of the world. Years spent in isolation have taught them resourcefulness, learning to live from what they could find, and stealing what they needed, until... They discovered a strange cave, leading upwards towards the surface world, and into this cave their tribe moved. Here, they encountered many strange creatures, such as short, bearded humanoids, their large, hairless cousins, some of whom dwelled amongst the strange plants of the world, and green, vile men, who lead trolls into battle with them. These new peoples had strange, shiny artifacts, some of which were weapons, armors, and tools. The kobolds quickly learned of their effectiveness, and desired them, for they had no knowledge of their production. Utilizing their natural cunning, they remained undetected, and took some of these. However, these new people were unwilling to part with their artifacts, and killed some thieves who were discovered. They couldn't understand the kobold's native language, and these miscommunications lead to vicious wars. The kobolds retreated to their caves, observing these humanoids from the shadows. They learned of their tactics in battle, their civilizations, their languages and dialects, and the strange creatures they raised. Now, they may emerge from the shadows, and attempt to gain further knowledge of this strange surface world...

Contained within this modification is a variety of new ways to play, namely, as the kobolds. They have basic jobs, and raise invertebrates as livestock. They, like their vanilla counterparts, dwell within caves, and will usually have a single site upon world generation. They can produce wooden and bone tools, weapons, and armors. They are capable of mining, yet cannot refine ores, and are incapable of producing stone furniture or blocks. They worship nature, respectively, and, through observation, have mimicked many other nobilities, such as healers (chief medical dwarves), executors (hammerers), and sheriffs. They can steal metallic objects from others, and use them, which provides a large boost to your military. They raise giant cave spiders, and they are trainable for hunting and war. They also use them as pack animals in caravans. BE WARNED! The Kobolds still lay eggs, and you need nest boxes for new citizens.

If you decide to play as dwarves, beware! Kobolds now utilize armor, and may bring Giant Cave Spiders on raids. They are also capable of launching sieges, and may pose a significant threat, unlike their vanilla counterparts. Other than that, little has changed.

(NOTE: An update log, in Word, is now kept in the folder. Check it to see what's new)
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