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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress: Steam And Steel 1.41
Last Updated: Apr 11, 2019, 08:46:35 pm
First Created: Feb 09, 2019, 02:58:56 pm
File version: 1.41
For DF version: 0.44.12
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This planet was once a thriving utopia, it is said. Vast megacities of clockwork and pistons, never sleeping as the writhing masses within went about their endless duties. Technologies undreamt of were commonplace, and even the lowliest of their ilk knew luxury we couldn't even understand. That was before the end came, of course. The virus. It swept across the world like a plague, infecting seventy percent of the population in a year. Society collapsed into terror and anarchy, and the secrets of the past were buried with it. But not all hope was lost. Some were immune to the virus and found safe places to hide, where the infected hordes could not reach them. They waited, scavenging and struggling, until the monsters began to thin, and civilization could be re-established. But they are not the only ones who sought to take advantage of this now-depopulated planet. From below the earth and above the stars, from the savage wilderness and the very heart of man's old cities, new arrivals seek to establish their dominance. Man, machine, alien, and mutant struggle for control of a world ripe for the taking, and only the strongest of them shall rule the coming future. Countless nations and vast armies assemble on battlefields the world over, armed with rifles, cannons, and the most terrible automated battle golems they can get their hands on. The cry for blood echoes across the planet as these forces raise the flags of war in preparation to build an empire. It starts at year zero, the dawn of the new age and the beginning of civilization's return. But when it will end? That is something only the gods may know.
What is Steam and Steel

This mod is themed around an apocalyptic steampunk setting recovering from a zombie apocalypse followed by multiple alien invasions. The aesthetic is roughly based on the jingoistic Victorian era with more of an emphasis on pike and shot warfare and the reliance on mechanized combat golems to act as a spearhead. This only applies to the humans, however, and other species like the alien races that landed on earth have other methods of fighting. Also, the land is swarming with terrifying mutants that attack anything they see, so that's something to be careful of.

NOTE: Due to the potential danger of some megabeasts, the fort population cap by default will be 40 with a maximum of 20 visitors. This can be altered in d_init.txt to whatever number you wish.

Just download it, place the folder somewhere, and play it. This mod comes with its own .exe and everything, you do not need to copy and paste, drag and drop, or otherwise move any files around beyond the initial step. It works exactly like installing and playing the vanilla game.

Change Log:

1.41 Changes:
-Maybe fixed the problem where you'd have to run through a ton of world rejections before getting a good world.

1.4 Changes:
-Major overhaul to army uniforms. The civilized militaries of this era usually distinguish themselves via brightly colored and sometimes armored coats, possibly complemented by tassels, shoulderpads, or capelets (but not always), in addition to varied headgear. Each modernized nation should have its own unique identity, allowing you to recognize their soldiers at a glance.
-Sword canes, sandwiches, underwear, chainsaws, and other small quality of life things added.
-Some new mech types beyond the three main size classes. Light-class and speedy Runner mechs, medium-class Mech Hunter and Antipersonnel mechs, and a very rare Superheavy Mech. Also mechs have even more physical differences now.
-Cavern layers overhauled, they are now based on the speculative ecosystem of this guy's work ( where an Early Cambrian population survived in isolation for millions of years. There's a ton of weird stuff here, basically. Thought it fit the weird science/age of discovery vibe. Many beasts within the caverns are very sneaky and very venomous, so be careful. This is actually a pretty major thing, dozens of new animals have been added.
-Lots of new metal alloys added thanks to contributions from another modder. You can make modern steel, tungsten, cobalt, and other fancy metals. As this isn't entirely my work, I'm not quite sure how to do all that though I think sufuric acid is somewhere in there too so, uh, good luck not dying.
-Spore storms and spore clouds added to the wetlands. Unpleasant, but not deadly. Probably. You'll trip balls if it touches you though, wear protective clothing.
-All infected may or may not instantly kill sleeping citizens like how vampires do. Keep your doors locked. Or not. I'd actually like some feedback on this feature because its a real pain to test.
-Halberds renamed to Poleaxes and now use the pike skill.
-Memetic virus no longer causes exposed victims to become crazed. As humans and their relatives (Morlocks and Halfhydes) have survived through immunity, it has a different effect. While they are capable of fighting off having their DNA overridden by the infection frequency, the body becomes incredibly dizzied during the attempt. This ensures fighting mutants at melee range will be very dangerous unless you are an automaton or alien. If some of those show up in your fort, consider conscripting them into the military.
-Miscreated species name changed to Automatons.
-New race, Corpses. Despite the name, these beings are alive, though unnaturally so. A breed of patchwork bioweapons derived from the human genome, originally built to kill, eat, and exterminate the feral mutant population, they have gone rogue and created their own states. Situational cannibals but generally a down-to-earth kind of people. They also have a rather novel caste system, so that's fun. Read about it in their race blurb.
-Cave-dwelling civs added. There is one that lives in actual caves and functions like kobolds, and another that lives underground in the cavern layers. The latter comes in both friendly and unfriendly factions, so if you stumble upon a harmless one you might get to incorporate them into your fort, I think.
-New alien faction added, the Plantoids. They live in tree cities and do art stuff most of the time. More or less tourists in this backwater planet. They also have really, really good space guns for sale so making friends with them will let you buy those. Then again, you could always raid them for it.
-Hydes buffed with innate combat skills. This will hopefully bring them up to par with technologically advanced civs in worldgen but I might have accidentally made them terrifying in fort or adventure mode.

1.3 Changes:
-Accidentally made it so that Miscreated civs would automatically spawn God Soldiers under their command, which are megabeasts. This has been fixed.
-Ancient automatons greatly increased in size, for balance reasons.
-Semi-independent clockwork mecha added. The primary thing players will be interested in is the war mechs, coming in light, medium, and heavy varieties. They can be trained to function independently of a rider and each is a unique (and very, VERY expensive) work of art. Civilians and merchant caravans will also have access to Yagas, which are bipedal boxes, platforms, and houses of varying sides used by civilian enterprises for trade and transport, named after some ancient northerner legend. Less fancy but they'll carry you and your stuff where it needs to go.
-Miscreated now have a rare new caste, the Unmasked. Bereft of the usual outer skin this automaton race has, these types are strange, half-mad savants who seem to innately know certain codes and phrases which can unlock a sentient automaton's hidden potential. An Unmasked can vastly increase a miscreated's rate of self repair and even completely revive them from the dead so long as the brain is still intact! They can be found in any Miscreated fortress under the title of Holy Artificer.
-Selenite blood has an effect similar to alcohol when consumed, and they will inject surplus blood upon biting a foe. Not only that, but some Selenites will become blood addicts with a compulsion to feed on their own kind. And unlike vanilla vampires, this disease comes with a method for spreading, in the form of tainted blood injections.
-Hydes consistently got taken out in early worldgen by humans, this has been resolved by giving them specially bred war mutants with enough strength to make them a match for their mechanical counterparts. They still are a bit nerfed though, will look into it more.
-Ruined cities are now swarming with clockroaches. Domesticate them, or buy some if your civ has any, and they'll scavenge metals from the ground and deposit bars in nest boxes.

1.25 Changes:
-Hydes remodeled to be more directly antagonistic and less of a playable race. The role of the Hyde as the settings playable brute race has been given to the Halfhyde, a true-breeding hybrid of man and his abominable foe created through means best left unspoken of. While uncouth and cruel, the emotions of humanity and its empathy are not beyond them.
-Roaming the savage wilds are the animal men of science gone berserk. As all know, an intelligent vivisector can sculpt a mere beast into a humanoid form and imbue him with similar intelligence. And as all also know, the fates of those delusional megalomaniacs who seek such ends tend to be bloody indeed. But their creations live on in the wilds. Some are tamer and more understandable, like the Ape Men of the tropics, while others are the product of a more talented and visionary sculptor, like the Hyena-Swines or the Ox-Bears. All these beasts can join civilizations if they feel the desire to do so.
-New megabeasts added, the God Soldiers. Giant automatons left over from the old civilization, they wander the world attacking any who do not belong to their creator nation. And considering the nations of the old world are dead, that would mean everyone. Questgivers don't even bother assigning missions to kill the things, so if you want to hunt them you'll need to do it by your own choice. Bring an army and carry steel, otherwise you don't stand a chance.
-Non-sapient automatons will no longer wear clothes.

1.2 Changes:
-Three new human civ variants added. One has modern technology, is led by a Fuhrer, and cultivates magnificent moustaches, and the other two are medieval level. Of the latter two, one produces exotic swords folded over a thousand times, and the other produces incredibly strong armor three times as tough as any made in other civilizations. You can either trade with these civs or raid them to gain access to these goods. Actually playing as them should be considered hard mode.
-Miscreated tissue bugs fixed, and two new variants are added. One wears a false skin resembling clay pottery, while the other's skin is sculpted of marble.
-Mooncalves restricted to Selenite civs as they should be.
-Ullans will have lobotomized human cattle as a food animal.
-Aristocrat name changed to Highborn because it sounds smoother. Also, they can now have strange moods, which allow for strange mood artifacts while keeping the number low, in addition to giving them added significance because they were made by a posthuman demigod.
-Ogres renamed to Hydes as it was more fitting for their nature. Hydes now also come in multiple flavors, all of which can interbreed with the others, unlike mutants of different physical makeups.
-Some new mutants added.
-Giant insects added to savage regions. I have tweaked them so that they can live around 30 years and will also universally be predatory and dangerous.
-Republic-styled civilizations will use words taken from every language as they are meant to be a melting pot.

1.11 Changes:
-Ogres should be less buggy now, hopefully. Let me know if they keep shouting "identify yourself!" in sites and such. They will also now be mercenaries and such. Beware as they are quite dangerous to keep around.
-Selenites will no longer use cave stuff.
-Advanced combat automatons and steam golems can reproduce (needed for taming). Lorewise they just instinctively know how to build more of their kind. Reminder that human nations which have gained access to high-tier war androids are INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS and should be considered a major power in the world. Do not poke unless victory is assured.
-Selenites, Miscreated, and Ogres are now ambushers. They will still siege as normal, but you won't see them coming unless you've posted guards. Clockwork soldiers are good for this.
-Hammer-using combat automatons added. May make all different advanced combat automatons into one species with different subtypes later.

1.1 Changes:
-quick fix to firearms, musket-using civs now also have blunderbusses which are a shotgun equivalent.

1.0 Changes:
-Steam and Steel released
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