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File Listing: Messed-Up Modded World: The Plane of Prophecy
Last Updated: Oct 12, 2018, 09:40:22 pm
First Created: Oct 09, 2018, 02:38:33 am
File version: 1.0
For DF version: 0.44.12
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I included the speech directory as well as the save directory since some creatures depend on extra text files.

This is a world that I generated for 552 years using an amalgamation of Dark Ages II, Masterwork's raws, Adventurecraft, Spellcrafts, Genesis, Fear the Night, Direforged, some of ZM5's mods, and various other things scrounged from DFFD amd the Bay12 Forums, plus some things that I've made for myself. There are still some issues and some things that I want to change, but here's a really messed up world:

The year is 552, and things are looking bleak. 152 Humans remain in the world, most remaining slaves underneath the elven yoke. The last remnants of the Nation of Pockets, nearly annihilated following 500 years of wars with the Shaken Velvet and their Ents and Treants and Great Giant Toads and Forest Gryphons and crack legions of elephant men and orcs, are holed up in the Tomb of Leapscarlet, the eternal resting place of the first Master, Casena Guiseshoved the Phlegms of Onlivion. It is said that the tentacled protector will wake again and reclaim the ancestral lands of men.

16 Dwarves and 2 Grey Dwarves remain in the world. Once mighty civilizations were brought to ruin by relentless invasions of Orcs, Goblins and Elves. Their riches are not unguarded from avaricious adventurers, however: forgotten beasts from times yore and horrific beings keep watch over their treasure on both sides of the mountains that divide east from west. To the southwest, Naga, Saurians, Dark Elves, Fae, and half of the world's population of Orcs are locked in constant battle. In the East, the elves and high elves have overcome the goblin menace of Bloodmenaced but still face threats from the other half of the world's Orc population, in addition to Jotun raids from the north.

Will you save humanity or restore dwarf kind? Or will you bring Orcish rule to the four corners of the world? Get ready to enter the Plane of Prophecy.

Quick summary of Civs:

Dwarves: Same as vanilla but with guns and way more weapon/armor choices, giving you some tiered options and cosmetic variety as well. They can produce all alchemical materials and most magical materials (the secrets of fire glass and enchanted ice are hidden to them). Dwarves have magic, alchemy, more extensive smelting and smithing facilities than other races, enchanted weapons, guns, and golems, among other nice accessories like the library and training workshops. They can also make rudimentary crafts and weapons and armor out of most materials, provided that they have the right workshop facilities. Prayer to both the gods and stone is a part of the dwarven religious life, and your churches will have some utility with TESB mod and the shrine workshop from Masterwork.

Humans: Same as vanilla, but with more weapons and armor. Some magic tools but no special materials. May show up with an arquebus once in a blue moon. Carry many weapons that dwarfs do not build and can build settlements anywhere in the world that is not completely frozen.

Elves: same as vanilla but all elves have a natural bow competency and always have ents and treants to protect them (and smash their neighbors)

Goblins: Same as vanilla but vulnerable to mithril, plus have some new weapons and armor.

Kobolds: kobolds but with javelins and slings.

Outdoor Animal Civs: any of the subterranean animal civs, but they live in a cave instead. Cave fish men and serpent men currently outnumber humans by a factor of 4.

Saurians: stong and fast breeding lizard people with weaker weapons and a population cap. Enlist reptilian beasts to ride and aid them in battle.

Darkness: Dark Ages II dark gnome shamans, hags, hag monsters, shadows, and also Illithids may populate this cave-dwelling civilization.

Dark Elves: Basically Dark elves from the Warhammer setting, D&D's Drow, and the Elder Scrolls' Dunmer stuck together. Ride raptors and large spiders while wielding bonemold and ashland glass armor and weapons. Use ashland glass, various tiers of bone mold, and fire glass as building materials. Can settle in Evil regions

Naga: 4-armed serpent people with some exotic east- and south- asian themed weapons and armor. They can be be fairly militant if their neighbors are not to their taste, but are confined to wetlands and coasts. Use hardened coral as a material.

Jotun: The Jotun from Masterwork but given giant weapons from the forgotten realms mod. Make Enchanted Ice.

Fae: Reclusive kobold-sized winged relatives of the elves who are protected by many mythical creatures. They also snatch babies from their cribs to raise as servants and spies in their tree cities. Most have very ambivalent morals.

High Elves: Elves with trances and strange moods who make everything from magic materials and alchemy. Also settle in good regions.

Grey Dwarves: the booze-free cousins of the dwarves who don't get trances and like to abduct kids to work in their mines under the supervision of their quill-filled beards. Bring rockets to sieges once in a while. Manufacture fire glass
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