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File Listing: Sver's DF Combat Reworked
Last Updated: Nov 02, 2019, 11:17:48 am
First Created: Apr 28, 2018, 09:36:32 am
File version: 1.6
For DF version: Multiple
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Yet another armor-weapon-combat mod? Why, yes!
This mod focuses mainly on realistic armor/weapon weights, sensible weapon attacks properties and the ability to create durable, multi-layered uniforms, but has some additional features here and there.

Please note that the mod is still work in progress, some features are experimental and some may not work exactly as intended. Any help and field testing will be highly appreciated.

* Full rework of vanilla melee weapons, giving them more realistic weights, attack variation and properties. A couple of new weapons added to provide more variety within each skill. Most two-handed weapons now use pikeman skill for properly shieldless npc spawns. All attacks are much slower to make skill, movement speed and bleeding more important factors in combat, as well as to achieve a greater disparity between long and short weapons. Weapons now feel more unique and each has their own niche. Body size requirements were altered to account for the Bug 5812.
* Full rework of vanilla ranged weapons and ammo. No more 1 kg bulletspeed projectiles tearing limbs off and archers aren't as encumbered by their ammo now. Arrows can go in deeper than bolts, but bows loose their effectiveness with increased ammo weight, while crossbows benefit from it.
* Full rework of vanilla trap components and weaponizable tools. The former are still very good (just not as insanely good), and the latter are a bit more on par with the smallest weapons now.
* New types of ranged weapons: sling, spear-thrower, longbow, arbalest and hand ballista, making the deadliness of ranged units vary greatly. New types of ammo, including sling bullets and javelins. Bolts and arrows are split into different types for greater situational effectiveness.
* Ranged weapons now have 'weapon sets', giving archers the opportunity to carry an offhand melee weapon.
* Larger, more powerful and more versatile weapons require more metal to make.
* Full rework of vanilla armor and clothing. Armor is generally lighter, mail only gives 95% coverage (so it's no longer a metal second skin) and new types of armor provide for more 'protection vs weight' choices for militias and adventurers alike. Clothing is lighter too and its coverage now makes more sense. Leather clothing now grants a bit of more protection and wood items are slightly less fragile.
* Clothing as a whole has been thoroughly simplified. Now there are only 1-3 garments per each bodypart, with one set being intended for cold climates, another being the lightest and the last being the standard one.
* Legwear has been reworked to account for the Bug 10784. All non-metal pants were removed from entity usage and replaced by belts to prevent soldiers from loosing their pants in combat (no joke): belts can be made from any armor/clothing-grade material, including metal, and their low blockchance prevents them from getting damaged too often. Some bodywear types now cover legs as a replacement for pants.
* Shields are split into 5 types: more protection means more weight, yet none provide the 100% block.
* Metal armors and shields now require significantly more metal, but the mod's changes to tissues and materials make them worth it.
* Bodies have been reworked to include shoulders and hips integral to the torso to allow for more balanced armor coverage. Facial features (except for eyes) are now integral to the head and, thus, are protected by helmets and cannot be targeted individually. Fingers and toes can no longer be severed, to reduce clutter.
* Pain and bleeding for many tissues are reworked. Damage to the eyes and internal organs now matters a lot more and heals slower, damage to cartilage and teeth produces some pain, while pain from the skin and bones was slightly reduced. Pain and bleeding were completely removed from fat, since all tissues now suffer from fire on their own. Also includes DF Revised tissue enhancements, with some changes.
* Skulls are slightly thicker to make heads less fragile. Spines, ribs and joints have thicker bones. Throats have a layer of fat and cartilage to make them more resistant to slight cuts. Vertebrates' digits have no muscle (only sinew), as in real life.
* The strength of nerves is significantly increased to stop the upper spine from snapping after a single punch to the head. Muscles, sinews, fat and skin/scale are now more resistant to force pulling/bending. Cartilage and chitin are more durable, chitin can also be used as a shell for crafts and armor. Bone, hair and teeth are now edible/stealable by vermin, so they will gradually disappear from both the ground and the stockpiles, unless guarded or processed.
* Better temperature points for some organic materials. Skin suffers more damage in extreme climates. Hair, skin and cloth ignite faster. Fat ignites a bit slower. Burning wood lasts longer.
* Optional, but included by default: New reactions for ammo and weapons! Arrows and bolts can be made for cheap in the Bowyer's Workshop, 4x the amount per bar. Separate reactions for daggers and hand ballistas for better game balance.
* Optional, but included by default: New types of steel! Humans and goblins are now more on par with dwarves, so there is good reason to progress your smithing industry beyond iron. Dwarves still get their very own overpowered type of steel, albeit, for armor only.
* Optional, but included by default: Equipment rebalance for npcs! Melee npc uniforms can include padded armors and archer uniforms can include mail and plate.
* Optional, but included by default: Stone weapons for subterranean tribes! Flint, obsidian and malachite weapons have replaced the wood ones for subterranean animal peoples, so as to make them a bit more capable in combat.
* Optional, but included by default: Dwarves and humans bring dogs as siege minions. Every other war-trainable pet can be used as such, so why not the dogs?
* Optional: Siege engines! A variety of onagers and a flamethrower are available to add as siege minions to any civ of your liking. The normal, stone-hurling onager is given by default to humans and dwarves, as they lack a reliable pet for breaching doors otherwise.
* Optional: War horses! A bit larger than a common horse, disciplined and armored in iron mail or rarer steel plate, these animals will help the invaders bring all the fun of a cavalry charge to your fort.
* Optional: New weaponizable tools for those who prefer their Adventure Mode civilians to be more dangerous.
* Optional: Adrenaline interaction (with some tweaks) from the Grimlocke's History & Realism Mods is included with the author's permission. It gives a substantial boost in willpower and endurance to all live creatures in combat, making fights longer and invaders less affected by the randomness of their physical stats.
* Optional: Tactical civilization presets! Several entity files for human and goblin civs have been composed to include specific combinations of weapons and armor, so as to amplify the strengths of certain weapons and give the invaders more functionality and character.

Thanks and credits
DF Revised by Taffer and the others - bug fixes, tweaks and a good base
Coherent Weapons and armor Mod by Jazzpirat! - ideas for attacks and weapons
DF Material Helper by Putnam - material helping
Burneddi - add-recipe script for DFhack
History & Realism Mods by Grimlocke - adrenaline tweak, joint size, material strengths and lots of ideas
OldGenesis by Deon, TomiTapio and the others - lessening the clutter
thefriendlyhacker - temperature tweaks for materials
Urist DaVinci, peasant cretin, Robsoie and Orkel - attentiveness and research on combat and the related mechanics of the game
Lindybeige, Shadiversity, Metatron, Skallagrim, scholagladiatoria, KnightErrant, SnapJelly, Tod's Workshop and everyone who made thoughtful comments on their videos - inspiration and many of the ideas behind the mod.

Any contents of this mod are free to be used, changed or included in other mods or compilations. Just make sure to specify your personal changes when reporting a problem.
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